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DIY - Halloween Costume Round Up 

Below you will find a full list of past Halloween costume tutorials I have made in the last few years. Most of the tutorials come in video format and included a full list of materials and detailed instructions on how you can re-create the costumes yourself. I will be posting a whole new set of costume tutorials starting tomorrow, but I hope this helps inspire your halloween costume in the meantime. Happy Crafting! 

XOXO - Drea 

Here is a full list of EDC inspired costume tutorials that may come in handy this Halloween too: 


DIY- Lisa Frank Inspired Unicorn Ears

In this tutorial I teach you how to create your very own Unicorn headband. Inspired by my Lisa Frank Halloween Costume from last year, I decided to re-create the headband to inspire and bring out the ‘unicorn’ in all of you. 

There is a part two to this tutorial that teaches you how to create the Lisa Frank Halloween costume in full here. Enjoy! 

XOXO- Drea