Talks Machina (Episode 88 spoilers!)

Highlights from this week’s episode:

  • This week’s pre-show message from Denise: “Brian is a puppet and I’m pulling the strings.”
  • Overwatch mention! Brian shout-outs D.Va, Marisha’s all about Symmetra, Matt breaks out the McCree voice.
  • 1PM Saturday, much of CR will be playing Mansions of Madness on the stream, and Matt will be guesting on a show at 11AM as well.
  • Brian: Our special guest, Gil Ramirez. Marisha: (whispers) Don’t fuck us, Gil.
  • Gil was helping out in the twitch chat from episode one. He’s also been smithing for sixteen years!
  • Gil uses liquid mercury to balance his steel dice. Travis: …you just have liquid mercury hanging around?
  • Gil and Taliesin both have a periodic table collection.
  • Gil takes off his button-down to reveal a t-shirt that just reads “Don’t fuck me, Gil.” with “Dammit Gil!” on the back.
  • Gil pulls out cards that read “Malks Tachina” that are all sick burns on Brian.
  • 4:46:50 total gameplay time last week. VM had 936 total HP at the start of the kraken battle, ended with 70 total HP.
  • A fan points out the similarities between the kraken fight and the Kobayashi Maru in Star Trek–an unwinnable fight to see how you do under great pressure. Marisha points out that nobody is expected to do the Aramente alone, but they’re never told that explicitly, so Keyleth’s been figuring that out, and that was one of the big lessons here. When she decided to planeshift out, she had to trust that Grog was going to finish it without her. She’s been moving beyond her previous urge to be self-sacrificial.
  • Matt points out that if Keyleth had stayed, Grog probably would’ve stayed until the end, too, and things would’ve gone a lot worse.
  • Matt wasn’t playing the kraken to full intelligence (his argument being that the rules-as-written version is better suited to being a full-arc villain kind of deal), but if they’d decided to talk to it, it probably would’ve stalled long enough to get everyone exactly where it wanted them.
  • Travis on Tary not using Luck to reroll: Either he is the most genius, maniacal character in a long-running arc… or he just rolled shitty dice because Gil fucked him.
  • Keyleth would’ve rather failed the Aramente than kill the kraken or lose her party.
  • A question on screen flashes twice. Laura (who isn’t even on the show this week) immediately tweets “Two flashes!! Free Denise.”
  • Grog was trying to abide by Keyleth’s rules of not killing the thing, but his whole priority was getting Vax out, because he realized that not getting him out while he was unconscious might’ve meant losing his body for good. Matt points out that it worked out well that it was always Grog getting eaten, because he was more likely than most of the other party members to deal enough damage to get out.
  • Why didn’t the water ashari let Korren and Keyleth know Vilya was suspected dead? Matt starts to answer, then admits it’s mostly just to maintain narrative drama, because that’s how storytelling works.
  • Gil wonders whether one of the lodestones could be Keyleth’s mom. Marisha: …my mom is octopoo?
  • Grog’s decision on leaving Tary mostly boiled down to “…eh.” Grog didn’t mind too much that Percy made him go back for Tary, because he didn’t feel too strongly about leaving him behind, but there might be consequences once Friends wears off.
  • Keyleth would’ve definitely still planeshifted out if Grog and Vax’s positions had been reversed. She trusted that Vax would’ve managed to get out, too.
  • Travis’ wise words on the Raven Queen: “Didn’t she need the blood jacuzzi to get the thing going?”
  • Travis thinks Grog would be interested in participating in Vax’s ritual.
  • Travis was stoked for Vax to join the Dead Club, but he has no idea how it’s going to go because of the Raven Queen.
  • Matt re: people yelling about revivify/resurrection no matter the outcome: “I… mostly don’t care. I’m still a sensitive boy.”
  • Brian brings back the intro to the first episode, in which Matt points out that this is the continuation of a home-game and number-crunching shouldn’t be the priority. Of course, Critrolestats is an exception: “They keep track of the numbers we like.”
  • Brian: “Discussions are great, and we love talking about the show even if we disagree… but when it gets to be this weird thing where people are… it’s like, guys, you’re kind of embarrassing yourself. Like, give me a break, dad. Maybe intense scrutiny of a D&D game that’s on the internet isn’t the best way to live your life.”
  • Travis: “I’ll never go on [reddit]. It requires reading, right?”
  • Matt thinks the kraken was probably watching the party for a while, and then Tary’s natural one was a focus point. If they hadn’t failed that challenge, they might’ve had to fight it as they were escaping.
  • The one spell Marisha forgot to write down on her spell sheet was Freedom of Movement, which would’ve been incredibly clutch in the fight. Matt forgot about it, too.
  • Matt points out that everyone had an extremely stressful week leading up to that episode. Brian mentions that he’s known everyone for a while, now, and they all generally act the same on-screen as they do off-screen, so they’re not gonna be putting on an act. Sometimes you just get a bit of a slog playing D&D when everyone’s exhausted, but it can still be fun as long as people aren’t going over every decision with a magnifying glass.

