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do u have any vegan makeup recs?

yeeee boiiiii. so quick background: i’m still in the process of making all of my makeup cruelty-free and vegan. one of the staple products i’ve used since a year ago when i first started wearing makeup but was less aware that not all makeup is cruelty free lol is the laura mercier secret camouflage concealer (i started getting into makeup bc i had like sort of bad acne two years ago that left a couple scars on my cheeks and i wanted to conceal them.) it was pretty expensive so i want to use it up and then find a good spot concealer to replace it. other than that tho and a maybelline lipstick and gel eyeliner pot i’ve had for like 5 years (is that unhealthy? i’m probs gonna get a disease),  everything else i use is cruelty-free/vegan. i don’t wear much face makeup, mostly stick to eyes and lips so a lot of my personal recs will be about those products, but i also just have like a weird built in catalogue for makeup at this point so i’ll try to rec some other stuff as well:

at the drugstore u can’t go wrong w nyx stuff (although they are owned by loreal which isn’t a cruelty-free company, all nyx products themselves are cruelty free and mostly vegan, tho a couple products aren’t). i like their soft matte lip creams and their matte bronzer and their eye shadows are aight. also wet n wild makes bomb liquid lips and brushes and blushes and highlighters and basically is good at everything tbh. elf is also great for cheap af brushes, good blush/bronzer duos, i hear good things about their prism eyeshadows and even their foundations if ur into that, as well as their under-eye setting powder. milani makes great lip products and baked blushes/highlighters. ppl also love the conceal and perfect foundation if u want something super high coverage and long-wearing (although i’ve also watched reviews of ppl hating it bc it’s p fucking thick so maybe avoid if ur not into that). other brands that i don’t own anything from but always see good reviews about are colourpop (liquid lips and pressed shadows), physician’s formula (butter bronzer i think? it’s way too light for my skin but i see good reviews on it a lot. also the shimmer strip highlighters), and essence (blushes, bronzers, and lipsticks)

for high end: urban decay lipsticks and eyeliners are dope and i love the tarte tartelette in bloom eyeshadow palette (they also apparently make good blushes and a good foundation or something idk don’t quote me on that.) also a product that doesn’t get enough hype are buxom eyeshadows. i have a customized palette of 6 of those and they are remarkably good, esp the mattes which are always the ones that are hard to formulate in a way that shows up on my skin tone (let alone deeper skin tones lol). i own hardly any other high-end makeup but other good cruelty-free/vegan lines and products that i see praised to the gods constantly are kat von d (basically everything, her liquid lipsticks, foundation, shade and light palette, the tattoo liquid liner, etc. etc.), too faced (chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes and cute heart-shaped blushes), becca (famous for highlighters and also make good blushes), bare minerals (mineral foundation, light coverage ‘complexion rescue’ which is like a tinted moisturizer), anastasia beverly hills (eyeshadow palettes esp the modern renaissance, highlighter ‘glow kits,’ and liquid lipsticks), and charlotte tilbury (foundation, eyeshadow, lip stuff, basically everything).

you can also bookmark/consult this list for a constantly updated guide on vegan-friendly makeup brands, and a couple good totally cruelty free beauty youtubers to check out are bella fiori and meghal & natasha :) 

I got this tattoo on August 1st at Liquid Amber in Vancouver - it’s the Three of Wands from the Wild Unknown deck.

This was the first tarot card I ever pulled, and I’ve come to connect to it the most. It represents foresight, growth, and looking into the future.
(Also it looks gay as heck.)

My tattoo is gonna be in the process of healing for the next couple weeks, but I’ll probably still take pictures to document it.


Day 12 of #31DIYsTilHalloween is my mime costume! This is one of the easiest costumes to DIY. All you really need is a black hat, black and white striped clothing, white face paint and black eyeliner! You can also do red lipstick but I’ve been loving black lately so I went with that.

Shirt, hat, bow tie and skirt were all items I already had in my closet. Tights are from @legavenue, bow tie is an old black velvet hair clip. Gloves from Ebay ($2!)

