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Mads “fake it till you make it” Mikkelsen.


“You gotta be nuts, too. And you’re gonna need a crew as nuts as you are! …Who do you got in mind?”

[ ocean’s eleven remake ]requested by faeriviera

priyanka chopra as danny ocean | constance wu as rusty ryan

tanaya beatty as lin caldwell 

naomie harris as basher tarr | viola davis as frankie catton | gina rodriguez as turk malloy | anthony ramos as virgil malloy

shohreh aghdashloo as salma bloom | diahann carroll as ruby tishkoff

melissa fumero as livingston dell | gong li as the amazing yen

tessa thompson as tess ocean


Ashes to Ashes series 2 soundtrack listen listen (full) 

1. under pressure queen, david bowie 2. planet earth duran duran 3. in the air tonight phil collins 4. rat race the specials 5. mirror man the human league 6. the look of love (part 1) abc 7. going back to my roots odyssey 8. funeral pyre the jam 9. temptation new order 10. the lunatics (have taken over the asylum) fun boy three 11. back of love echo and the bunnymen 12. wishing a flock of seagulls 13. love plus one haircut 100 14. stand and deliver adam & the ants 15. lies thompson twins 16. streets of london anti-nowhere league 17. i second that emotion japan 18. everybody’s got to learn sometime the korgis 19. atomic blondie

vanessnettness  asked:

Hi! So can I request? I've been having throat/cold problems for what seems like forever... Dr. Finally made some headway on a diagnosis- either have an enlarged thyroid (which runs in my family) or a mass in my throat, which as a singer and actress terrifies me. Having thyroid tests next week and meeting w/an ENT surgeon on the 28th... Could you write a Harry oneshot where y/n has surgery since that looks like my future?

Your POV

“I’m sorry Miss Y/L/N, but the sooner you have the surgery to remove your kidney, the less likely the infection will spread.”

“But…” I was scared, I needed Harry here with me but he was in New York, doing interviews and writing with other artists while I was stuck here at Massachusetts General Hospital, talking to the top surgeon in his field because Harry demanded I have the best.

“Y/N, right now,” Dr. Thompson held up a scan of my kidneys up to the light, “The infection is predominantly in your left kidney, but if we don’t remove it, it will spread to your left kidney and other organs.” He pointed at the dark clusters and moved his fingers down and across my internal organs, showing me how it would spread.

“Alright, let’s do the surgery.” I felt my voice shake as I agreed and Dr. Thompson nodded and ordered the nurse to draw up the paper work.

I needed him here with me, holding my hand, telling me it was going to be okay. My parents were on vacation in Europe and I made him promise not to tell them because I didn’t want them to worry. My friends were all in Los Angeles and I didn’t want them to lose their shits by telling them, so I might have lied and said I was on vacation with Harry.

I picked up the phone that was on my side table and unlocked it, quickly finding Harry’s name under my favorites.

I didn’t want to worry him or have him leave his bandmates by telling him I was probably going into surgery tonight, but I did need to hear his voice.

“Hello?” I was surprised to hear that he answered to quickly.

“Hey Harry!“ I smiled.

“Hi love, how are you feeling? Everything alright?” Harry sounded concerned.

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and tried my best to conceal the shakiness in my voice,“Yes, yes, everything’s fine! How’s New York?“

“It’s great! Just finished running through the SNL skit that’s going to be aired tonight. It’s quite funny.” I heard him chuckle.

“Oh I can’t wait to watch it! I’ll be tuned in!” I lied.

“What did Dr. Thompson say about your infection?”

“He’s still running a few more tests, but I think I’ll be fine, I feel much better today.” I lied again, I really hated doing this to him but Harry had more important things to do than worry about me.

“Y/N, you fainted in my arms five days ago, that’s not fine.” His voice was serious now.

“Oh pfft, Harry! Don’t worry about me!” I tried to change the subject, “What else are you going to be doing in New York? Where are the pictures you promised you’d send me?” I said in a pouty voice, which I knew made him smile.

