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In a shocking twist, a free internet was in the house the entire time!


I seriously want to know if any of the conservatives decrying net neutrality (and there are a lot of them) bothered to learn about the concept if only to justify to themselves their opinion - that is, did they actually think about the issue itself and come to a conclusion after weighing the merits of the concept - or is this truly nothing more than a reflexive reaction to the knowledge that President Obama supports net neutrality, followed by post-hoc rationalizations?

“Help, Mr. President! Comcast jacked up their rates again and now my internet is slower than it was in 1996!”

“Don’t worry, good citizen. I’ve got the tools necessary to fix this and make sure everyone has equal access to the internet.”

A ‘do you have any fucking idea what you’re talking about, Lisa?’ cartoon.


October Surprise Political Cartoonista Wednesday

Lisa Benson

Politically conservative, artistically brilliant cartoons that speak to mainstream America. Available in more than 100 newspapers across the country.

Lisa Benson, a freelance artist and graphic designer who has drawn local cartoons for the Victor Valley (Calif.) Daily Press since 1992, came to the attention of the Washington Post Writers Group through Opinion Page Editor Steve Williams, who touted her work to a syndicate sales rep during a recent visit. The Writers Group asked Benson for samples of national interest and was “blown away” by her work.

Benson earned first-place honors from the California Newspaper Publishers Association (under 75,000 circulation) in 2000 and second place in 2004. In 2005, she took both second and third place from the Society of Professional Journalists’ Inland Southern California Chapter.

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Such as abortion, which is a perfectly legal medical procedure regardless of how much you try to vilify it. Planned Parenthood doesn’t need to justify their existence by invoking any other services they provide.

(And I just love the hypocrisy of conservatives trying to decry political contributions after Citizens United opened the floodgates for the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelstein.)


Lisa Benson


Lisa Benson is an Apple Valley , Calif. mother of four.  About 20 years ago she started doing one cartoon a month for the local Apple Valley seniors news flyer.  The n her husband’s job got downsized and she looked for another avenue of income.  She sent a sample to the local newspaper, the tiny Victor Valley Daily Press, and that has been her home base ever since.  She is now syndicated and appears in papers nation wide.  She has common sense political views and the ability to say a lot in a single drawing.