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mbti as things my dad has said

ESTJ: In case u forgot, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday

ISTJ: What is it like inside a womb

ESFJ: Santa isn’t occult he is science

ISFJ: I would call him Erasmus Lionheart II, after Erasmus Lionheart I

ENTP: I like ur haircut. It is ‘salty bae’. Hahahahahaha

INTP: That is discrimination against the bald community

ENFP: Meninist sheep are himp

INFP: I’m not gay bc everyone has a crush on Captain Kirk. Even u

ESTP: She’s like Satan but cool Satan

ISTP:  Why are u so weird

ESFP: *yelling* The Sneetches is the best Doctor Seuss book stop yelling 

ISFP: What the consarnit 

INFJ: I told u there was a pic of Amy Schumer in the bin nobody ever believes me nOT EVEN U

ENFJ: Who leaves their child on an island as a joke whO DOES THAT

INTJ: Why does he even need a story chair to tell stories

ENTJ: Nick Hiss Socks 

The cape hoarding is getting out of hand.

            I am outraged that you all would say this to me…


All the fantasy prints belong to the same world, in different times, through Akaashi and Bokuto’s reincarnations until they find a life they can live together (◐ω◑ )

no need to turn it off anymore

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Powers, what powers, what are you talking about? You see something strange here? Nothing anybody would believe if you told them?

So after much deliberation I’ve decided,, I’m here to teach u how to wreck bloodborne bosses, no sweat nor tears nor fun
so first up, i’ll teach u the electric boogaloo with our favorite sparkle dog Paarl and Detective Annie on the side lets go

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AAAaAh i love these!!! ive always had similar headcanons for ace, too! he is a jungle boy : D <3

thank youuuuuuuu I’m so glad you like them!!! ;u; <333

Ace the jungle kid headcanons are a Good Time man, like ??? consider???

  • Totally Oblivious to some of those Normal People Things ™. Stuff like moisturiser, brushing your teeth daily, o t h er people cutting your hair?!??!?? What the fuck ??????? People style their hair???????
  • Complete and Utter fascination w/ “high tech” stuff. Like, the bandits stole lots of shit but didn’t know how to use all of it, so they’d sell it off, and in grey terminal a lot of things were broken?? So anything he knew about he learned from Sabo, and in the ~7 or so years when Sabo was gone, tech still advanced, so when he hears about stuff like the water 7 sea train and the fact that tHERE’S A CITY??? FLOATING IN THE WATER??? HOLY SHIT??? 
  • NEON SIGNS CAN DISTRACT THIS KIDDO S O O EASILY. HOLY FUCK. Also like imagine ppl inviting him to brothels or gambling or stuff like that when he gets on to the grandline/bigger towns especially and ace is like sure I want to have fun!!! and then he’s like uhhh….I thought u meant like……….an Eating contest or smth,,,,,
  • Ace realising that people won’t just All fit on his tiny ship and he’s like #huffs. Being used to doing basically everything by/for himself and not realising how many people are actually usually required to run a ship??? 
  • I can also seem him being weirdly frugal with his money??? because he never had a lot?????/ but also!!! he’s not!!! 100% sure how money works!! Makino + sabo taught him about prices of things and that you trade out money for shit but like,,,,,,he’s so used to just taking what he wants, or making it if he can’t steal it, and on getting by w/o it if he can’t have it, so he just doesn’t think to spend money on things. He forgets to bring money w/ him a lot as a result pffft
  • He does get tricked into buying stuff a lot tho!!! ppl will yell abt like good deals and stuff like that and he’s like oh Okay, cool. Again tho….he doesn’t really Care lol, if he needs smth he steals it or steals money, like,,,,he’s a Pirate omfg
  • He has a Grudge ™ against bounty hunters,,,,,,,like,,,,he gets that not all pirates etc. are Good but also. Fuck ppl who take away others’ freedoms, you feel?