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Universal Language

Drums thundering like super novas.

Strings flowing as a mighty river. 

Horns sounding a clarion call like a spear of light through the darkness.

Above it all, a voice like a silver bell weaving sounds and words like mistress of the loom. Thraktek had heard stories of human music and how unrefined and brutal it was, but the comparison was much like hearing that a dreadnought class ship was large and then seeing it in real life. The music in comparison to the songs his own people played was simple and unlike the almost surgical precision his peoples music was played with this was played with variances between the musicians, each one in unison yes but still milliseconds off from each other. Yet…these flawed musicians with instruments tuned by hand and ear were playing a song that reached somewhere deep within him…somewhere, primal…feral…he wanted to howl the war songs of his people, not heard for generations since they transcended above concepts like war…he wanted to race the wind and sing to the moon of this foreign world. Thraktek could not understand it, his hearts were racing, lungs heaving like the battle forges long cold and un-used, blood singing through his veins like liquid fire and…yes…that was what this music sounded like, that was what this music invoked within the mind…LIFE…this was not merely a group of sentient creatures making sounds on pieces of wood and metal. This was a pack of humans singing the song of life and vitality through instruments crafted by masters who may not even be alive to hear their works of art. It may not be the complex sounds of his homeworld…but this human music invoked greater feelings than any he heard before by life long masters of Centaria V, feelings of sorrow so profound they cut to his core and nearly dragged the Cries of Loss from his fanged maw, feelings of joy so intense he wanted nothing more than to grab his mate and whelps and run as his ancestors did through forests ancient, feelings of pride and patriotism that resonated within him on a level so deep he could only assume it was his soul singing in joy and sorrow, fear and courage. Truly these creatures of this death world may be some of the fiercest warriors the universe had seen, capable of depths of cruelty and madness unheard of, but also capable of acts of beauty and compassion that would ring through the stars for cycles to come. 

Human Joseph: So Thaktek what did you think of the symphony? 

Thraktek: It was..most enjoyable Human-Joseph…tell me, when is the next one to be? I would most dearly like to bring my mate and whelps, also I believe the council would benefit from this experience.


Ok…So I have been trying to put this into words FOR WEEKS and its only now at 5 in the morning after…I’m not sure how much distilled and fermented poison (margaritas and beer) that I got around to it. Honestly it was only after and while listening to a few songs on youtube that I kind of had the words. Please I encourage you to use this to write more and better things than I can.

Playlist: Happy Feet 2 Under Pressure

              Ride of the Valkyries

              Sing Im still standing

              Moana We Know the Way

              Shakira Waka Waka

              The Nutcraker Suite

              Phantom Of the Opera in general


Listen, I am a MAMA BEAR to the fullest extent. I don’t know how much more “mama” I can be.

Nothing I hate more than unsolicited parenting advice. I know what the hell im doing with MY child.

I know that my son has specific cries & I know how to handle each one. If my son is seemingly “loud” to you please do not come over with a failed attempt to “make him stop” because I can guarantee you’ll scare him and make it worse.

I formula feed, yes. The liquid gold no longer flows through my body & I have zero intention on starving my child so fuck off if it’s an issue for you. He’s 20lbs and very healthy.

I can’t stand diaper shamers. I didn’t even realize it was possible to debate about diapers. Every child is different and will react differently to certain brands. I personally use Huggies diapers & Pampers wipes. My child has sensitive skin, so while the cheaper or “trendy” brands might be more efficient to someone else. I am not giving my child a rash for the sake of being cheap or trendy.

I also co-sleep. I don’t need to get into a big thing about it. That’s just what works for us. If it doesn’t work for you that’s fine. Just don’t come at me with the “he needs to be in his own bed” crap cause I’ll put him in there when im good & damn well ready to.

There is a 150/100 chance that I will curse you out for offering unsolicited parenting advice. If I don’t ask for it, don’t give it.

Does that sound rude? It might. This is my child though, and like I said earlier..


