Fluid Fishbone Effect

The unique fishbone pattern is created by two colliding steams of liquids. Each stream or jet is created by a 1mm diameter nozzle. 

This is a series of images where the velocity of the fluid jet is varied from .8 to 3 meters per second. This pattern is currently the focus of scientists studying the strange world of fluid dynamics. 

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The pattern is a stable flow state that is a balance of surface tension, viscosity, momentum, and gravity. The fluid used in this experiment is 90% glycerol and 10% water solution with a viscosity of 20cS. 

This image was taken with a high speed flash at 1/40,000th of a second at at a magnification of 1x. This pattern cal also be called the fish effect, herringbone effect, or the fishbone effect.

© Ted Kinsman / Science Source

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Likely brand sales won't keep Hostess from screwing employees out of millions
  • $1.1M in monthly retiree benefits will not be paid by Hostess during the company’s liquidation process according to an attorney for the company.
  • $1.5M was collected by Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn during fiscal 2012 — an average monthly salary of $125,000 — before bonuses or other incentives.
  • $1.8M has been set aside for the incentive bonuses of 19 Hostess executives, bonuses which the company argues are needed to retain the corporate officers and other high-level managers. Maybe it’s just us, but does this sound like, “Let us pay ourselves another $2 million, or we’ll quit too!” to anybody else?source

Could these Twinkies outlast their parent company? Apparently, Hostess set a 5pm EST Thursday deadline for their striking employees to return to their jobs — or the company would liquidate, resulting in a loss of 18,000 jobs. “We simply do not have the financial resources to survive an ongoing national strike,” the company’s CEO, Gregory F. Rayburn, said Wednesday. The company won’t make a final decision until Friday, but now seems like a good time to stock up on some HoHos. (photo by Christian Cable/Flickr)