After dark:

  • The first shot after the break is just a close-up of Trinket.
  • Matt to Travis, in one of the best out-of-context quotes thus far: “So what you’re saying is that your deviantart is full of vore?”
  • If Grog had an intelligence of 20 for 24 hours, he’d probably go down to Percy’s workshop and build something.
  • Matt ran a session pre-stream that was just Pike and Vax, in which the two of them had to fight a chimera. There was also one that was just Vax, Scanlan, and Pike.
  • If Grog had been left behind and died, Ashley thinks Pike would’ve pulled a Scanlan and left the party, then would’ve gone to go live under the sea until she found him, and would’ve kept his body until she got True Resurrection, “even if it took a hundred years”, so she could bring him back.
  • Matt re: Keyleth being the only one who hasn’t died: “No, there’s a reason for that. Because she’s my fiancee and I give her special treatment.” Marisha: “Don’t say that even in jest!” Matt: “No, if that were true, I wouldn’t sleep on the couch as often.” Marisha: “They’ll believe that, too! They’ll actually think that’s true!”
  • Ten or higher on that saving throw and Grog would’ve died in the kraken. Matt rolled a nine (which is why he tweeted the picture).
  • Marisha’s biggest fear re: ways for her character to die was tripping and falling in lava, which just about happened, so almost anything else would’ve been okay in comparison. Brian: “Keyleth died doing what she loved: a series of errors.” Marisha: “Failing.”
  • Travis’s Xbox gamertag is MeatyAlbatross.
Like Silver Glass

Part Two to this Part One!

ITS FINALLY HERE! The much awaited second installment to the Merman!Bucky fic that was originally a drabble, then grew to become a series is finally updated haha! I’m truly sorry for making you all wait so long, I’ve been in a weird funk lately which is why none of my fics have been updated and why I’ve been pretty silent over messages! Forgive me? Anyway I hope you enjoy xx

{also this music vid was inspiration for this part xx}

Chapter II - Wet Sand, Dry Sand 

Something calls for you. 

The wind whispering through the open window washes over your hot skin, brushing sure fingers through your loose hair and kissing your sticky temple, pressing cool palms to your burning cheeks and caressing its invisible lips against your ears. There’s an elemental inhale and –

The world narrows then stills. 

Thick silence engulfs you, like your head slipping underwater; your eyes softly close at the esoteric sensation swirling in your chest – ink in water, magic in blood, staining your insides. Awakened by the touch of invisible tender fingers your soul floats to a place far away, below crashing waves and rocky cliffs, down down to secret depths of blue darkness. Only once you’ve reached this place, sense the yearning that throbs under the deceptive layer of quiet peace, only then does the wind sing it’s song to you.