Just One Drop

Originally posted by taeyongitslow

Description: Vampire!AU

Warning: Blood

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Running them through his thick locks, you frowned at the rough feel they gave against your fingers, the usual soft strands feeling like straw under your touch. With his eyes closed, head on your lap, enjoying your touch, it gave you a chance to look him over without him noticing your worried look.
Your frown deepened as your gaze ran down him.
His hair was turning rough. Skin dull, paler than usual. Lips tinted a gray, purple color. If he was looking at you, you’d notice the light in his eyes slowly dwindling with each passing day he went without it.
Every month, every thirty or so days, he’d end up in this state. Again and again as he deprived himself of what his body so desperately needed. And it made your heart ache, seeing him deteriorate like this.
“Ten?” Your whisper broke the silence in the room.
His response was delayed, his appearance was rough as it seemed, but his mind was in a worse state. Instead of his typical response of his lively eyes shooting open and finding yours, a smile on his face as he asked what you wanted, he simply stayed in his almost asleep state, a light hum the only indication he was even awake and heard you at all.
“Ten,” You tried again, “You need to eat, it’s been too long.”
His chest rose and fell as a sigh left him. Eating was possibly his most undesired task he had to do to live. Quite frankly, he hated it. It always unnerved him, the stories of the damned that drank too much, stealing the life from their captive ‘lovers’ completely, uncaring of their safety as long as they got to live another day off their victims’ blood. The old tale of his kind being ‘born hunters’ and ‘it’s in our blood’, frightened him to the core. What if their sayings were true? And he lost his control while feeding on you, and he lost you forever? All because he was a monster with no control…
Partly, he held a grudge against those that did act so carelessly. Ten knew for a fact the damned didn’t need much to survive, no more than the equivalent of a human’s shot glass, and they would be perfectly fine for a month or even more, depending on the quality of blood they’d received. But even the bare minimum, that he knew he could live off of, and you could live without, bothered him endlessly to take from you.
“I’m okay,” Ten licked his faded and chapped lips. “I can last a few more days, I can’t take from you, it’s too early since last time.”
“Tennie,” You moved to brush your fingers against his now waxy and lifeless cheek. “It’s been twenty-eight days. I feel fine, and you look a fate worse than death. You have to eat, now.”
“I’m telling you, I’m fin-”
“And I’m telling you,” You snapped, “That I’m not paying for a coffin when you die again from not eating.”
“It’s going to take a lot more than a little lack of food to kill me, love.” ten murmured.
“Ten,” You sighed, “I don’t want to see you like this any longer, it hurts my heart. Please will you just…just a little, it won’t hurt me, you know it won’t.”
Grumbling in disagreement, Ten kept his eyes closed, remaining still and refusing to respond.
Maybe he just needs a little extra… You thought, eyes trailing to the small scab that remained on your wrist from the last time he ate. Incentive…
While he remained unresponsive, your touch left him, noting the frown that set in when you left him. Carefully, you picked at the scab with a blunt nail, tearing away the healing dried blood and reopening the wound from before. The second the blood pooled up, Ten’s eyes snapped open, inhaling the smell that to him, filled the entire room, and glanced quickly to you.
“R-really?” He stuttered, trying to keep his cool, not matter how much the smell made his stomach scream for the warm liquid.
“Yes, really.” You scowled. “You need to eat.”
Ignoring his protest, you shoved your wrist in his face, all but forcing him to remain focused on the red draining from you, a single drop forming and falling, landing on his lip. His breath hitched, body tensing at the warm contact. His gums itched as his fangs come through, he couldn’t stop himself from letting his tongue dart out to lick up the drop of liquid.
“Ten, please.” You begged him. “Eat.”
He groaned, the last shred of his weak control ripping, and sunk his teeth into your wrist.

