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Ok. So, this is a random question, but... do you guys have any recommendations for a gemstone for a gem that is kinda 'goopy'? Like, their hair and hands or something else has the appearance of/is literally dripping, idk how to describe it. I see Amber as an obvious choice but I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Sorry if it is a confusing question!

I would say amber is the perfect choice, it’s the only gem that I can think of that used to be in a liquid state! -Mod Lepidolite

bonjour guys ! i’m jessica, ( angst queen and sucker at writing intros ). let me introduce you , baek ahri, overenthusiastic police officer and the most awkward person you will probably meet ( more information to be found under the cut ) nevertheless i still love her to pieces. anyway i’m stoked to be here and i’m very desperate for plots !!! since, i’m awkward as well and can’t approach anyone without feeling annoying af , could anyone who is interest in plotting pls give this a LIKE , so i can IM you ?  ♡  

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Wishtrend unboxing & first impression|| LIFELOVEKOREA ||

I did a bit of a wishtrend haul and unboxed it on video for you guys. It was a mess, I am a mess… so if you want a bit of a good laugh watch this video!

I also tried out a new style of editing which I personally really like but I know that there still a lot areas that need improvement. So please let me know!

In case you are interested in these products links are in the video description, and I will upload them here after I come back from uni, thank you guys so much for watching, please like, subscribe and share! <3