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Personal Trainer

Posters for the new fitness drink “Personal Trainer” were plastered on the gym walls.  All week Brendan couldn’t turn his head in any direction without a decal, promotion, or logo assaulting his eyes. The words “Personal Trainer” looked as if they were electrified and each advertisement had the words “Inquire at the front desk for your free trial” underneath. After several days of lifting and having his eyes on nothing else, Brendan’s curiosity was a little piqued.  Whether that pique came subliminally or his own free will is a matter of fate.
Brendan had rejoined the gym three months ago in an attempt to reclaim some of his former soccer player body.  Inching closer to thirty every year, Brendan’s love of burgers and pastries were steadily increasing his waistline.  He found himself huffing and puffing to close the button on his largest pair of jeans. Tying his shoes was starting to include holding his breath and lately if he happened to go for a jog, he felt the beginning of a bounce in his midsection.  A ten year reunion for his countrywide famous soccer team was in the making and that included an alumni exhibition against the current team.  Brendan was determined to shed a bit of his gut so that he wasn’t laboring so hard up and down the field.

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