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How about Darkles for the hc's feat alarkling

asdsfkdskf WELL THEN

- can you say Aesthetic
- dark emo aesthetic to be precise
- all black wardrobe. you may glimpse a dot of dark gray if you’re feeling lucky but most people say it’s a myth since gray is closer to being, you know, an actual colour and not A Way Of Life
- he’s either wearing expensive tshirts and leather pants or armani suits. there’s no in between (but you can bet it’s always stylish)
- actual glucose daddyTM and by glucose i mean he eats like three pies a day. he has liquid sugar for blood.
- “yes i’ll take my coffee black :)” he says at the cash register at starbucks before he dumps like ten sugar packets hidden in his pocket
- GOES!! TO THERAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- takes his prescribed meds and actively works on his issues by making amends, reflecting, talking about his problems etc. etc.
- he’s not doing it for alina either. like yes she suggested it but he wants to get better for himself
- speaking of alina, their relationship is a bit rocky at first but then they start going on coffee dates and they make amends
- i’m a huge believer that he’s a nerd at heart so i lowkey think he stays up till 3-4 watching conspiracy theories/documentaries (usually with smth sweet he can nibble on when things get too creepy and extreme)
- horror fan
- probably cried when mcr disbanded
- at the same time he only listens to instruments and the occasional britney spears bop
- knows regina george’s lines by heart
- tries to make amends with the others and it takes some time (and a lot of effort on his part) but they forgive him, move on and even kind of accept him into their group
- umm i typed and deleted this at least three times but… shows alina a lOT of things in the dark
-…………. and the light
- in the bathroom, on the kitchen counter, on the floor, on the sofa, on the desk, on the balcony, on the phone (late at night), via skype….
- however, alina’s a free independent woman who has her own business to attend to so he gets kind of lonely
- and ends up creating an actual literal pet volcra
- i feel like he’s either going to be a politician or a street boss.. again, there’s no in between
- probably wears a black eyeliner when he’s feeling himselfTM
- son of a gun can hold his goddamn liquor god damn him so he’s always making fun of alina for getting drunk after one shot
- Tough™
- but cries a lot on the inside
- he can (and does) kiss and touch alina all he wants but the biggest display of intimacy is when she holds his hand at the bus stop or anywhere in public bc she just wants to
- scatters flowers in the wind for baghra every year
- probably prefers old movies bc he’s an actual grandpa trapped in a hot 20 y/o model body

Proper History Taking is Important, kids.
  • Handover: 86 y/o woman presented with diarrhoea and nausea. Likely viral. Admitted to acute medicine unit isolation room for monitoring and IV fluids.
  • Consultant: Alright, so you've had some diarrhoea, have you?
  • Patient: oh yes, it was horrible.
  • Consultant: When did it start?
  • Patient: oh, after I drank that lemon liquid.
  • Consultant: ...lemon liquid?
  • Patient: Yes. Three litres of it. Ghastly stuff.
  • Consultant: three litres. Of lemon flavoured liquid.
  • Patient: yes! I had to mix it up, too. Such a pain.
  • Consultant: ... When's the colonoscopy?
  • Patient: Next week! How did you know?!
  • Diagnosis: Bowel Prep did what bowel prep does.
Lost in Translation Finale

