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Hounds of Justice (Alternate Ending)

A/N: Hope you all like this alternate ending!

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Death, Guns.

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Word Count: 2000+

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You stood on top of Hunter and pointed the gun at him. Before you could pull the trigger, he pulled you down towards him, forcing your to drop the gun.

Hunter got on top of you. 

His fist connecting with your cheek. You reached up and pressed your thumb into his gunshot wound. He screamed you flipped him, getting on top. You pummeled his face, screaming. “You killed him! You killed, Dean! You rotten motherfucker!”

Smashing your knuckles against his cheekbone, jaw, neck. You began slamming his head into the ground. Tears running down your face. “You killed him! You killed my Dean! My friend!” Your mind was filled with blind fury. You didn’t hear his screams of protests.

You didn’t feel him stick his knife into you two, threes times. It wasn’t until you were certain he wasn’t getting back up that you realized the knife was stuck into your stomach. You slid off of him and hit the ground. Your hands went to the knife wound. Red, bright and dark was all over your hands, shirt, Cut and Jeans.

The adrenaline that was once fueling your body, was now gone. You felt it all at once. The pain in your hands, you were certain some bones were broken. The pain in your faces, blood rushing down from your nose and forehead.

The blinding pain in your stomach, causing you to hunch every so slightly. Hunter groaned to the side of you. You reached for your gun, pain causing you to hiss, and moan.

You pointed the gun at Hunter, who reached with a bloody hand for it. His face unrecognizable. A single shot rang out. White spots began floating in your line of vision. You placed a bloody hand over your head, as your vision became blurry.

You tried to move forward, towards the shapes that were making their way to you, but you couldn’t will your feet to move. Your head spun again and you had to catch yourself before you fell. Pain shot up your back causing you to whimper. Was this what dying felt like?

Again you tried to will yourself to move, but could. Black spots began to cloud your vision. You stumbled backward and your head felt like too much to hold up. You stumbled again. The shapes were getting closer, as your eyes began to get heavier.

You began coughing, you brought a hand to your mouth. You looked at your hand. Fresh blood was splattered on the inside.
Your head spun and before you knew it, you hit the ground. You heard yelling as you lolled your head to the side. Slowly your eyes felt shut, your hand letting up pressure on your wound. Blood began rushing, incoherent words tumbled from your mouth.

The yelling was louder. A lot louder. You thought you heard your name, but all you could focus on was that blinding light. You tried to lift your hand to block it, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t move your arm.

Then you felt it. Hands on your face. You forced your eyes open. Roman was looking at you, panic across his face. “It’s going to be okay! We’re going to get you to a doctor.” 

“I can’t feel…my arms…” You murmured. Tears came to his eyes. “It’s fine. You lost a lot of blood. You’re going to be alright. I know it.”

You coughed again, blood flying from your mouth. Roman touched your forehead. “I…I love you.” You said, letting your head roll to the side. Roman began panicking. 

“Hey, come on. Stay with me.” Roman picked you up with easy. “I just…wanted-” More blood came out as you coughed into his chest. “Wanted to say…That before I go…I-I love you so much-” More coughing and more blood.

Your life was playing out before you as Roman ran with your bloody, beaten body. Seth was alongside him, Randy and Taker. You mumbled things no one understood. 

About your parents, pets, and friends. You murmured about Roman and Dean, Baron as well. Your head would go slack causing Roman to scream louder at Seth to get you to the hospital.

Tear flooded Roman’s eyes at the fact that right now that chances of you living were slim. “Not you too! Don’t do this! Stay with me! I can’t lose you too.” 

Seth blew through stop signs and red lights, nearly getting T-boned more than once. Randy yelled at him, telling him not to get everyone else killed. Causing the both of them to yell back and forth until Taker yelled at them.

Roman brushed away bloody hair from your face, fixing your Cut on your shoulders as you laid out across the van’s floor. Taker was making sure you were still living by checking your pulse.

 Baron was kneeling between your legs, undoing your belt like Taker was telling him to. Next Baron ripped your shirt, allowing Taker to get a better look at the knife in your stomach.

You came back to the present time when you felt the cool breeze hit your midsection. Your fingers twitched, head lolling to the side. Roman was looking at you. “Hold…my…hand?” 