Go to him, it lulls in your ears like waves lapping at the shore, Go to himGo to him…Come to me, the wind hushes now with a new twist in its tone, Come to me

From the clench of your heart you know that the voice the wind carries is his. Basking in the brilliant belonging of his call you open your eyes and know that your soul is no longer yours. You feel it, feel him, in the very core of your being. There’s an elemental inhale and –

You go to him.

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MacGyver, he’s coming around, call the bomb squad.
There’s no time. We’re the bomb squad.
Hell Week - 3x09


Metalbending is a specialized sub-skill of earthbending that allows an earthbender to ferrokinetically bend processed metal in a similar fashion to bending regular earth. The technique was invented by Toph Beifong after Xin Fu and Master Yu captured and transported her in a metal cage, from which she escaped through the use of the skill. Metalbenders can also bend liquid metals, such as mercury, though utilize more fluid movements to do so. It is also possible to bend liquid metal inside someone’s body.

lifeisshiny  asked:

Hello lovelies! My birthday is coming up on February 7, can I request a drabble? :) xoxo

Originally posted by musicandrave

Wishing you a very happy birthday! To celebrate, here’s a little taste of Everlark sweetness, just for you!


Rated G

Winter is hard.

Katniss and I have struggled with the winter since the end of the war. The cold, the dark, the lifelessness. The reminders of people we lost that cruel winter years ago.

Having children changed things, particularly for Katniss. She stopped spending dark days in bed, staring at ghosts, and started playing - taking the kids skating, having snowball fights. I’m not saying winter isn’t still hard. But in Willow, and then again two years ago in Rye, she seems to have found the strength to persevere, in spite of the winter blues. It’s not easy, but she and I both have been able to really live these past few winters, instead of just surviving. Our kids have definitely helped us see winter differently.

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TFW when your biceps are huge and can't fit in powered power armour, just ask Ferrus and Magnus lol.

Even for one of their kind, he was tall.  That was the first thing to be noticed.  In close succession were his great mane of crimson hair, the burnished copper tone of his skin, and perhaps most striking of all, his single eye, the left, for where its twin ought to have rested upon his features was but a smooth patch of flesh.  He was dressed grandly, in a tunic of white the plainness of which was offset by the torc of gold and lapis lazuli about his neck, the bronze facets of his belt, and the jewled sandals he wore upon his feet.  His sleeves were short, the better to permit the movement of his arms and the sculpted muscle upon them.

“Ferrus,” said Fulgrim at his shoulder, “this is our most newfound brother.  His name is Magnus Rubricatus, late of Prospero.  Magnus, permet me to introduce Ferrus Manus of Medusa, Primarch of the X Legion.”

Silence followed the introduction, but Fulgrim was not overly concerned - there was no reason that the two should clash, and he knew from experience that it was only natural that two long-lost sons of the Emperor take a moment to address themselves.

The silence stretched on, however, and soon enough Fulgrim risked a glance at his brother to gauge his reaction.  Ferrus’ pale eyes were like chips of ice, his tan face creased in a deep frown, and Fulgrim felt concern begin to well up within him.  Before he could speak, however, the black-clad man stepped forward, and reached up with one silver-skinned hand to loose the clasp of his armored breastplate, letting the machinery built into the carapace clatter to the ground in a series of booms.  Bared were the fullness of his arms, the organic steel from which he drew his name shading the deeply tanned skin up to just past his elbows, ending just at the thickness of his biceps as if they had proven too great a mountain for the living metal to conquer.

Barechested, he stood before the newest of the primarchs, his face a very picture of bloody-minded determination.  Fulgrim did not know what had sparked this confrontation, but determined to prevent animosity between his brothers he began to speak. “Ferrus-”

The Lord of the X Legion grit his teeth, and with a deep growl like that of a mountain lion arched, tightening the musculature of his back into a series of ridges and canyons not unlike the broken terrain of his homeworld.  Then he brought one arm up, curling it to emphasize the immensity of the bicep, hand locked into a great fist, whilst the other was hooked in opposite fashion, fist held just beneath Ferrus’ armpit.  His body trembled with the tension, and after a moment, Ferrus brought both arms down and forward, pressing the backs of his hands together and tightening his stomach so that his abdominals stood like a wall as rigid as any built by the primarch Dorn.  With two quick, sharp twitches, he flexed first one pectoral muscle, followed by the other, his gaze unwavering from Magnus’ own, expression one of naked challenge.