This was requested by @ipaintmelodies after my original ‘Lost in Translation’ post which is Seb x Reader. Anyway, onto the final piece! —————————————- You walked through the set after the interview with Seb talking in Romanian because it was more natural for the both of you.
“You got everyone so good, Y/N!” He laughed as he spun you around outside. The pair of you had gone for drinks afterwards, and were now ‘pleasantly buzzed’ as your mum would say.
“I’m just glad I can now talk to them.” You grinned as you mock ballroom danced in the space between the trailers. Seb spun you to the door of yours.
“My lady.” He bowed. You giggled and held out your hand. “My prince.”
He kissed your hand. “I would much prefer to kiss you though.” He stood up and pulled you closer to him, trapping your arms on his chest, fingertips just grazing the tops of his shoulders. He lent in, lips only a breath from yours; you couldn’t bare the teasing and pressed your lips to his. You kissed slowly, gently running your tongue against his lower lip. He opened his mouth and your tongues slowed danced around each other. He pulled away slowly and you stared at each other.
“Goodnight, Princess.”
“Goodnight, Prince.”
The next morning you woke up, and you instantly regretted drinking as much as you did. You languidly pulled on one of Seb’s sweaters that he had left in your trailer once and a pair of leggings with a pair of fluffy boots. You weren’t filming until later on today so you were going to opt for comfort whilst you nursed your hangover. As you walked over to the common area, Scarlett and Lizzie quickly made a bee line for you, a cup in Scarlett’s hand.
“We’re so sorry about everything, Y/N. We didn’t realise and we’re sorry.” She held out the cup for you.
“Is that coffee?” You looked at the cup, taking in the brown liquid heaven.
“Yes.” Lizzie answered for you.
“The best hangover cure.” You flashed the girls a smile and gladly took a sip from the cup.
“Hangover cure?” They looked at you oddly.
“Seb and I went for drinks after the Q&A last night.” You closed your eyes, basking in the flavour of the coffee on your tongue.
Scarlett made a sound. “That does explain why he looked very grumpy this morning. He was also moaning about modern technology.”
You laughed before cringing at the sound. “That’s because I have some great pictures and videos from last night.”
You three really hit off from then, as you showed the evidence of your night out over coffee.
“I can’t believe Sebastian did karaoke!” Lizzie laughed loudly, getting the attention of the male cast members who were present.
“He wasn’t even bad as well!” Scarlett laughed and you joined in, laughing at Seb’s expense.
Soon after that Robert and Anthony came over to you, flanked with a couple of the other members of the cast.
“We wanted to say we were sorry about how we acted, Y/N.” Robert spoke.
You glanced at the girls and they subtly nodded.
“Well, it did hurt all of your comments.” You pouted ever so slightly and looked up at him through your lashes. “But I suppose there is one thing you could do for me that would make me forgive you…” You trailed off suggestively.
“What?” Anthony asked. You grinned. “Fill up my cup?” You held it out to him and the girls laughed at you.
When Seb walked in with Chris later on, they found you chatting with the cast, making jokes and laughing along with them.
He called over to you in Romanian. “Alright, darling?”
You smirked. “Darling? That’s new.”
“So is you speaking English.”
You poked your tongue out childishly at him. He laughed at your response before sliding into the spot in between Anthony and Scarlett. It felt like you had found a second family amongst these crazy actors. And right now? You couldn’t be happier.

Jealousy Is Just Another Form Of Insecurities

Request: “could you do a blurb where draco gets jealous bc Harry has to tutor the reader and he gets stubborn and fluffly 😊”

Summary: Draco’s insecurities float up to the surface after a certain teacher requests that Harry should tutor you in Potions class instead of him.

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 1,603

Warnings: None, just really fluffy. :)

A/N: I seriously loved writing this request! Jealous!Draco is so adorable, yet so irritating at the same time! XD (P.S.- It’s much longer than a blurb, I got a bit ahead of myself.)

Professor Slughorn had been explaining the numerous potions that were brewing on the table in front of the class just as Harry Potter and Ron Weasly walked into the room. Slughorn twisted around to greet the pair, his explanation coming to a halt.

“Ah! Harry, my boy, I was beginning to worry! Brought someone with us, I see!”

You watched as Harry and Ron stood there awkwardly, snickering just as Ron began to introduce himself.

“Ron Weasly, sir.” The redhead said proudly, straightening his shoulders uncomfortably. “I did awful Potions’ notes, so I’m just gonna…” Ron had tried to leave the room, but Harry had stopped him before he could have the opportunity.

A slight chuckle escaped your lips at the awkward duo just as you felt a pair of eyes on you. You had already known who it was when you connected eye contact with those brooding grey eyes. Usually Draco tended to smirk at you whenever you two connected eye contact, but this time was different. His usually sparkling blue eyes were now a dull gray, and the teasing smirk that usually tended to his expression was nowhere to be seen. You frowned, looking away from the odd man.

He had been ignoring you all year so far. You two were almost always inseparable, but this year was different. He hardly ever looked at you, and when he did, it wasn’t with the usual sparkle in his blue eyes. You tried to ask him what was wrong and persuade him to tell you whatever was going on in his mind, but he had just pushed you away with a bitter, “Piss off, Y/N!” and walked away. You were quite stubborn, so his tone drew you away immediately, and you hadn’t talked since.