You whispered far too low for Roman to hear. He knitted his eyebrows together. “Hold..m-my …hand?” Again Roman could quite catch it. “Hold her fucking hand!” Baron growled. Roman in an instant looped his fingers through yours.

“It has to come out.” Everyone looked to Taker. “What?” Taker put a slight amount of pressure on the area around the wound, causing you to let out a whimper. “You can’t take that out. “ Roman said, 

“Seth take us to the clubhouse!” What?!” Everyone yelled. “Do you want to explain to the doctors why everyone is covered in blood? Why Y/N has a knife sticking out of them? Why we have an armory in the van!”

 Everyone stayed silent. “That’s what I thought. Take us to the clubhouse. Baron help me get this belt around their midsection, it’s slow the bleeding and makes it a lot easier to get control of once the knife is out.”

Seth swung the van into the parking lot of the clubhouse, everyone was already opening the doors, getting ready to move you.

Gently, Roman, Seth, Randy and Baron set you on the pool table. “Seth, under my bed you’ll find a tackle box, get that.” Taker said, slipping his Cut off. Seth nodded his head and ran towards the dorms. 

“Randy, get me the bottles of liquor that has the highest alcohol contains.” Taker rolled up his sleeves. Randy quickly ran and slid over the bar top. “Roman, get me all the towels and sheets you can. Baron get me the first aid kit from the hall bathroom.” Baron ran off, Roman, on the other hand, couldn’t move from your side.

Suddenly the door to the clubhouse swung open, Finn came running in, panic on his face. Taker looked at Roman, seeing that he wouldn’t move, that he couldn’t move. “Finn! Shut the damn door, and get me towels, sheets. Whatever you can carry!” Finn nodded his head.

Seth returned with the tackle box, Randy with the liquor, Baron with the kit and Finn with the sheets and towels. “Finn, Randy, hold ‘em down. This is going to hurt and I can’t have ‘em moving around.”

The amount of pain that suddenly came, made you scream. Roman took a few steps away, he couldn’t watch it. Watch you arch your back in pain, watch your hands clench into a fist. He couldn’t hear the screams. 

Roman’s head shot up when the clubhouse door swung open. Aj stood there, someone beside him, holding a cooler. “I’m sorry…I can’t…I can’t be here.” Roman said.

Roman sat on the curb outside, head in his hands. Blood was covering him. Your blood was covering him. The door behind him opened, Taker stepped out, wiping his hands on a rag. Roman looked at him and for the first time in a long time, Taker could see that…innocent look. “They’re stable for now. Come see ‘em.” Roman got up and sprinted into the clubhouse.

Everyone moved you to one of the dorm rooms, making sure you were comfortable. Aj brought a friend, Alexa Bliss, a doctor. 

“Three blood transfusions. Three!” She shook her head as she placed her hand on your forehead, checking for a fever. Aj looked at the doorway when Roman appeared. “They’re going to make it. They’re going to live.”

Roman slowly walked into the room and looked at your frail body. Sweat was coating your body, your skin was pale, sickly looking. He could see how weak your were. Roman walked over to Aj and pulled him into a hug. “Thank you. Thank you so much.” Roman pulled away from Aj and looked to Alexa. “Thank you as well. I really mean it.”

Alexa grabbed her bag from the floor. “Make sure they don’t get a fever. If they do, call me. Got it?” Roman nodded his head. “Good.” 

“I really mean it. Without you, I don’t know if they would have made it.” Alexa rolled her eyes. ‘Yeah, yeah. And with that, she left the room. “She gets like that…Just…Errr, yeah.” Aj clasped his shoulder. “We’ll leave you alone.”

Roman watched you all night long. Going in and out of sleep, checking your pulse every so often, kissing your forehead, pacing at the foot of the bed, checking you for a fever, holding your hand, and even going as far as to check your bandaged wound. 

Three days you were out. Alexa had to come back and hook you up to an IV to make sure you got fluids. Aj laughed when Roman thanked her again, only for her to glared at him and leave. She wasn’t a very happy woman.

When you finally came to, you felt every ounce of pain. Your ribs hurt, your hands hurt, your head hurt, fingers, feet, back, legs, arms, everything. There wasn’t a part of your body that didn’t hurt. 

