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Lisa.R. Age:18

You make us smile by being you and being loud
Yet you’re down to earth and you don’t have your head in the clouds
You’re very passionate about what you do
And that’s why we all appreciate you
We love how you include us in your videos and make us feel like we’re there
We love everything from your Irish accent to your bright green hair
You’re their for us and you tell us so
Your videos help us get through the days when we feel so alone
You made October my favorite month of the year
When Äñtįšēptïçêÿè came we was full of anticipation and a cheer
You are a BOSS and make us feel like you’re our friend and we want you to know
All +14 million of us appreciate you Jacksepticeye and we’ll see you IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!


Nali week day 0: Cosplay
Nope i’m nowhere near done with this prompt

Hey Bleach characters, what do you think happened to Mashiro?

As requested by nii-kun-san. :)

You know who we haven’t seen for a while? Mashiro. The last time we saw her, she was training Hisagi for bankai. Then….nothing. Everybody is busy assembling with Urahara and/or getting healed, but Mashiro is nowhere to be found. So assuming that Bleach characters are in the dark like us, where might they think she is?

Kensei: Lost somewhere, probably.

Kensei: Undoubtedly finding some sort of critical evidence to save us all, but not realizing what it is.

Kensei: I’m sure she’ll show up when it most annoys me.

Hiyori: She’s probably off on some bullshit mission for Urahara!

Hiyori: That guy’s always ordering us around like he’s the boss!

Lisa: You talk like you don’t always do what he says, just like the rest of us.

Hiyori: SHUT UP

 I suppose I could see her getting distracted by killing Quincy.

Rose: She doesn’t tire easily.

Shinji: Yeah, that fifteen hour masking thing is special.

Shinji: And hollow powers are poisonous to the Quincy.

Shinji: Hopefully they haven’t taken her as one of their special war powers.


Shinji: I just realized that we probably should have been masking during our fights.

Rose: [shrugs]

Gin: I certainly hope she hasn’t been killed off-screen.

Gin: Isn’t there a Quincy who likes to eat shinigami in large numbers?

Gin: And another who likes to zombify them?

Liltotto: ….sure. Blame it on me.

Giselle: You’ve seen all my zombie toys! 

Kenpachi: Maybe she’s with Yachiru??

Kenpachi: Yachiru is missing too!

Orihime: Maybe she’s in Hueco Mundo? We still have some forces there!

Chad: She does seem like someone who would be able to handle Grimmjow.

Chad: Poor Grimmjow.

Kira: Tite Kubo probably just forgot about her.

Kira: He does that.

Hisagi: I-I think she’s RIGHT BEHIND ME

Hisagi: S-sorry, I thought I heard something.

Hisagi: But seriously I keep expecting her to come out of nowhere and attack me!

Hisagi (whispering): I don’t think she knows that training is over. 

Hisagi (whispering more softly): She can smell my fear.

Ikkaku: …

Ikkaku: Yumichika, we gotta ditch this guy.