“Nonsense, we’ll sort you out! Any friend of Harry’s is a friend of mine! Get your books out!” Professor Slughorn’s voice broke through your thoughts as he insisted that Ron stay for his Potion’s class.

“Uh, sir…” Harry interrupted just as Slughorn turned back to the class. “I haven’t actually gotten a book, nor has Ron.”

“Not to worry, get you pair some from the cupboard.” Slughorn then continued on with his lesson as you watched Harry and Ron fight over a new book with a small grin on your face.

“Sir…” Katie interrupted just as Professor Slughorn had finished explaining the dangers of a love potion such as the one he had on his desk. “You haven’t told us what’s in that one.” She pointed to a small glass container with a clear liquid potion inside.

Slughorn nodded, carefully removing the container from it’s hold. “Ah, yes. What you see before you, ladies and gentleman, is a curious little potion known as Felix Felicis, which is more commonly referred to as-”

Suddenly, Hermione’s voice ripped through the classroom. “Liquid luck!”

“Yes, Miss Granger. Liquid Luck! Desperately tricky to make, disastrous should you get it wrong. One sip, and you will find that all of your endeavors succeed.” Slughorn explained with a proud smile on his face.

Almost the whole class was immediately hypnotized by the potion.

Hmm… Maybe that could help me pass the tests in this class…

Slughorn went on to explain what the potion could do, and then instructed the class to open their books up and follow the instructions on how to create the potion. Minutes later, you were standing over your boiling pot with a slight pout on your face. You never did very well in any of your potions classes, but usually you had the help of Draco, who was recently ignoring you. A groan escaped your lips as you saw Harry get patted on the back for creating the potion correctly, causing Slughorn and most of the class to turn their heads over to you.

“Y/N? Are you having trouble with your instructions?” Slughorn asked, and you froze on the spot, pausing the turning and twisting of your mixer.

“Yes, sir. I don’t do very well with creating potions.” You had announced with a slight blush on your face. You felt every pair of eyes on you now, and that made you feel slightly self-conscious.  

Slughorn looked between you and Harry, a bizarre idea popping into his head. “Why don’t you let Harry over here tutor you?”

Your eyes widen at Professor Slughorn’s random outburst, and you immediately shook your head at his offer. “No thank you, sir. I’ll be alright.”

“Oh, dear, I insist! Harry, do me the favor of tutoring Miss Y/L/N and showing her the ropes, will you?”

Draco watched as the blush grew on your face as Harry nodded at Slughorn’s order. He immediately felt his jaw lock, his eyes twisting back and forth between you and Potter. When class finally finished, and Draco had the delight of getting Potter out of his sight, he watched as you and Harry exited the room together, Hermione and Ron following suite with confused expressions on their faces. Draco felt his chest tighten and his breathing quicken as he saw you smile at Harry.

This can’t be happening… He thought.

Later on that day, you and Harry were sat at the Gryffindor table together, reading over the ingredients potions need with them and how to properly master them. You and Harry had been engrossed in your Potions manual, yet you couldn’t help but feel a pair of burning eyes on you for the second time today. You raised your head, ignoring what Harry was saying, and looking around the Great Hall before connecting with a pair of burning grey eyes.

A frown appeared on your face as you spotted the bitterness and coldness in his stare, and almost immediately, Draco had stood up from his seat and stomped out of the Great Hall. You groaned, standing from your seat beside Harry, and immediately chasing after him.

You were done with his shenanigans. You wanted answers.

“Draco Lucius Malfoy!” You spat just as you caught up to his dainty figure.

He froze almost immediately, causing you to practically run into his tall body.

You grabbed his arm gently, despite your angered mood, and pulled him to face you. His usually piercing blue eyes were now a dull gray, and his jaw was tight, causing a frown to plant itself onto his lips.

“Leave me alone.” He spat, pulling his arm out of your grip and sauntering away.

Before he could get too far, you grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back to you.

“You tell me why you’ve been giving me that look all day now, or-”

Draco cut you off with a harsh, bitter tone. “Or what, Y/L/N?! What are you gonna do?! Nothing! So just piss off, and go back to talking to your boyfriend Potter!”

