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Here, in case I haven’t quite driven the point home:

“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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Wherever I end up after this…in whatever reality…
all those moments between us were real,
and they’ll always be

Pearlmethyst Day 5: Angst/Drama
…did I make u cri, im sorry.
Couldn’t think of anything more angst-y than this lovely game ending so naturally, I did that.
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Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)

A Love Letter from Sherlock Holmes

It’s customary on the fourteenth of February to give the person you have romantic feelings for a valentine. Molly Hooper, you matter so much to me. Not only are you an immeasurable help to me in cases and with experiments but you have helped me become a better person. No one can    put me on the back foot like you can. Though I don’t know if you’d still want to be my girlfriend. I’ve hurt you so deeply so many times, sometimes I didn’t mean to hurt you like that ,sometimes I did. I regret every time I did. I’d still make you say I love you.(And you made me say it too!) Because it would be better  for you to believe that I was a heartless bastard mocking your feeling for me and then having nothing to do with me than for you to be dead.  Even now I  don’t know when my sister lied about the bombs in your flat. I love you ,Molly I suspect I loved for a very long time.                              

Sincerely yours,

Sherlock Holmes

 Ps. Did you know besides being the patron saint of engaged couples .happy marriages, and  romantic love, he’s also the patron saint of not fainting, epilepsy, the bubonic plague, and beekeepers?

Pss. Have a happy St. Valentine’s Day , Molly Hooper. 

(I love this so much, thank you Nonnie for your take on a Sherlolly Love Letter.)


These pictures always made me sad, for more than one reason. It always made me shake my head that the media completely freaked the fuck out when he flipped off the camera. If they actually bothered to watch the tape (which they clearly did not), they would have seen that he was just playing around- keeping himself entertained. 

If you watch the video itself, which you can watch here.  You can see that some of his time in there was spent slumping around and checking things out. But, for a good majority, he was just messing around with his hair, fixing it and looking at the camera for most of it - just scoping out the scene. 

I’m betting what had happened is that nobody took the time to actually watch the fucking video and instead, they saw one picture of the accused terrorist and immediately set out to demonize him by using an obscene but joking gesture. One tabloid even took his photo and wrote over the picture on the right, ‘No F*** You!’. In this video, Dzhokhar was only messing around, keeping himself entertained and more than likely, distracted.

@dreamingstarkly brought this up in her tags because she’s terrible (and by terrible I mean absolutely fantastic) but all I can think about now is Rey being absolutely pampered, you know? And I’m sure it’d have to be a slow process, because there has to be some sort of shock when you’ve lived so long with nothing and suddenly the universe has opened to you. So, Poe and Finn are very patient when it comes to pampering her. They patiently remind her that she can eat slowly. They aren’t critical when she hides food in her pockets out of habit. Knowing she loves green, they gradually introduce little potted plants into Rey’s room. When she’s gone doing incredible and terrifying things, they water her plants, memorizing the names she gave them. This flower is named after Leia, brilliant, delicate, a deep royal purple. This succulent is named after Finn, resilient, a beautiful green. Kaffir lilies for Poe, their bright oranges and yellows a reminder of his uniform.

And imagine them running baths for her. Imagine Rey’s first bubble bath! Lis brought up bath bombs- imagine something equivalent to that in Star Wars verse, something you put in the water that’s all smoke and color and soothing smells. Her skin- once layered in earth and sand- now softened with fragrant oils. Imagine maybe the sheepishness she’d feel after coming out from the bath in a big, fluffy robe to find her room so nicely cleaned for her arrival!! And Finn and Poe are there, so happy to welcome her home, so happy that her room is finally colored with her in it.  

And maybe, too, if she wants it, Poe and Finn go to bed with her. All of them dressed in comfortable pajamas, big shirts and loose pants soft against bandages and fading bruises from their rough and active lives as fighters and heroes. Finn, Poe, and ey lie together lazily over shared pillows, legs a comfortable and tangled mess over soft blankets. And they speak stories to one another, happy to make each other laugh.  They comfort one another and let each other spill anxieties or worries as much as they need to. Rey, perhaps, needs to speak her fears. Poe, perhaps, needs only to think about something outside of them, so listening becomes his comfort. And Finn just needs the solidarity, that precious moment of realizing: Oh, it isn’t just me. They’re scared, too. But they believe in me, too, just as much as I believe in them.

This would be a night for self care, so they don’t get up to much beyond soft touches, Rey lying comfortably in Poe’s arms, Finn running his fingertips soothingly over the line of her jaw, the soft dampness of her hair. And maybe, when conversation ends, they get into a soothing shared silence. Or maybe, instead, Poe sings to them, soft and low, giving them songs they’ve never heard before in a tongue they’re beginning to understand. And when sleep comes, it’s soft and deep and kind to them. 

Don’t even get me started on self-care days for our beautiful and ineffable Finn.

My heart has turned cold,
Mostly hopeless.
I can’t even tell if it’s still beating.
Your words,
Your touch,
Your eyes all speak in different tongues at me.

All because you don’t love me anymore.
All because you don’t need me anymore.

I can’t even tell if I’m living right now or in a world where you no longer exist,
I don’t even know if I should call it heaven or hell.
I can’t seem to shake it.
In the place of my beating heart lies a bomb.
It’s waiting.
For you to say the words you want to say,
For you to tell me that it’s over.

What happens then, is out of my control.

—  exodus.king

Boston Marathon Bombing True Lies