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Naaaaaaa. I got a bitter taste in my mouth.

Back in the day there was this show called ‘Saved by the Bell’ I shipped the main lead Zack and Lisa cause they were awsome, Interracial and beautiful together. But after so many damn seasons. The writers only made them kiss and 'date’ for like one episode and then it’s never spoken of again….. Is this de Ja vu or is this EXACTLY what’s happen between Archie and Valerie 👁 🙃

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Today (1/28/2017) we went to the Being Out on Broadway Panel with Beth Malone, Lisa Kron, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Robin de Jesus, and Nathan Lee Graham. Patrick Hinds moderated. 

As a queer woman, this panel was so emotional for me and I think for a lot of us in the room. The panel was a perfect combination of people. They talked about art and choices to be out, but also about fear and anger in the current political climate and how we’re all engaging with the world right now. 

Many of us ended up in tears during this show and there were a lot of laughs and a lot of serious moments. I hope everyone enjoys this and just knows how happy and proud and filled up I felt (and others felt) being in that room. 

Please excuse any talking, laughing, or crying!

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Ace Attorney Female Characters by Height
  • Pearl Fey- 4'6"
  • Bikini- 4'7"
  • Myriam Scuttlebutt- 4'9"
  • Jinxie Tenma- 4'10"
  • Trucy Wright- 4'11"
  • Cammy Meele- 4'11"
  • Viola Cadaverini- 5'1"
  • Dahlia Hawthorne- 5'1"
  • Iris- 5'1"
  • Penny Nichols- 5'1"
  • Lauren Paups- 5'1"
  • Maya Fey- 5'1"
  • Ema Skye- 5'1"
  • Juniper Woods- 5'1"
  • Robin Newman- 5'2"
  • April May- 5'2"
  • Mimi Miney- 5'2"
  • Lotta Hart- 5'2"
  • Valerie Hawthorne- 5'3"
  • Maggey Byrde- 5'3"
  • Sasha Buckler- 5'3"
  • Regina Berry- 5'3"
  • Kay Faraday- 5'3"
  • Franziska von Karma- 5'3"
  • Adrian Andrews- 5'4"
  • Lisa Basil- 5'4"
  • Athena Cykes- 5'4"
  • Desirée DeLite- 5'4"
  • Angel Starr- 5'4"
  • Rhoda Teneiro- 5'4"
  • Misty Fey- 5'4"
  • Morgan Fey- 5'5"
  • Dee Vasquez- 5'5"
  • Shih-na- 5'5"
  • Norma DePlume- 5'5"
  • Cindy Stone- 5'6"
  • Mia Fey- 5'6"
  • Lana Skye- 5'6"
  • Aura Blackquill- 5'7"
  • Constance Courte- 5'11"

Note: It seems that none of the characters exclusive to AJ were given heights. So Vera, Thalassa, Plum Kitaki, Orla Orly, and Alita Tiala are heightless.


Mariah in her Moroccan room with contest winners where she gave a private concert and presented the winner with the diamond necklace she wore to the 1991 Grammys.

“One of the most amazing nights of our lives! We’re still in a daze and it’s so surreal to tell people the story of everything that happened,” grand prize winner Lisa Thomas told us. It sure does sound surreal!

The private concert experience with Mariah Carey started with Lisa and her friends Andrew and Jennifer being escorted inside Mariah’s home and into the famous Moroccan Room (yes – the same one you saw on MTV Cribs!) to meet the glamorous diva.

They took a few photos together, and Mariah then presented the vintage diamond necklace (she’s wearing it in the above photo!) to Lisa – and they captured the moment for us to share with you, too!

Then the cameras went away, and things became even more surreal! Mariah chatted away with Lisa, Andrew and Jennifer, asking them to share their favorite songs with her – she then sang parts of the songs and held out the mic for them to sing along with her. Songs included “Lead the Way,” “Slipping Away,” the intro whistle to “Migrate” and part of her brand new single, “You’re Mine (Eternal).”

Of course, Mariah also had some surprises planned! She had a few tracks prepared to sing for the group – but it became a truly interactive experience, as she would encourage everyone to sing with her and take over lines while she chimed in with incredible ad libs and harmonies.

And of course, they just went for it! Can you imagine what it must be like to sing for Mariah – or rather, WITH her, in this case? Well, Lisa, Andrew and Jennifer are 3 of the lucky few that can say they have. Highlights included the hits “Touch My Body,” “My All,” and even the true Mariah classic “Hero” (!!).

From Lisa: “The night with Mariah was one of the most incredible and surreal moments of our lives, and we’ve been reliving it ever since! Mariah was warm, witty, and above all, her voice sounded absolutely amazing. It was a dream come true to hear Mariah sing songs she’s never sung live like “Lead the Way” and “Slipping Away,” and now our lives can be divided into two sections—before and after we met Mariah Carey!!”

Incredible, right?! Sounds like they had the time of their lives. We wouldn’t have it any other way!


“All I Want For Christmas Is You” (Cover) – Once Musical Australia Cast

For a bit of Christmas fun the cast and crew of Once Australia decided to jam to Mariah Carey’s classic Christmas tune - but with our unique Once twist. Filmed on the stage of Once at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne.

A special thanks to the crew of Once who helped film and record this jam session - without them none of this would be here!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Once Musical Australia.

Inktober Day 29

I wanted to do something with giant/tiny, so this happened!

These are two of my characters, Lisa and Andrew, and getting shrunk/becoming giant actually does happen from time to time in their story (crazy things go down when you are a super-hero). Andrew is a little grumpy about being shrunk because he feels useless, and everyone just keeps calling him “adorable”. He’s even more annoyed by the fact that he kind of likes Lisa carrying him around. 

In the lower picture, he just accomplished a big task and is very proud of himself. Naturally, he wants to kiss his girlfriend in celebration (and she’s trying so HARD not to laugh at how determined he is to still seem big no matter how tiny).

Also; he got shrunk when he was in the middle of changing clothes, which is why he doesn’t have an shoes or socks; those are still regulalr-sized.


Favorite celebrities of the sign: Leo (22 july - 22 august)
characteristics of the sign of Lion: strong, proud, loving, family first, dramatic, sexy, amazing body, eyes, hates being controlled, not accept being second on anything, loves fashion, magnetism, humoristic and the king.