You took a step back due to his outburst, your hand falling from his shoulder.

“Draco, what are you talking about?”

Draco groaned, rolling his eyes and running a hand through his hair in frustration. “I see the way you look at him, Y/N! I’m not blind!”

“Draco, I-” Realization hit you like a bus, and a bright grin casted it’s way upon your lips. “Malfoy, are you jealous?”

Draco’s eyes turned to slits, an annoyed expression taking over his face. His voice was quieter this time. “Not in a million years, Y/N.”

A gasp escaped your lips, along with a chuckle. “You are!” You hit a soft punch to his shoulder, causing him to glare at you. “You’re jealous of me being around Potter! Admit it!”

Draco rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest - which he only does when he’s getting defensive. A smirk laced your lips as you saw a slight taint of red paint his cheeks.

“Don’t worry, Draco. Potter could never compete with you.” The thought had slipped past your lips before you could stop it, and soon, you were the one blushing.

A teasing smirk had found it’s way upon Draco’s face as he saw the blush creep up onto your cheeks, and he actually felt proud and happy with himself since the beginning of this year.

“Don’t have to tell me twice, love.” He had placed his arm over your shoulder, and you smiled at the known gesture. You took the hand that was over your shoulder in yours, and you two started to walk to your usual spot, the Astronomy Tower.

“So, does that declaration mean that you fancy me?” He whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against your lobe.

You shivered at the feeling of his hot breath against your neck, causing Draco to grin beside you.

“Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.” You teased, poking his side. Draco stopped walking to look at you with a twinkle in his eyes.

Your eyes widened, knowing exactly what that look means. And soon, Draco’s fingers were moving against your stomach and your sides at a rapid pace, causing you to let out a loud laugh. Draco laughed with you, pushing you against the wall and pinning you there so you couldn’t escape.

And suddenly, his arms were trapping you there, both on either side of your head and against the wall. And you were just trying to catch your breath and admiring the gleam in his now returned blue eyes, until you felt his breath fan against your cheeks, your breathing catching in your throat. Draco smirked, looking between your lips and your eyes, silently asking for permission to kiss you. And you granted him access with just one nod, before the feeling of his soft lips against yours invaded every sense in your body.

DAY 3337

Jalsa, Mumbai                 May 17,  2017               Wed 10:21 pm

A venture starts .. another meter comes down .. another effort to start again .. and another bunch of fresh ideas and people to work with ..

First days are the worst temperamentally - how will it go, the scene the make up the director crew all .. will there be expectation, apprehension, will we be able to do it, has the right decision been taken .. and the uncertainty of all at the end of the day .. 

Film and film making as a profession .. is it does it really spell the fortune bells ..? 

Come visit us someday .. feel the effort, the dedicated crew, the team that produces and organises, and then the temperature .. in the mid 40′s today .. no I am not complaining .. I am from the heat, from the means that did not permit the cooling temperament of the many that were .. I am ‘gudari ka lal’ ..spoken so often about it .. wrapped in the commonest and the most mediocre, we are of spirit that bends, tolerates, gives in utmost servility .. we are they ..

No humbling here .. or effort to seek sympathy - samvedana - no none of that .. just a thought for them that do not visit and come in knowledge of ..

there is 33 years of Sharaabi .. there is 16 years of Ek Rishta  .. Sharaabi designed some 38, 000 feet above sea level on a flight from New York, to Trinidad & Tobago for a concert tour of mine .. where Prakash Mehra was in attendance .. somewhere over the and past the ‘pan handle’ of USA, about some distance from Cuba and approaching the Caribbean islands .. that is when exactly the film was discussed .. and on return its initiation .. the working discussions with Prakash ji, its timings and length, its immaculate writing, its moments of scenes, the music which Prakashji always excelled in .. and so much more …

Then there is Ek Rishta.. the first film with Akshay .. a warm affectionate film .. at a time when the KBC fever was quite prominent … and the quick getaways by the cast to catch the show in between the shots .. 

