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Blackpink Reaction To Their Gf (you) Goes Missing

Note: I was kind of lost when i started to write it and it wasn’t going the way i wanted so i made it like you were kidnapped version. I hope you dont mind and i really hope you like it. x.

Twice Ver.

Disclaimer: Slight angst; if you’re sensitive to this kind of subject please skip it.

Jennie: She would be so angry. She would think everyday about the person who kidnapped you and would think about ways that she could spit fire on their face. She would be so worried about you that sometimes she would blame herself for not being close to you to protect you when it happened.

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Jisoo: She try to keep it cool and think that the police will bring you home and you will be alright but the negative thoughts would take off her mind as the days passed and you didn’t came back.

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Rosé: She would be a complete mess. She would spend days thinking about it that it would almost make her unable to work. She would lock herself in her room and would try to write some songs but nothing good would come out. It would frustrate her in an extreme level; it would make everyone around her more worried.

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Lisa: There wouldn’t be a single night were she was awake thinking of you. She would cry so much that shed feel like there was nothing left inside of her. She would try everything in her power to take you back.

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