ahaha, liam’s accent challenge. so funny. my dog also thought it’d be cool to come say hi. :’D here’s the questions if you want them:

1.your name and url

2. where are you from?

3. pronounce the following words

mate, knob head, wanker, cunt, marra, hew, canny, nor, aye, herpes, cock, arse, areet, boxers, lemon pledge, book, bog, grief, haway, chav, council house, rainbow.

4. what do you call a place of living with only one floor?

5. what do you call the denim material people wear around their legs?

6. what do you call a wheeled contraption in which a baby is carried?

7. what do you call the contraption which travels up and down within a building arriving at different floors?

8. end this post using 5 words to describe yourself