Lots of you have asked what white face paint I used for this look. It was actually just the cheapest, crappiest stuff I could find at Spirit, there is no brand name on it, it just says “White Cream Makeup” in a tube. I picked mine up last fall for my Domino cosplay so mine is over a year old. The secret is blending blending blending! I literally spent 20 minutes blending it out so it looked as flawless as possible. No primer or other makeup underneath. I set it with @makeupforeverofficial’s HD setting powder (loose) with a big fluffy powder brush. I have never had problems with this makeup drying, caking, flaking, or creasing on me, but I find that it stays slightly wet and can slide around if you sweat a lot, so I don’t recommend it for hot or humid weather.
Lipstick is @prettyzombiecosmetics liquid lipstick in Black Cat. Eyes, eyebrows and other face paint are a combination of the following: @nyxcosmetics Studio Liquid Liner, @katvondbeauty Tattoo Liner, @makeupforeverofficial Ink Liner, and @nyxcosmetics pencil liner. And that’s it!


Partner does my makeup tag!

I let River do my makeup so it was only fair for him to let me do his! This was just for a bit of fun. Any suggestions on other things you’d like to see us doing will be considered! I’ll list the products used below:

On Ada:
E.L.F.  Studio Poreless Face Primer
FOUNDATION •  NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Shake Fiji 
EYEBROWS • Anastasia Beverly Hill - Dipbrow Pomade, Taupe
HIGHLIGHTER • Jeffree Star - Skin Frost,  Siberian Gold
LIPS • Jeffree Star - Velour Liquid Lipstick, Abused & You.Better.Work
CONTOUR • Anastasia Beverly Hills - Pro Series Contour Cream Kit, Light
EYELINER • Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner Liquid Eyeliner
FALSE LASHES • Violet Voss -  Wispy My Name Premium Faux Mink Lashes
SETTING SPRAY • Urban Decay All Nighter
TRANSLUCENT POWDER • Morphe - Translucent Ultra Fine Pro Setting Powder 

On River:
E.L.F.  Studio Poreless Face Primer
FOUNDATION •  NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Shade Fiji
EYEBROWS • Anastasia Beverly Hill - Dipbrow Pomade, Taupe
HIGHLIGHTER •  Jeffree Star - Skin Frost,  King Tut
LIPS • Jeffree Star - Velour Liquid Lipstick, Masochist
EYESHADOW •  Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette
EYELINER •  Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner Liquid Eyeliner
FALSE LASHES •  Violet Voss -  Wispy My Name Premium Faux Mink Lashes
SETTING SPRAY • Urban Decay All Nighter
TRANSLUCENT POWDER •  Morphe - Translucent Ultra Fine Pro Setting Powder


Tattoo Video! Designed and completed by Crystal (@prettyinkslinger_ ) (at Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective)

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A Closer look at the Holiday 2016 Sneak Peeks from Kat Von D Beauty!!

•The Metal Matte eyeshadow palette, a mixture of matte and metal finishes and it looks HUGE!! $60

Also at the bottom of the pic:
•A mini everlasting Liquid Lipstick set
•A mini Bow N Arrow Set with a mini bow n arrow liquid lipstick and a mini tattoo liner in black

Coming soon to SEPHORA!


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Hey I want to start wearing makeup, mostly just some small stuff, like eyeliner + lipstick and maybe some concealer( to cover the dark circles under my eye) what do you suggest. My second Q. I'm always sweaty and I hv quite bad B.O on some days even if I just got out of the shower, what do you think I can do to always be smelling good?

1. the single greatest eyeliner on the market is the stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner. hands downs. i’ve tried everything from revlon to naked and this one is the absolute best. as for concealer, i use the boing concealer from benefit, but i wouldn’t recommend it for undereyes. i personally embrace my undereye bags lol but vitamin e cream every morning and night helps them SO much. i recommend the body shop’s if you choose to get one, but if you want to stick with concealer, i would go with the kat von d liquid tattoo concealer. & my favorite lipsticks are the nyx matte cream and nars audacious which are VERY different prices, so you really need to try those on and see what make and color suits you. i hope this helps!!!

as for the sweating you have absolutely come to the right girl lol. i apply old spice pure sport deodorant when i wake up and before i work out, i use dry shampoo around my hairline to absorb sweat, and i only wear tank tops to the gym so there’s no chances of pit stains lol. i’ll update as my sweat management process evolves😂