Magnus’ sole eye widened, his own teeth showing as he grimaced as if in outrage.  Then, with a roar like that of a great tiger he brought his own hands forward, palms slapping together, fingers interlaced and pointed down as he pressed and squeezed for all he was worth, hunching forward slightly.  There was a great tearing of cloth, and with a sharp retort like a gunshot the catch of Magnus’ torc broke away as the cords of his neck widened with the strain of effort.  His tunic fell away, leaving the great copper breadth of his shoulders and chest unclothed, the definition of his own musculature a match for that of the Gorgon.  Veins and sinews began to stand out against the skin of both their frames, Ferrus’ forearms rippling like liquid mercury as he gripped one wrist in the other hand and squeezed ferociously.

The wordless confrontation stretched on for one agonizing heartbeat after another, but Fulgrim’s concern did not turn to genuine distress until Ferrus pulled back his right hand, first clenched as if he were about to strike Magnus down, and the Crimson King drew back in like fashion as if to clout this upstart.  Then they swung, but instead of blows lashed against one another their hands came together with a pair of ear-popping cracks as their palms slapped against one another’s forearms.  It was then Fulgrim noticed the wetness of Ferrus Manus’ eyes, the beginnings of a smile upon Magnus’ face.

“I guess they became friends through their muscles,” commented Vulkan.

“THAT’S THE STUPIDEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD!” Fulgrim roared as the tension left him.

Nearby, Commander Janetia Krole of the Silent Sisterhood averted her gaze and touched her fingertips to her brow, the better that the Emperor not see her expression at this moment in time.

The ocean sparks in liquid mercury
         by the mermaid’s aria.

             Good vibrations

disturbed by the dreadnought’s
                     skin of iron.

  A callous propeller cuts the siren;

         silver phosphorescence.

                      Silence –

sinks in a thousand shimmering slivers.

Dramione Name Aesthetics

Draco: mint leaves, sharp cheekbones, flickering lights during a thunderstorm, breathing in frosty winter air, a grand ballroom, the color of liquid mercury

Hermione: the comforting crackle of logs in a fireplace, melting candlewax, feather soft touches, trees turning red and gold, the sound of turning pages


В тот самый момент, когда я уже перестала верить, что дождусь заказанные на официальном сайте 4 помады, Энтони принёс с почты заветную коробочку. Эта коробочка делает мне так хорошо, что хочется плясать. Я и до этого сходила с ума по помадам lime crime, но тут меня просто накрыло. И да, каждая помада по скидке стоила всего 10 баксов! 

Ловите обзор, котики!

Я заказала две жидких помады: Lipstick Velvetines в оттенке Cupid и Lipstick Velvetines Liquid Metallic в оттенке Mercury (на фото сверху).

И две матово-перламутровые помады в стике Perlees Lipstick, оттенки Mirage и Third Eye.

А вот и свотчи:

Мне их было жалко даже с руки стирать, верите?

Металлический Mercury просто волшебный: дивный оттенок, нежно и комфортно сидит на губах, наносится быстро и легко, мгновенно застывает, переливается, не сушит, сверкает аки самый дорогой алмаз. На губах:

Все фотки сделала при дневном освещении, без обработки и фильтров, чтобы точнее передать цвет. Но, поверьте, он и близко не стоит к восхитительному и блестящему оригиналу!

