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Join our super cool rp gang

fellas we’re a super nice and chill twitter based south park rp group. we are fairly new but our small community is thriving with friendly and active members. its a bunch of fun and we’d love if you gave it a look!!

Current members: Stan, Tweek, Kyle, Craig, Kenny, Clyde, Christophe, Wendy, Firkle, Ike, Michael, Karen, Bebe, Heidi, Token, Jimmy, Red, Pete, Filmore, Pip, Patty Nelson, Gregory, Nichole

Specifically requested: BUTTERS STOTCH, ERIC CARTMAN, KEVIN STOLEY, DAMIEN THORN, ESTHER, NELLY, GARY HARRISON, HENRIETTA, ANNIE, LOLA, MILLIE, KELLY, LESLIE MEYERS, POWDER TURNER, LIZZY, Lisa Berger, Rebecca Coltswolds Bradley Biggle, Bradley (Cartman Sucks), Scott Malkinson, any adults(if you’d like to be), Chris Donnely, Pete Melman, Thomas (Le Petit Tourette), And many more! Join as anyone you’d like!

People in all caps are HIGHLY wanted.

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Updated January 11th at 9:07pm est.