Lapis & Peridot’s fusion transformation theme will be magical girl.

So far each fusion has had it’s own stylized introduction. Sugilite had her intimidating and showy dark dragon. Sardonix had her flashy and over the top stage reveal. Malachite had her body horror slow transformation. Soky Quartz had their fun hug-explosion, ect…

So far there hasn’t been a flashy magical girl type fusion reveal and one reason I suspect that Peridot and Lapis would get that honor is their powers combined.

Metal + Water = Liquid metal /Mercury 

Taking in how much the crew likes their anime references I just can’t see them passing this up. Combining two magical anime nerds together to create a super powered magical dork.

Day 80 - Mercury

In the sixth Period and the twelfth Group, Mercury was named planet named for the quick footed Roman God.

Mercury is also commonly known as quick silver because of how fast it moves and how similar it appears to to silver in its liquid form.

Mercury gets its chemical symbol from the Greek word for liquid silver.

You may have heard of mercury poisoning before - mercury is an extremely toxic element that can cause serious harm even through inhalation or touch.

Even though it’s poisonous, mercury is often used in products such as compact fluorescent lights.

Joannis Conradi Barchusen - Alchemical engraving showing Opposing Principles of Sun and Moon (The Symbol of Sulfur positioned above the Sun, mirroring Sulfur’s dry quality; and the symbol of Mercury positioned above the Moon, mirroring Mercury’s liquid quality), “Elementa Chemiae”, 1718.

Arab alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan theorized that all Metals were formed in the Earth by the Union of Sulphur (that is, Philosophical Sulphur, dry and hot) and Mercury (also Philosophical, cold and wet), and that therefore the art of Alchemy is the balancing of these two Natures (later, Salt made three, the Tria Prima) to produce other Metals (e.g., Gold). This was the start of a “Chemical Marriage” that would influence all of European Alchemy during its entire extent, as seen in Barchusen’s “Elementa Chemia” one thousand years later, wherein is shown the opposing principles of Sun and Moon, drawing near over receding waters, with the symbols for Sulphur and Mercury in close association - thence, if Alchemist is successful, he will finally make the fusion of oppositions, Male and Female.

bones of icarus

The Bones of Icarus
your ribs are the colours of dust and small bones among rose thorns
your veins run with mercury and liquid gold
you breathe in your doom and breathe out a smile
your nails are poison-tipped knives as you drag them through your hair
your hands dig up sordid graves
ten thousand buried bodies beyond beasts and men
alien and grotesque growths that are the earth itself in splendid, awful poignancy
your eyes are stars tears precious stones cheeks of quartz as your fae feet fall backward upon roots of elder tree
the tree watches, his old eyes have seen you for a century and will watch for centuries to come
brass wings unfurl from your spine and your freedom becomes your cave
you hide your face from the sun
for fear of what she may do
you are a child, a figment, you are delicate bones and copper skin stretched thin over imagined cartilage
your name, your name has been tasted for millennia on the tongues of scholars and madmen and naive youths
you are a martyr
a victim
a fool
you are an angel on wings of ingenuity and death, death too quick, young death, senseless pointless unheroic death
you are the father
you are the son
the Griever and the the Grieved
your nude skin is bleached to barren bone
bone; at the bottom of oceans and on the snow borne tongues of mountains far flung and fanciful
you are decaying amongst wild flowers and rose thorns
your wings have melted
your eyes eaten away
you are all but gone, son
all that remains are your bones
and your wings
wings of music
songs of lost hope
fallen heroes
dead languages
and mourning
what is your name?
it’s melts from you mind while your hopes turns to venomous rot
you reached for the sun
you reached for the inferno
and you burnt
and your bones fell from skies unholy and scarred
and your bones
your bones



Dear Dave
When I asked you if you wanted me to say anything here tonight
You said ‘Only three words, one of them testicular’
So I’ll pass that on
Here I am at surely the most eclectic of all the London branches of Bowie Anonymous
All the nicest possible freaks are here
We’re in the Victoria and Albert Museum preparing to rifle through your drawers
It’s truly an amazing thing
This was my favourite playground as a child
Medieval armour : my fantasy space wear
And, alongside, when I was 12 – and a square sort of kid in a Round Pond sort of childhood, not far from here – I carried a copy of Aladdin Sane around with me – a full 2 years before i had the wherewithal to play it
The image of that gingery boney pinky whitey person on the cover with the liquid mercury collar bone was – for one particular young moonage daydreamer – the image of planetary kin, of a close imaginary cousin and companion of choice
It’s taken me a long time to admit, even to myself, let alone you, that it was the vision and not yet the sound that
hooked me up – but if i can’t confess that here and now, then when and where?
We all have our own roots
And routes
To this room
Some of us – the enviable – found the fellowship early in the funfests of Billy’s Bowie Nights
or equivalent lodges from San Francisco to Aukland to Heidelberg and all points in between
For others, it was a more lonesome affair, paced out in a sort of private morse code like following bread crumbs through a forest
I’m not saying that if you hadn’t pitched up I would have worn a pie crust collar and pearls like some of those I went to school with
I’m not saying that if you hadn’t weighed in, Princess Julia would have been less inventive with the pink blusher
Simply that, you provided the sideways like us with such rare and out-there company
Such fellowship
You pulled us in and left your arm dangling over our necks
And kept us warm – as you have for – isn’t it ? – centuries now
You were
You are
One of us
And you have remained the reliable mortal in amongst all the immortal shapes you have thrown
Nothing more certain than changes
Always with a weather eye out
Always awake and clocking the fallout
Those Mayans must have known something when they set their calendar down before
January 2013
Because, of course, now all bets are off
I know, because you told me, how tickled you were to knock Elvis – for once! – out of the headlines on your shared birthday this year
There’s so much for all of us to be happy about since then
Yet, I think the thing I’m loving the most about the last few weeks
is how clear it now is – how undeniable – that the freak becomes the great unifier
The alien is the best company after all
For so many more than the few
They wanted a Bowie fan to speak tonight. They could have thrown a paper napkin and hit a hundred.
I’m the lucky one, standing up to speak for all my fellow freaks anxious to win the pub quiz and
claim their number one most super-fan tshirt
I want to give thanks to the Victoria and Albert Museum for indulging us so
For laying on our dream show
For showing us – look at their advance ticket sales – that , as is
written along the bottom of this months Q magazine,
‘why we all live in David’s world now’
To Gucci and Sennheiser for putting up the cash, laying on the sound and vision
To Geoffrey and Victoria for curating an entire universe so beautifully, on behalf of us all
When I think of what it used to feel like once
To be a freak who liked you
To feel like a freak like you
- a freak who even looked a little like you
And then I think of the countless people of every size and feather who are going to walk through this trace of your journey here and pick up the breadcrumbs
in the great hub of this mothership over these Spring and Summer months..
And how familiar and stamped you are into ALL of our our collective DNA
I’m just plain proud
Where are we now?
I know you aren’t here tonight, but
Somehow, no matter
We are -
And you brought us out of the wainscotting like so many
Freaky old bastards
Like so many fan boys and girls
Like so many loners and pretty things and dandies and dudes and dukes and duckies and testicular types
And pulled us together
By you
Dave Jones
Our not so absent, not so invisible, friend
Every alien’s favourite cousin
Certainly mine
We have a nice life
Yours aye

-Tilda Swinton’s inaugural speech at  “David Bowie Is” exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum

So my science teacher told me that the Mad Hatter is mad because when hat makers would paint on liquid mercury as designs for their hats they would lick the paint brush so the mercury would stick to the brush and eventually the mercury would drive them insane and I thought that was really cool. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it’s sounds reasonable