From Gastroposter Alex Bielak:

I’m delighted by this re-imagination theme as, with some chemicals from my new friend, Chef John Placko, I recently experimented with some modernist recipes. Attached is a photo, by my friend Helene, of the best specimen of the “liquid pea ravioli with truffle salt” I made. Basically this vibrantly green pea soup was re-imagined a decade or so ago by the pioneering Spanish Chef, Ferran Adria, as something that looks like an uncooked green egg yolk. The payoff is the surprise of a tremendously flavourful explosion when you pop it in your mouth. (When I say this was the best of the ravioli, some of the others were weirdly misshapen, like giant tadpoles. Every one got eaten: it’s a good thing I have adventurous friends!)