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i never thought i would want a monday to come so quick….

no no no no no no no

THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT HULI WERE BFFLS (more than that actually…but thats not the point XD) why why why why why :-(

Here are my theories:

  1. They are pulling a Huddy:


House: You’re uncomfortable with me.Cuddy: No. Going by the book is pointless. You’re gonna learn nothing.House: Good. I thought it was because of the sexual tension.Cuddy: There was no sexual tension.House: There was tension. And it made me feel funny, so…
2.   Lisa’s new bf is like the Lucas of real-life3.   maybe they don’t want to be seen together because of their separate relationships.4.   It’s so hard to believe that they had a fight because they said soooo many nice things about each other over the years!!!!!!5. (ONE MORE THEORY) House writers better NOT pull a One Tree Hill. they changed the Brucas story line pretty much because of Sophia Bush’s and CMM’s divorce (and thank god. but again, not the point hahaha)

ok sorry…just going off on a fangirl rant…again…..but yeah thats what im thinking