What Makes Hack Library School Awesome

Are you a library student? Are you thinking of getting your degree in Library Science? Are you just out of library school? If you said yes to any of the above questions you should be reading Hack Library School! Hack Library School is a blog inspired by Hacking The Academy  and has become a place where students and professionals actively contribute to a shared blog with topics such as current trends in curriculum, conference tips for first time and student attendees, and trends in the LIS fields. 

This blog encourages us, current and soon to be LIS students, to jump in and become active in our future profession even before we graduate. Don’t think library school is giving you enough relevant classes? Write about it! Have some great tips you picked up from the last conference you were at? Write about it! Through opportunities for regular contribution, guest posts, and even just the comments Hack Library School allows the community to guide the discussion. It’s not about replacing the education that we get in our traditional library school programs but supplementing it.

Since its proposal in 2010 Hack Library School has continued to grow in popularity among the library school crowd as well as those fresh out of the MLIS gate.  One of it’s biggest advantages is that it’s crowdsourced. Contributors aren’t just a specific individual (not that this is bad I also follow Agnostic, Maybe & Swiss Army Librarian both have primarily one contributor and are really excellent reads) but are others just like you and me with various points of view who are finding their way through this maze we call Library School. 

Overall Hack Library School is exactly what it says it is. It’s a place to come together to hack the system. To share what we’ve learned along the way and to learn from others. If you don’t know where to start check out the “Past Semesters” link off to the right where you can check out some top reads lists or just get a kick out of the “Weirdest Search Terms That Led Someone To Our Blog.”  

So go, hack away, and get the most out of your LIS education!

PS: you can also find them at @hacklibschool if you’re more of the twitter type.

Blogs, RSS, and Connecting with Others

Blogs are a great way to get opinions and news from a variety of sources across the web.  Blogs and bloggers coming a variety of flavors from the casual blogger posting every once in a while to the serious or professional bloggers who post multiple items a day. Topics for blogs also range from the general to the very specific. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts for this class Hack Library School is a fantastic blog for students pursuing their MLIS. Agnostic, Maybe, No Shelf Required, and Swiss Army Librarian are just a few of the other library blogs that I read on a regular basis out of the maybe fifty that I subscribe to via RSS. Unfortunately between work, school, cycling, & volunteering I don’t have time to sit down and visit every site every day. RSS feeds allow me keep up with all of the different blogs with out having to go out to each individual site.

Academic and professionally I find blogs are one of the most useful tools, next to twitter, for keeping up with trends in librarianship and information science. By finding librarian bloggers who share your interests whether it’s technology, children’s program, or public reference incidents you’ll get a view of things from the point of view of the people experiencing them. Beyond simply reading the posts of others many blogs let readers participate in the discusion with comments. Due to this interactivity what starts as a single writers take on a subject is followed with informative debate and expansion by the community. 

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