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Title: recipe
Rating: General
Pairing: Liam/Harry
Word Count: 3,400ish

“You don’t use… recipes?” Liam repeats, mostly because he’s too baffled to even process that.

“When you bake, Liam, you bake from the heart.”

“And a recipe, I’m pretty sure.”

Harry looks affronted, like Liam has personally insulted him, his dog, and the street he grew up on. “I don’t need instructions, Liam.”

[Or Harry’s made some holiday treats and he needs a taste tester.]

For my pal @jessimond and the @iusedtobeabaker-fic fest :D

“Absolutely not,” Louis had said as soon as his publicist mentioned the Brits. He could be nominated for everything on the ballot and he’ll still never go anywhere near the Brits again.

She’d tried to convince him, talked about the bad optics of Liam up there alone while “we could be the greatest team the world has ever seen” echoed in the background. Louis wasn’t convinced. Louis is pretty confident that the last place Liam wants to see him is the Brits.

So he’s here, on the couch, with Doris and Ernest. He’s let them stay up late not for their own sake but for his, something for him to turn to if he needs to look away from the screen. They’d spent the whole show rearranging the cushions, jumping back and forth between the couch and the ottoman, and dragging their favorite blankets around on the floor.

When it happens, Louis isn’t quite prepared for the way his stomach clenches. “That’s your Uncle Liam,” he tells the twins, realizing that he’s leaning closer to the television.

Doris stands on the end of the couch and face-plants into the seat cushion. “Who’s Uncle Liam?”

“Well, you haven’t seen him since you were younger.” Louis doesn’t know how he should answer the question. He doesn’t know how he let it become a question that had to be asked.

Ernest drapes himself across Louis’s back. It helps.

Liam has curls like Louis hasn’t seen since 2011. He’s all bundled up in a pullover and a leather jacket, with studded details that make him look armored. Nothing as easy to grab as the lapel of a suit. Nothing as fragile as a row of buttons down the front of an expensive shirt.

The buttons had come off easier than Louis had expected, after the Brits last year. He could have undone them properly, but it felt better to fight something, to cause all the chaos he could with his mouth violently pressed to Liam’s. He could hear the pop of the threads and the click of each button on the hardwood floor of the front hall. Liam just tightened his grip on Louis’s hips and pulled him closer.

He’d spent close on six years trying to push Liam out of his comfort zone, prodding and demanding and pushing into his space. But it turned out there’s no such thing as outside Liam’s comfort zone, not when it comes to Louis. That night, the discovery felt like an unexpected drop, like misjudging the number of steps in a staircase.

Louis doesn’t know what to do without a boundary to push. Doesn’t know how to be around Liam now that he’s not something to crash into or climb or subvert.

When Liam’s done speaking, Louis tosses Doris over his shoulder and scoops Ernest up by the waist. He waves off Fizzy’s offer to help and hauls them to their bedroom, singing “Bedtime for you, bedtime for you.” A couple of books read, a couple of songs sung, two pairs of spindly arms in striped pajamas wrapped tight around his neck as he says goodnight. It’s a better choice than he made last year, he hopes.

Louis closes the bedroom door behind him and pauses halfway down the hall to tweet something, the ingrained habit of gratitude demanding attention now that the twins are settled. Once he starts the recording on his phone, the thanks come out of his mouth soft and automatic. So does the apology. Sorry again, although he’s only said it once. Sorry I can’t be there.

He’s not sure who he’s apologizing to.

[this goes with Lilo and the Golden Chain part 1 and part 2 and @mildlymaddy‘s very important account of the 2016 Brits; thanks for the ending you devastating creature you]

Wanting to be a christmas song so harry styles can be your slave, but then you realize you’re harry styles slave
Mistletoe (3541 words) by smallvillegirl [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Liam Payne/Harry Styles
Characters: Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Gemma Styles, The whole family basically
Additional Tags: Kissing, Boys Kissing, Fluff, Marriage Proposal, dirty mouth Harry, Cuties, Christmas, Christmas Fluff

Liam and Harry are having Christmas with the family.
(can’t write summaries just read it and enjoy.)

Lirry Christmas para

I told louis I was going to go see Liam, he was still kind of asleep so he probably got half of what I said. I changed out of my pajamas and into normal clothes. I got my keys and Liams gift and left the house. I drove to Liams and was surprised to see no paps anywhere. I let myself into Liams house and kick off my boots, “liiiiiammmm,” I yell wondering where he was at.