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Bleach characters are caught singing badly in the shower

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say Bleach characters were singing in the shower! Singing terribly. So very very terribly. Then they came out. And realized somebody had been listening the whole time. What happens next?

1. Hisagi (caught by Ichigo)



Hisagi: …

Hisagi: [tears springing to his eyes]

Ichigo: Oh, sorry dude.

2. Ichigo (caught by Tatsuki)

Ichigo (coming out in a towel): T-Tatsuki! What are you doing in my room?

Tatsuki: You were singing.

Tatsuki: I have a recording.

Tatsuki: I own you now.

Ichigo: …I will do whatever you say.

Tatsuki: Damn right you will.

3. Tatsuki (caught by Orihime)

Orihime: Tatsuki!! I didn’t know you liked to sing!!!

Tatsuki: You were listening?!

Orihime: We should do karaoke!

Tatsuki: I-I’m terrible at singing!

Orihime: You’re allowed to be terrible at karaoke!

Tatsuki: Thanks?

4. Orihime (caught by Rukia)

Orihime: K-Kuchiki-san!

Rukia: Inoue, just remember, in singing, the ones who get in the way are not the ones who lack talent, but the ones who lack resolve!

Rukia: You must keep singing! No matter what anyone says!

Orihime: Um, thanks. But actually I was trying to see if you *could* peel paint by singing really badly!

Orihime: Turns out, not so much! Even though I sang as badly as I could!

Rukia: …I practiced that inspirational speech for like ten minutes.

Orihime: A-and it was really good!

5. Rukia (caught by Byakuya)

Byakuya: Rukia, I could hear you singing from the other room.

Rukia: Y-you could?

Byakuya: But you are still my pride anyway.

Rukia: …

Rukia: Anyway?

Byakuya: You are welcome.

6. Byakuya (caught by Renji)

Renji: I wasn’t fooled this time, Captain!

Byakuya: Renji?

Renji: I know you were pranking me again! Like when you pretended to cut your hair with Senbonzakura! 

Renji: I know you don’t really sing that badly in the shower!

Byakuya: …

Renji: …

Renji: You, uh, didn’t know I was here, huh?

Byakuya: …

Renji: That was your real singing, huh?

Byakuya: …

Renji: I’m just gonna go. 

7. Renji (caught by Kira)

Kira: Thanks, Abarai.

Kira: I am going to play this recording of you singing whenever my captain irritates me.

Kira: I owe you one.


8. Kira (caught by Rose)

Rose: You know, Izuru, they say that singing is the manifestation of one’s soul.

Rose: So if you need to talk at all about the ugliness inside you, please let me know.

Kira: …

Kira: But first this recording.

9. Rose (caught by Lisa)

Lisa: I always assumed you had a good voice.

Rose: I have an excellent voice. But there is a time and place for that.

Rose: Shower time is the time to make “doo-wap” sounds as loudly as you can into your wash cloth microphone.

Lisa: You live right, huh?

Rose: I like to think so.

10. Lisa (caught by Halibel)

Halibel: So all this time. You had a weapon that you did not use in our fight.

Halibel: A horrible, horrible weapon.


11. Halibel (caught by Ulquiorra)

Ulquiorra: Do you suppose that we as hollows can only sing badly because we lack a heart?

Halibel: …

Halibel: I thought I sounded fine.

12 Ulquiorra (caught by Grimmjow)

Grimmjow: We’re even now, okay?

Ulquiorra: …why are you here?

Grimmjow: ‘Cause I know I “stole” the woman from you or whatever, and maybe I did break a hole in your wall even though the door was right there, and sure I locked you in a caja negacion.

Grimmjow: But I just endured nearly a minute of your suck-ass singing so we are even! Got it? I’ve suffered enough!

Ulquiorra: Nobody asked you to stay, you know.

Grimmjow: Worst minute of my life.

13. Grimmjow (caught by Tosen)

Tosen: First you went to the human world without permission.

Tosen: Then you were disrespectful of Aizen-sama.

Tosen: Then you used a gran rey cero within Las Noches.

Tosen: But this is too much.

Tosen: Practicing your sonic powers in the shower? You must punished.


14. Tosen (caught by Komamura)

Tosen: Komamura, were you…howling?

Komamura: I-I am sorry. I am ashamed.

Komamura: When I hear terrible sounds I cannot help but join in.

Tosen: …I thought I sounded pretty good.

Komamura: I should really call before I come over.

15. Komamura (caught by Iba)

Komamura: Iba, what are you doing here?

Iba: Captain! Forgive me! I came by and then was so mesmerized by your wonderful singing that I could not leave!

Komamura: When I came in you were rocking back and forth while covering your ears.

Iba: I-I was just so mesmerized!

Komamura: …You are a good man, Iba.


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