Переходим к матовому Cupid

Очень свежий и сочный оттенок, при этом достаточно нежный и неброский, шикарно подойдет на каждый день. Не сушит, не скатывается, очень стойкий. Если не лопать беляши, то не съедается, по крайней мере, мороженое и кола ему нипочем. Даже я криворукая смогла нанести аккуратно и ровно, что достаточно трудно с матовыми жидкими помадами. А ещё, как мне показалось, именно этот оттенок неплохо увеличивает объем губ. В носке комфортная, просто незаметная на губах, мечта.

И обратимся к помадам в стике. Они оказались неожиданно твёрдыми, но это и круто: нанесение очень легкое и точное, усаживаются на губах помады комфортно, ощущаются после нанесения мягко.

Оттенок Mirage

Оттенок Third Eye

Знаете, я сейчас почти рву на жопе волоса, почему я заказала всего четыре помады, а не, например, двадцать. Они роскошны. Прекрасно пахнут, ко всему прочему, сладко и вкусно, но ненавязчиво. Стойкие, красивые, удобные в носке, оттенки сведут с ума любого единорога. Ни одна помада не плешивит и не полосит, всем хватает одного слоя для законченного вида.

Я вообще-то обещала Аське одну подарить, но хрен. Физически не смогу расстаться. Пусть скажет, какой ей оттенок зашёл, закажу ей специально.

Помадный оргазм у меня сегодня был в четверном объёме.

Всем охуительной красы!

Lapis & Peridot’s fusion transformation theme will be magical girl.

So far each fusion has had it’s own stylized introduction. Sugilite had her intimidating and showy dark dragon. Sardonix had her flashy and over the top stage reveal. Malachite had her body horror slow transformation. Soky Quartz had their fun hug-explosion, ect…

So far there hasn’t been a flashy magical girl type fusion reveal and one reason I suspect that Peridot and Lapis would get that honor is their powers combined.

Metal + Water = Liquid metal /Mercury 

Taking in how much the crew likes their anime references I just can’t see them passing this up. Combining two magical anime nerds together to create a super powered magical dork.

Silver fox



It was half a command, and Declan dutifully glanced up from his phone.

Across the room, settled on the leather sofa, Gray’s eyes were on him, silvery and sharp as knives.

“You need something?” Declan could do nothing to keep the little shiver out of his voice, setting his phone aside on the desk and climbing to his feet.

“Come here.”

Declan did as he was told, crossing the room to kneel at Gray’s feet on the rug, shuddering when a calloused hand slid around his neck to rest against his nape.

Returning his attention to the book in his opposite hand, Gray said, not bothering to meet Declan’s eyes as he spoke, “You look exhausted.”

“I have trouble sleeping.” It was entirely true. “Especially when I’m alone.”


“Two weeks is too long for you to be gone.”

Still, Gray didn’t look up, his thumb idly stroking along Declan’s jugular as he read. Again, he simply murmured, “Hmm.”

Furrowing his brow, Declan twisted his shoulders a bit, Gray’s thumb following the motion and settling in the hollow of his throat.

That got Gray’s attention, and he looked away from his book to ask, “Feeling needy?”

Declan didn’t dignify that with a response, and Gray cast a smile down at him.

“Still so stubborn?”

“Are you surprised?”

“You are your father’s son.”

Though Declan’s eyes rolled, he climbed up into Gray’s lap just the same, snatching his book away and tossing it aside onto the sofa before he threaded his fingers into ashen hair.

Though there was amusement in Gray’s liquid-mercury eyes, he said, “If you want something, Declan, you need to ask.”

Refusing to bend, as he often did, Declan turned his head to the side, bearing the column of his neck, dark skin marked with fading bruises just beneath the collar if his button-up.

“They’re fading already?”

“Looks that way.”

Undoing the top two buttons of Declan’s shirt, Gray leaned in to mouth at soft skin, and Declan shivered against him, hands tightening in pale hair.

“I want new ones.”

A nip to Declan’s neck and Gray purred, “Is that how you ask?”

“Please?” Declan’s voice was a low, soft thing, muffled into the fabric at Gray’s shoulder, and Gray smiled, pulling him closer. “Daddy, please?”