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Happy 22nd Birthday, Harry Styles!


One Direction - Shut Up and Dance

Guys! Shut Up and Dance video was blocked in many countries on youtube.

Here’s another link for the video. I hope it will work.

Hope you are having a great day!

All the love xx

they literally just confirmed that Louis & Harry are regulars …

Top 10 Lirry Moments of 2014

10. Harry Kicking Liam’s Cast and Apologizing (25.9.14, New Orleans)

9. Backpacking Trip of Machu Picchu (29.4.14, Peru)

8. Sugarscape’s “Fourplay” Interview

7. Proposal (1.10.14, Atlanta)

6. Holding Hands Poolside (8.5.15, Rio)

5. Liam’s Obsession with Harry’s Hair

4. Liam Rubbing Harry’s Tits (19.9.14, El Paso)

3. Harry Re-Tying Liam’s Shoes (28.9.14, Charlotte)

2. Liam Taking Care of Harry On-Stage

1. On-Stage Blowjobs