And to day it is the first day of ‘102 not out’ .. sweltering heat and out in the open .. rushing back to the van not for rest but to change the garments that drip with the liquids of sweat .. and yes remember .. its sweat for men, and perspire for women .. never make the mistake of uttering women sweat !! You may get hit .. !! Hahahahahah ..

5:00 in the morning again .. and alarm set for it .. 

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Imagine your OTP going on holiday together.

Person A goes on holidays quite frequently and decides to take their beloved with them. Person B doesn’t usually go on holidays so this is still somewhat of a foreign experience for them. When the first arrive to their destination it’s actually a lot hotter that person B had originally prepared for and they have to find ways to cool down. This including less clothing, showing off their pretty pretty chub and stuffing and bloating with cooling food and drink!! And person A is loving it!

When they get home it turns out person B’s put on some weight from their constant cooling stuffing! Both person A and person B love it, so much they may do the same next year!! 

I lied. When I got this request I said that I didn’t know the song but the minute I put it on and heard the guitar riff, I recognised it. So yeah, my bad. I’m horrible with song names; when it comes to my music knowledge I live under a proverbial rock. This was requested by @arabella-loves-coffee and I hope it turned out as you liked, a lot of it is out of my depth (aside from silently having crushes on people - that bit I’m very much practised in). Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: so the Reader is VERY shy and has a crush on Steve but she’s to scared to tell him and at a party she gets kinda drunk and after the party she keeps quoting Do I Wanna Know from Arctic Monkeys (I think it would fit very well) and Tony keeps asking for who is she suffering like that and she keeps glancing at Steve and he plays stupid but he knows what is this about and I don’t know a cute ending :D

“Do I Wanna Know?”

You could feel the bass and drum resounding through the elevator the minute you stepped inside. You clutched a bottle of champagne in your hands and felt it slipping between your fingers as a result of the condensation and the sweat on your hands. Parties were most definitely not your scene. You weren’t keen on people, your music taste was quieter than most of the charts, and you didn’t own an outfit that would be worthy of the atmosphere.

Yet here you were trying to fathom which of the multiple floor numbers held the crowd of gyrating people upon it. Before you could press any of them, however, an anxious voice caught your attention and you looked up. Hurrying for the elevator was Steve Rogers. He wasn’t dressed extravagantly (which you now felt yourself to be) but in a simple dress shirt and trousers. The blue of the former matched his eyes, but the minute you realised as much your cheeks began to scorch.
“Hold the elevator!” Steve’s voice burst through your hazy head and you placed a foot between the closing doors just in time. 

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RG: Blended (Pietro)


this is a second part to the first part that i can’t show you yet! Yaaaaay

You stare at the water bottle lazily, palm flipping back and forth, the liquid inside a water lava lamp.

“What happens if you…” Thor trails off, gesturing to your hands and clapping unsurely and you grin widely.

“Wanna feel what happens?” You ask softly and his eyes open wide, darting looks over his shoulders before nodding excitedly.

With slow deliberation, you rose from the stool and stood before him, meeting his eyes seriously. You smirk a little, arms spreading wide while his eyes brighten and his cheeks flush. Slowly, you bring your palms together, speeding at the last second and ending in a loud clap.

In front of you, as your flesh smacks together, Thor flips, limbs splaying and his mouth falling open in an excited roar. Only lasting a second, your hands come apart and Thor falls to the floor, panting, expression joyous.

“You are a true magician, Lady Y/N, a wonder!” He cheers, clambering up and grabbing your forearm in a handshake, grin splitting his cheeks.

“What’s up?” Sam questions curiously from the doorway and you flush, Thor looking up excitedly.

“Lady Y/N has a gift! Like- like- What’re those things you Midgardians ride? Similar to your… Uh…” Thor trails off, frown lines deep in his forehead and you fight not to snicker. While not completely sure, you’re extremely sure he means a roller coaster and a train. Both. Not that you’re saying anything.

Sam watches the struggling god for a moment before shrugging and heading for the fridge, Thors shoulders slumping dejectedly.

“You must show him!” He shouts suddenly, whirling on the two of you as you watch Sam stare blankly into the appliance.

