So I’ve been looking for brands that carry bright and out there lip products that aren’t Jeffree Star or Lime Crime cuz let’s be honest, they’re terrible. So here’s a little list of brands you can support instead! (All cruelty free)
• Impulse Cosmetics- really wanted white or yellow liquid matte lipstick but only saw people using Jeffeee Star brand? problem solved (HUGE selection of colors as well)
• Beauty Undead- Etsy brand (on a short vacation right now but will be back) they have all the metallics you’ll ever want
• Lonely Planet- Another Etsy brand, more metallics and a couple bright colors!
• Sugarpill cosmetics- They just came out with a line of super bright lipsticks that look pretty awesome
• Fierce Magenta- Another awesome Etsy brand, they have holographic lips, sparkle lips, and bright colors! They also have white lipstick (not in liquid matte form)
• Coloured Raine- More metallic lips!
• Lena Lashes- Bright and vibrant shades!
• Aromi Beauty- Cool metallics and some bright colors
• Colourpop- super cheap, they have metallics and a couple bright shades
• Sigma Beauty- currently out of stock with lip switches but holy holographic
• Ciao Bella xoxo- Etsy brand (name is kinda confusing?) they have vegan metallics though!
• Addictive Cosmetics- yet another Etsy brand, they have bright colors and opalescents, metallics, and glitter!
• Pretty Zombie Cosmetics- cool spooky shades and some nice bright ones!
• Lunatick Cosmetics Lab- another spooky brand, bright lipsticks and awesome palettes
• LA Splash- Metallics and out there shades
• Melt Cosmetics- more metallics, more brights

Feel free to add more! Instead of supporting shitty companies there are plenty other options out there!

Random, unrelated stuff:

- You guysss. Look at my sunburn! 😱

- I spent most of the day looking through the office photo archive for pictures of my boss for her retirement party slideshow. 😉

- The retirement card I made for my boss is currently circulating around the office for folks to sign. The social media manager told me on the way back from us getting bubble tea, “That card you made for Karen was awesome!”

- One of my coworkers today said, “Tina, I have that same dress! I never know what shoes to wear with it though.” We both look down at my feet. Tan flip flops. 😬

- The Communications Director got into the elevator with me at the end of the day and said, “I’m so happy to see you! I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your cat! He’s adorable!!!” 😸

- My Sephora order was waiting for me when I got home. I only ordered it on Friday! I took off the bright pink lipstick that I wore to work and put on one of the new shades I bought. This is Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lipstick in Who’s Zoomin’ Who (a dark blue).

Off to do some laundry…