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That’s Harry Styles over there, elbows leaned on the bar, white t-shirt stretched over his shoulder blades. Harry Styles, the international pop star and actor with three number one albums, two critically-acclaimed films, and the highest-grossing tour of last year. Harry Styles, who, in another place in another lifetime, won Liam’s season of the X Factor, thereby possibly altering the trajectory of Liam’s entire life.

written for @iusedtobeabaker-fic

Blue Christmas / Harry centric Zianourry

Summary: Harry thought that they were all going to spend Christmas together but apperantly he was the only one who thought so. His family is on holiday and so Harry spends Christmas on his own until his boyfriends find out the truth and come back to London.

Word Count: 3.4k

It was the time of the year that everyone should enjoy but instead of enjoying the time with their families everyone was busy. People were running from shop to shop trying to get the perfect presents for their loved ones, spending all of their money on the newest technology before going home and wrapping tons of presents until the very last minute.

Christmas day was just getting up and opening the presents before the kids went off to play with them. For a lot of people Christmas had lost its spark. Wasn’t it supposed to be different than that? For Harry Christmas had always been the time of the year which he had loved the most. He had spent hours with his sister on pasting photos into a scrap book or coloring a Christmas card for his grandma. Their house had always smelled like gingerbread and homemade cookies during this time of the year and on Christmas Day the whole family had spent the day together. They had opened all of the presents and then they had had some nice time together with all of their relatives.

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Title: recipe
Rating: General
Pairing: Liam/Harry
Word Count: 3,400ish

“You don’t use… recipes?” Liam repeats, mostly because he’s too baffled to even process that.

“When you bake, Liam, you bake from the heart.”

“And a recipe, I’m pretty sure.”

Harry looks affronted, like Liam has personally insulted him, his dog, and the street he grew up on. “I don’t need instructions, Liam.”

[Or Harry’s made some holiday treats and he needs a taste tester.]

For my pal @jessimond and the @iusedtobeabaker-fic fest :D


One Direction Act My Age Chritmas aka the best thing I’ve ever seen