liquidation sales

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I'm the one who's store is closing by June. Yesterday (1/21), our sales volume was equivalent to that of December 20 (because we must be having liquidation sales already and we might run out of things in the next week, when we're still getting merchandise in, right?). The amount of people who told me yesterday that they "don't get why we're closing if we're so busy." Honey, spend $10 million here and then maybe we'll stay open, just for you.

A handy guide to Devil May Cry 3 styles


  • Average players: Become extremely mobile and dodge attacks with ease.
  • Master players: The floor is lava.


  • Average players: Gain extra attacks for your melee arsenal for more variety in combat.
  • Master players: Combo madness.


  • Average players: Gain extra attacks for your ranged arsenal for more variety in combat.
  • Master players: Combo madness, but with guns, too!

Royal Guard

  • Average players: Time your guards right and pay back what the enemy gave you.
  • Master players: Suicide watch needed.


  • Average players: Slow down time to gain control over the flow of battle.
  • Master players: Dio Brando is shitting himself.


  • Average players: Create a copy of yourself that mimics you and doubles your damage.
  • Master players: Is essentially another player.

I’m a senior in high school and I got my first job a few months ago. I’m a cashier at a chain that’s going out of business, so we’ve got a pretty significant liquidation sale going on. The problem is that the liquidation company doesn’t tell the manager when a discount is increasing until the day before we’re supposed to change prices, and the manager doesn’t ever tell the cashiers about it - we’re expected to just figure it out ourselves when we ring items up and it’s a different price than we expected. You can probably guess the sheer number of times I’ve been bitched at because “this is supposed to be cheaper” or “your sign said something different” or “no I’m sure I saw that everything in the store is 90% off” (not true, btw). As a socially awkward and anxious 17 year old with depression, the constant barrage of negativity from old white women isn’t doing much for my optimistic view of retail jobs.

Aight straight talk y’all this calandar is actually the single most useful thing I use in the dorm room, it requires very little time to do since I can put six weeks up at a time and it gives me an idea of EVERYTHING I have on my plate of moderate importance right when I get up in the morning. 10/10 would recommend giant whiteboard calendar. Look for a whiteboard on craigslist, I got mine at a office liquidation yard sale for ten bucks homeskillets, this shit’s like the size of me when curled up in the fetal position.