“I’ll send them as soon as we get off the phone! It’s beautiful, Christmas time in New York is a sight to see. I wish you were here.“ 

"Next year!" 

"Definitely. I promise to bring you here next year babe.”

Harry and I talked for another half an hour before he had to go because his manager needed to talk to the gang, so we said our ‘goodbyes’ and ‘I love you’s’ before he finally hung up. As promised five minutes after we hung up, Harry sent me 32 pictures of him and the boys in New York and also a video of them telling me to get well.

I pulled my knees up to my chest and cried as I watched the video over and over again. I needed Harry to know I loved him, just in case anything went wrong. I know that surgically removing a kidney has been done thousands and thousands of times a year but it was still scary because anything could happen while I’m under and that terrified me.

At 8pm the surgical prep team woke me up from my 20 minute nap and prepared me for surgery. I was absolutely exhausted. I was suppose to sleep and rest all day but because I was going into this surgery alone, my mind was in a daze. On top of that I hadn’t eaten in almost 12 hours (because you can’t before surgery), so my nerves were on the fritz.

The nurses and physician’s assistants rolled me into the surgical room and I requested that the surgeon explained the nephrectomy (kidney removal) procedure step by step. During pre-op, another docter already told me the risks, such as I could have breathing problems, a stroke, a heart attack, or blood clots during the surgery and I needed the surgeon to tell me everything he was going to do once he opened me up to calm my nerves.

The anesthesiologist placed the anesthesia mask over my mouth and nose and told me to count backwards from ten. I picture Harry’s green eyes and concentrated on them as I counted and then I blacked out.

7 hours later

“The surgery went well. It only lasted about 4 hours. There were no complications. She should be waking up pretty soon, Mr. Styles.” The anesthesia was wearing off and I was coming out of my sleep but everything was still hazy. I heard my doctor’s voice ring in my ears as I tried to focus on something.

I was groggy and extremely tired but I could recognize his voice anywhere, “Thank you so much Dr. Thompson, for all your help and for letting me know about the surgery.”

The door to my room softy shut and I tried to lift my hands and push myself up, “Harry?”

“Y/N… you’re awake.” His voice was soft and comforting. I felt him take my hand in his and kiss the top of my forehead.

My throat was dry so I swallowed what little saliva was in my mouth, “How… why are you here?” 

“Because you’re my girlfriend, I want to be here for you. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were going into surgery. If it wasn’t for Dr. Thompson’s voicemail, I wouldn’t have known. I flew here right after our episode of SNL.”

“Harry, you did-” I felt terrible, I never wanted him to put me before his work.

“Ssshhh,” Harry picked up my hand and kissed the back of it, “Get some rest babe, we’ll talk later. I love you. I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise.”

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Okay! So the 3 first of the realistic versions of some characters that some anon asked me to draw. It was kind of fun to do it, because the facial differences was quite a challenge to do.

The next ones will be probably from Death Note, even if I think in the manga they’re quite real-looking O3O.

(now that I look at it, I notice the eyes are incredibly big OAO!!!)

You Already Have - A Rumbelle Winter Finale Fanmix

 I just wanted you. I wanted to be chosen. 
I tried to be everything for you Rumple , but I wasn't.
And I lost my way trying you help you find yourself.

Not Anymore.

01. Say Something- Jasmine Thompson// 02. Lies - Marina and The Diamond// 03. New York- Snow Patrol // 04. If I Can’t Love Her - Beauty and the Beast Broadway// 05Dark Side- Kelly Clarkson  // 06. White Horse - Taylor Swift // 07. Poison And Wine- The Civil Wars  // 08. Little Lion Man- Mumford and Sons  //09. Talk To MeLauren Aquilina // 10. Heart of GoldBirdy// 11. You’re Not Sorry- Taylor Swift  //  12. If I Can’t Love Her Reprise - Beauty And The Beast Broadway //  13. Tale As Old As Time - Beauty and The Beast                                                                                   cover art