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RE-reading the Abhorsen series because the 5th book came out and it’s not like I’ve read them all like 4x in the past 2 years (wait yes I have) ANYWAY was playing around with what Mogget might look like in his unbound form! I think I want to do some more explorations of this form but these were just my first thoughts. I’m super fascinated by Nix’s descriptions of the free magic creatures/elementals as well as different forms of the Dead, and definitely want to do some more design explorations of Stilkens, Aziminil and Baazalanan, etc…

EDIT: You’ll notice I misspelled “Yrael” in my sketch notes b/c I was listening to Abhorsen on Audiobook this time around lol oops ^^;;;;

Prologue, Lirael: The woman nodded, the thin line of pallid skin around the mask giving no hint of expression, as if the face behind it were as frozen as the metal. Then she turned aside and spoke a spell, white smoke gushing from the mouthpiece of the mask with every word. When she finished, two creatures rose up from where they’d lain at her feet, nearly invisible against the earth. 

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I’m starting a project illustrating the Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix, and here are some concept sketches for the characters!! 

I was working without a description of Sabriel’s outfit, so it’s not accurate at all, but my next sketch will be with a much more detailed and accurate outfit. :)

I had a lot of fun designing Touchstone and the kids. (I’m so glad I gave them dark skin ‘cause goddamn was Lirael’s skin hard to color). The dog was a blast to draw too, but Mogget is a pain. I’ll keep practicing cats XD

Anyway, expect more of this! If you’re interested, please send me asks with scenes you’d like to see illustrated! I’m having such a hard time picking.


I’m not sure why, but tackling Lirael for ladiesofliterature feels like biting off a whole lot more than I’d expected. Probably because I’ve been such an ardent fan of the Abhorsen series since I was a teenager, and resonated a lot with Lirael’s character in particular. 

I’m finishing this up tonight/tomorrow (sorry it’s so down to the line, Arielle and Janet!), but these are sketches, studies, and a snippet of the work I’ve done so far!

In the Reservoir, beneath the Royal place, are the Greater Charter Stones broken by Kerrogir, waiting to be repaired by those with the proper bloodline.

 Sabriel written by Garth Nix

*updated 2/19


I’d like to believe that Sabriel and Touchstone had some nice relaxing down time before jumping back into the fray after the end of the book. Also drawing on Prince Sameth’s story about the only time he’d ever seen Mogget awake before his little misadventure, and moving it up in the timeline…