lirael illustrated


RE-reading the Abhorsen series because the 5th book came out and it’s not like I’ve read them all like 4x in the past 2 years (wait yes I have) ANYWAY was playing around with what Mogget might look like in his unbound form! I think I want to do some more explorations of this form but these were just my first thoughts. I’m super fascinated by Nix’s descriptions of the free magic creatures/elementals as well as different forms of the Dead, and definitely want to do some more design explorations of Stilkens, Aziminil and Baazalanan, etc…

EDIT: You’ll notice I misspelled “Yrael” in my sketch notes b/c I was listening to Abhorsen on Audiobook this time around lol oops ^^;;;;


I’m starting a project illustrating the Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix, and here are some concept sketches for the characters!! 

I was working without a description of Sabriel’s outfit, so it’s not accurate at all, but my next sketch will be with a much more detailed and accurate outfit. :)

I had a lot of fun designing Touchstone and the kids. (I’m so glad I gave them dark skin ‘cause goddamn was Lirael’s skin hard to color). The dog was a blast to draw too, but Mogget is a pain. I’ll keep practicing cats XD

Anyway, expect more of this! If you’re interested, please send me asks with scenes you’d like to see illustrated! I’m having such a hard time picking.

Chapter 7 - Beyond The Doors of Sun and Moon

There were seven small plinths on the table, lined up in a row. All were empty, save one. The third from the left had a small model or statuette upon it.

For as long as I can (kind of) keep up, I’m joining in with yasmoose’s lirael illustrated project! (Ergo, here’s an alternate chapter 7 picture.) I’m already behind, but you know…