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Lindsey Stirling - Beyond The Veil
Emilie Autumn - What If
Celtic Women - Fairies
Laura Wright - Down By The Salley Gardens
Mediaeval Baebes - Sunrise
Lisa Thiel - Ostara (Spring Song)
The Cranberries - Just My Imagination
Scarborough Fayre - Mediaevil Baebes
Rapunzel - Emilie Autumn
Senbonzakura - cover by Lindsey Stirling


“Our foremost gratitude goes out to Alison Bechdel, you had the courage to share your family story, you trusted us to put it on Broadway, and now our audiences are finding a way to understand and love their family, thank you!”

The Public Theater production of Fun Home was nominated for nine Lucille Lortel Awards (winning three, including Outstanding Musical), seven Outer Critics Circle Awards (winning Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical), three Drama League Awards, eight Drama Desk Awards, and the Off Broadway Alliance Award for Best New Musical (which it won). Fun Home was also shortlisted as a finalist for the Pulitzer. It won the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Musical and the Obie Award for Musical Theater. 10-year-old star Sydney Lucas also won an Obie in the Performance category, becoming the youngest performer ever to win an Obie. Fun Home earned a total of 12 nominations for the 2015 Tony Awards and won 5 of them, including Best Musical.

Don’t - One shot

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Important! This is the first part of the gift, hope you enjoy it! As it was voted, characters are Dracula and Lisa Tepes)

Wallachia, 1456, last days of winter

- Don’t.

She was on his side, lying on the bed, like every day since some months ago. Every morning he awakes her by making her love, and every night he desired her good night in the same way. He wanted that she feeled loved, more loved than never on her life. She was always ready for him, every day, every time. And that was her first no. He frowned, understanding not too much the situation.

- Don’t? -asked, moving again his hand by the inner side of her thigh. A smirk in his face. She, obviously, should be pranking him. Teasing him, in order to make him even more thirsty of her, if that was possible.

- Don’t. -she taked his big hand, and put it on her side, surronding her waist with his wide arm. Something was wrong. She doesn’t look mad with him, but something was wrong, he feeled it. Her blue eyes were not so shiny as they use to be, and her gaze was nervous, going to one point to other. Her cheeks, soft pink, and her lips… he could lost himself looking at her lips, only remembering the taste and the feel of them against his ones. Beautiful and witty small human. So magnificient she was. How coudn’t him not feel enamoured of that woman.

Hardened the grip on her waist. If she said not, it was not. Maybe she was tired, or sick. That thought maked him worry.

- Do you feel well?
- Yes. -she was looking to the roof of the room, like she was avoiding his gaze. Him rolled upside her, not leaving his weight on her but leaving her without an escape. She had to look at him directly.
- I don’t believe you. You are strange this night. -kissed her, and everything was alright for a moment, like every time they were on that bed, making love to the other with the body and the soul. He groaned by pleasure. Oh, gods, so much he loved and desired that little human. Started to move against her, grinding between her legs. Maybe if he showed her his need she would thinked it twice, and gived him free entrance to her treasure of pleasures.

- Please … -she whispered on his ear.- Vlad, don’t. Not today.

He stopped. Looked her in the eyes, and cares her cheek with his thumb, cupping her face.

- I surrender, so. But… will you tell me why not? -he downed his gaze a second. Opening his heart was still not easy for the old vampire.- I just want to know if something is wrong, Lisa… If I did something bad to you, I will not pardon myself…

She silenced him with a kiss, and after that, looked him in the eye. Blue against darkness. He feeled something warm on her gaze now, something marvellous. And then, she smiled, shyly.

- I… I think I’m pregnant, Vlad.