Thanks for the tag, @whouffalditrash! I finally have a good reason to procrastinate on studying! 

Tag nine people you want to get to know better:

relationship status: single not ready to mingle :) 
favourite colour: lilac (nb. this is not the same as lavender)
lipstick or chapstick: stila liquid lipstick in dolce™
last song I listened to: Barcelona by Ed Sheeran
last movie I watched:  Kimi No Na Wa (pls don’t come @ my weeb ass)

top three tv shows:
1) Yuri On ice
2) Ghost Adventures (pls watch it; it’s so stupid)

3) Voltron Defenders of the Universe

top three characters:

1) Phichit Chulanont (my eyebrow soulmate)

2.) Viktor Nikiforov 
3) Yuri Katsuki (he’s actually tied with Vik but I put their names alphabetically to remain unbiased)

top three ships:
1) Viktuuri (how can it not be)

2.) JJ x Yurio (haha I’m problematic and am probably going to hell)

3) Kaisoo (I used to ship them now it’s dead) 

I’m tagging my mutuals, whoever wants to do this, and @pokemousse @iverindes @s1mpleseason @mkunitake @meetingmemories @melodramaticmelon