“What?” You blurt in unison, Sams voice curious and yours intensely embarrassed.

“Indeed, what is happening?” Pietro asks, appearing by your side and you flush, all eyes suddenly on you.

“Nothing.” You grit, eyeing Thor seriously, whos lips glue together suddenly. You can feel Sams eyes on you for a moment before he makes a soft noise and turns back to the fridge, grabbing a packet of raspberries. As Sam passes across the threshold, Pietro whirls on you and you jump. You’d forgotten he was there, usually he just appears then disappears.

“Show me.” He half begs and you groan softly, Thor back to grinning.

“Lady Y/N, you must.” Thor says softly and you growl, glaring at him despite the sweet expression on his face.

“Fine. Pietro, over there. And understand this is going to be a little…” You trail off, gesturing lazily to an open space a few feet away.

“Blender.” Thor pipes up, expression helpful and you frown, looking from him to Pietro, who shrugs.

“Okay. Blender. Show me.” Pietro bounces and you sigh, eyeing him a little appreciatively while you have the time to, before smacking your palms into a clap. You do it faster this time, with less of a build up. As Pietro jerks and flops through the air before falling, Thor cheers, clapping your back sportingly, his exuberance well intentioned.

A low groan escapes Pietro and you wince, eyes meeting Thors in a sideways glance as the young mans shoulders shake in a gag.

“I have matters to attend to.” Thor bursts out as Pietros vomit covers the floor. You hiss at the man, who ignores you and stalks out the door casually.

“Damn you, you gorgeous curse.” You swear at the ill man before you, sighing and heading for the sink to grab a clean cloth. “Friday, can you find one of Tonys cleaning robots? A liquid one?”

“Yes, Miss.” Friday answers and you sigh gratefully, helping Pietro away from the mess and into a chair, wiping his sweaty forehead before cleaning up around his chin and mouth.

“Oh, Maximoff. I’m sorry.” You whisper and he groans, bloodshot eyes meeting yours pathetically.

“I asked for it.” He counters weakly, sniffling a little and you sigh.

“I shouldn’t have done it, no matter.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.” He agrees readily, voice still weak and you giggle a little. Your eyes rove over his face, the colour returning to his cheeks.

“Feeling better?”

“A kiss cures all illnesses.” He answers instantly and you cringe. Sure, kissing Pietro wouldn’t be terrible but with vomit mouth? No, not today. “You’re probably right. My mouth tastes disgusting.”

Rising, you brush his hair from his sticky forehead and grab a glass from the cabinet, filling it. Kneeling back in front of Pietro, you offer him the glass and he whines.

“How about this?” You offer softly, flipping a palm beside the glass and pulling the glass itself away from the water bubble. “Fancy air water?”

A small smile quirks his lips, eyes less dazed and unfocused. “Fancy air water.”

You watch as he leans forward, trying to catch some in his mouth and a laugh bursts from your lips. Your eyes rove over his face, the dry tufts of his hair caught in your anti-gravity radius floating freely.

“Hand me the glass.” He sighs, face covered in water and a defeated look in his eye.

“Allow me.” You mumble, shuffling closer and catching as much of the water back in the glass as you can before releasing the field. Rising, you stand before him and gesture him to open his mouth. Pouring, your hand twitches between upside down and right side up, the water bubbling and slowly floating down to plop into his mouth. A laugh bursts from his lips, quickly followed by a hacking cough as Wanda rounds the corner.

“You’re disgusting, Brother.” She says with a wrinkle of her nose, eyes on the puddle across the room, the little robot working its way over.

“I did that, I’m sorry.” You apologise, a disgruntled noise sounding in front of you as a palm wraps around your leg. Your eyes move to Pietro, suddenly realising just how close the two of you are, your body standing between his knees.

“I asked you to.” He counters, eyes glued to yours and his voice entirely too soft and intimate.

“Clint is looking for me.” You blurt, stumbling back from the speedster and the mind reader. Darting out the door, you realize you’re still holding the glass and set it on a side table, practically jogging in the direction of away.

thor is just that guy. that spare guy. just being all spare.