lisa babbles

-T7 becomes the first droid to perform a wedding ceremony

-jorgan and dorne take things Very Seriously and go through an entire goddamn complicated formal wedding ceremony before the trooper is just like “get on with it.” they each shed a single tear.

-qyzen suggests a traditional transdoshan ceremony involving hunting and feasting on the still-twitching kill. they don’t. do that.

-khem val also brings up eating. eating the inquisitor and their SO for daring to suggest that a MIGHTY DASHADE, servant of THE GREAT TULAK HORD & so on would perform such a ceremony. (but he ends up doing it after the SI gives him a Look)

-there are no weddings on the sith warrior ship because of captain “no one is getting married until you fill out marriage license 8745B Alpha and get it approved by high command and probably the dark council that’s Just How It Is” quinn

-gault definitely one hundred percent impersonated a priest for one of his covers, so he’s got this wedding shit down. he offers to kiss the bride(s) and/or groom(s)

-the agent can’t legally get married for identity reasons, but they have a small, moving ceremony, and everyone is happy, and kaliyo limits herself to two truly horrible jokes

i have this deeply ingrained headcanon that at some point verre refers to quinn as malavai, i.e. “malavai and i are going to the opera” “malavai doesn’t like it when i yell HEY ASSHOLE to get his attention” etc and vette is like “?????? who the fuck???? captain stuckup isn’t my favorite person but cheating on him so blatantly is kinda cold, dude”

and verre just looks at her like “that…is his name…”

this has already kind of happened, but i’m gonna go on tumblr hiatus for the rest of the holiday season at least. there’s a lot of real life stuff going on right now that’s making me anxious and i don’t need to add on internet stuff that will also make me anxious.

have a good run of it, guys <3