With a slight groan, you shifted in the bed. Roman laid in the chair beside your bed, legs spread wide, arms folded loosely over his chest, his chin resting against his chest. 

Placing a bandaged hand over your midsection, you tried to sit up, which ended up making you yelp. Roman jerked awake, placing his hands on your arm. You tried to smile, causing pain to shoot through your jaw.

For a long moment, you just stared at him and him at you. “You’re alive…and well, not exactly healthy, but alive.” You tried to smile again. It ended up making you look like a gremlin. 

Roman smiled. “I would say something. I just don’t know what to say.” You laughed, a raspy laugh that ended in coughing, but it was still music to Roman’s ears. “I’m alive…I was sure I was going to die. Right in the back of the van…” 

Roman stood to his feet when you shivered, he grabbed a spare blanket from the closet. Tossing the blanket over you, he leaned down, placing a kiss on your forehead and helped you lay back down.

You tugged at Roman’s arm. “Lay with me?” Roman stood there. “I don’t know. You’re very…broken at the moment.” 

You gave him the best puppy dog eyes you could muster up through the bruises and bandages. Roman bit his lip. “Fine! But if you start hurting, you tell me.” You nodded your head, moving a little bit over for him.

Roman slid into the bed and draped his arm around the tops of the pillows, you went to snuggle him, he stopped you. “No. I’ll lay in the bed…No cuddling until you get a little better.” 

You frowned and waited for him to close his eyes, then you moved closer to him, letting your head rest against him. You kissed his chest, closing your eyes. Placing a bandaged hand on his stomach, he placed his over top of yours.

Seth opened the door to your room around two hours later, a bottle of water in his hand, making sure Roman was well hydrated. Roman wouldn’t leave the room much, Seth had to force him to shower, to get all the blood off of him, both yours and the Kings. 

Seth smiled at what he saw. You snuggled up against Roman’s side, his arms wrapped tightly around you, your hands intertwined. Seth placed the bottle of water on the nightstand and pulled a blanket over Roman and felt to make sure you still have no fever. 

Seth left the room then, taking one more glance at your entangled forms.

4 Mouths Later…

Roman was still the President of the club. Running the Hounds just as hard.

Seth was the VP. Even if Roman wanted it to be you. He was now engaged to Becky, who was working in Hounds Auto as well, knowing full well what the club was about.

You were Sgt-at-Arms. You’re responsible for discipline and security. You also serve as a bodyguard for the President, protecting him from danger. You’re almost always at the side of Roman. You also wear the Men of Mayhem patch. You went above and beyond for the club. You spilled blood for them. Roman still didn’t think that patch was good enough for you.

Randy focused a lot on Hounds Auto. Doing very little in the way of the Club. Everyone knew he was looking to get out, no one was going to stop him either. No one blamed him for wanting out.

Baron was the Road Captain. He was responsible for organizing the route the club takes on rides, ensuring the safety of everyone on the road and ensuring discipline while on rides.

Finn was patched into the club, giving him a Cut to the Hounds. He did what he could for them, helping them with the ongoing war with the Kings and Family.

Aj didn’t want into the club. He was happy with just being a help and doing his own thing when he wasn’t needed.

You held Roman’s hand as you walked lazily through the park. It was a beautiful night, stars shining bright, the wind blowing gently. Roman pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arm around your waist, his lips pressing against your temple. “I love you, Y/N.” 

You closed your eyes, allowing Roman to lead you. “I love you too, Roman.” It was rare that you two got any time alone. You both were stressed to the max with the war. Roman’s finger rubbed circles into your hip. “So Seth and Becky huh?” Roman laughed. “Yeah. I know. They’re getting married in the spring. It’ll be nice.”

“What do you think about marriage?” Roman asked. You shrugged. “I think if they love each other and they both want that then they should do it.” Roman shook his head. “No…I meant,” Roman took a long pause. “I meant for me and you. Like, would you want to get married?” 

You looked up at him, smiling. “Are you proposing, Roman?” Laughter was underlying your voice. “No! I’m just asking if you ever thought of that.” You were silent for a moment. “Yeah. A few different times I did.”

“So if I were to propose in the future…” You smiled. “I would say yes.” Roman smiled as he kissed your temple once again. “Good to know. Good to know.”