lirry christmas

Title: recipe
Rating: General
Pairing: Liam/Harry
Word Count: 3,400ish

“You don’t use… recipes?” Liam repeats, mostly because he’s too baffled to even process that.

“When you bake, Liam, you bake from the heart.”

“And a recipe, I’m pretty sure.”

Harry looks affronted, like Liam has personally insulted him, his dog, and the street he grew up on. “I don’t need instructions, Liam.”

[Or Harry’s made some holiday treats and he needs a taste tester.]

For my pal @jessimond and the @iusedtobeabaker-fic fest :D

Wanting to be a christmas song so harry styles can be your slave, but then you realize you’re harry styles slave

Re : the WIP meme (that I will try to answer tomorrow i’m too beat tonight), @ferryboatpeak, omg I cannot wait for your meta about writing lourry AUs in this day and age. 

I’m a firm believer that canon Lourry should and must be written, would it be only to challenge the larrative and show people that the ship can still exist without erasing Harry and Louis’s actual lives (a Larry briefly reblogged my version of the Sheffield hug last night asking me why I hated these boys so much and I was like, “I don’t hate them? That’s exactly why I wrote this, to show how much FANDOM has screwed them over”). And while AUs are different, that makes me even more interested in hearing your thoughts about writing them and keeping true to what you believe about these boys.

Also Christmas will never come fast enough omg I need that Christmas tree lirry. *grabby hands*

Also also, as much as I’m looking forward to more werewolf karaoke, I am very much hoping you get distracted with the Lilo Brits verse first. :p  *says the girl who has literally dropped louis and liam mid-coitus*
Mistletoe (3541 words) by smallvillegirl [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Liam Payne/Harry Styles
Characters: Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Gemma Styles, The whole family basically
Additional Tags: Kissing, Boys Kissing, Fluff, Marriage Proposal, dirty mouth Harry, Cuties, Christmas, Christmas Fluff

Liam and Harry are having Christmas with the family.
(can’t write summaries just read it and enjoy.)

Lirry Christmas para

I told louis I was going to go see Liam, he was still kind of asleep so he probably got half of what I said. I changed out of my pajamas and into normal clothes. I got my keys and Liams gift and left the house. I drove to Liams and was surprised to see no paps anywhere. I let myself into Liams house and kick off my boots, “liiiiiammmm,” I yell wondering where he was at.