The Best Tools for Applying Foundation


When it comes to the application of foundation - fingers are one of (if not) the best tools. (Clean) Fingers are great for applying foundation as the warmth helps to blend the product into the skin easier - resulting in a seamless finish. Smooth your liquid foundation over your skin using your fingertips (as you would with your moisturiser) for a natural, dewy finish.

Foundation Brush

A flat foundation brush is fantastic for applying liquid and cream foundation onto the skin and generally tends to give great coverage. Using a “painting” motion and short, light strokes will help give you a finish that looks like your skin, but so much better. The bonus? This brush can be used for just about any cream or liquid face product.

Try: Beau-Make by Abbamart Cream Base Brush

Foundation Sponge

If used right a foundation sponge can be fantastic for applying foundation onto the skin to give an airbrushed finish. Use a small amount of liquid or cream foundation on a large foundation sponge and use a “bouncing” motion on the skin, if you need more coverage than add another layer using the same technique.

Try: Beauty Blender Sponge

Kabuki Brush

If you’re a lover of mineral or powder foundations then this one is for you. A kabuki brush is ideal for “buffing” mineral foundations into the skin and the short handle allows you to get closer to the face, allowing for more control. If you’re not a lover of powder foundation brushes don’t write this brush off just yet; spritz it with a little hydrating mist and buff your liquid or cream foundation into the skin for a dewy finish.

Try: E.L.F Studio Kabuki Face Brush

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If you have Oily Skin should you only use Powder Foundation?

I’m Judge Makeup Tips and  I’m about to bust you for believing one of the biggest beauty myth’s out; you now have the right to purchase liquid foundation.

“Liquid or cream foundation on oily skin? Huh? You’re crazy!” she said. When I hear of people believing that oily skin should only use powder foundation and ditch the liquid, I think they must of been living under a rock for the past 10 years.

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Shiseido Foundation


Ainda não tinha aqui falado em bases, mas esta é uma das que mais gosto.

Esta base da Shiseido é bastante cremosa o que torna a sua aplicação bastante fácil, dando lhe uma boa cobertura de pele. É quase como se fosse um creme hidratante mas com côr. Se pretende uma cobertura média/total aplique com um pincel próprio de base. Se pretender apenas dar uma ligeira cor na pele e uniformizar o seu tom pode aplicar mesmo com os dedos e espalhar bem. Para mim, é uma excelente base para usar no Outono/Inverno, já não a usaria no verão pois considero um pouco espessa para esta estação. Apesar disso esta base tem um indice SPF 15, bom em qualquer altura do ano. Base para o Verão falarei noutro post mais à frente…..

O pack dest a base é simples e efficient, que muitas vezes é o que é realmente preciso. Está disponível em vários tons, desde os bejes rosados a bejes amarelados e tons claros de pele.

Testem, acho que vão gostar!

Marca: Shiseido

30 ml

Rating: 9 (0-10)

Review: L'Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup

What it is:  A hydrating, medium coverage liquid foundation with a dewy finish and SPF 20

What it Costs: $9-$13

Where to get it:  Drugstores, Superstores, Specialty Stores

Similar to: Clinique Supermoisture Makeup

Quick Verdict:  THUMBS UP

Over the winter, I may have given this foundation a bad review or two… I have combination skin that is actually more oily in the colder months and drier in the summertime, so this past winter when True Match Lumi was released, I hated it!  Luminous makeup on oily skin types is not usually a good mixture.  But once my skin got a bit more dry this past month, I rediscovered this gem in the bottom of my foundation drawer and have found myself reaching for it several times since!

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My Favourite Foundations in My Makeup Kit…(This was makeup I did for The Sun Newspaper photoshoot)


Tinted Moisturiser


If you or a model needs a lot of coverage but do want something to even out the skin tone and relieve dry skin, tinted moisturisers may provide you with just what you need. Tinted moisturisers are perfect for softening and protecting the skin while adding a hint of foundation colour. I am in love with the NEW Origins VitaZing, £26 this makeup is perfect because you don’t have to put on moisturiser and then foundation on the skin: this is a multi-tasking moisturiser which hydrates and protects to maintain skin all day long. It’s a one-step process. I generally use this on models with absolutely amazing skin! Your catwalk models ;)


Airbrush Liquid Foundation (without the airbrush machine)


Most people opt for liquid foundation because it applies so smoothly and is easily found. You can enhance the smoothness by putting it on with a slightly damp fibre foundation brush (I love using MAC’s 188 small duo fibre brush, £26). Liquid makeup is good around the eyes, where you may want a bit more coverage; you can put it on with a small lip brush for the best control. I have mentioned it before but this is my favourite foundation of all time- Airbase foundation , £32.95 which can be applied with an airbrush or free hand. It makes all my models skin amazing! I also use this foundation to apply to men’s skin for photography work. You still pretty much need good skin for this foundation so here is my best foundation for models with pigmented, problem area skin…


Cream Foundations:

These are mostly available as sticks and compacts, cream foundations are the first choice of most makeup artists as they cover skin quite well and give a flawless smooth look. They are easy to apply too. I LOVE Kryolan Cream ultra-foundations , £12.95 each. I buy the stackers for each shade as obviously this is great for working on models with different skin tones. All I am going to say to you is- Your skin looks flawless! But is not ideal for everyday use as can be heavy on the skin.


Start experimenting with different types of foundations…





Hello again! So for now, this is a review for Maybelline New York’s pure liquid mineral foundation. This is going to be one quick review.:)

The first foundation i ever tried is Maybelline’s mineral foundation (the one on small tube), then it was phased out (including the mineral blush on), then they returned it again with different packaging and Chinese letters are all over it ( the previous one don’t have a lot of chinese characters as i remember). So yeah, it’s Made in China.

I can see the word Paraben here. As much as I can, I’m trying to avoid products with parabens since they said that it has a bad effect but it is really usually in cosmetics .  I believe almost all cosmetics have this, even the BB creams.

~~~If you are a cosmetic junkie, i know most probably you don’t like paraben too.. I told this to my sister and she said, may be too much is bad, but if we’ll just use a little of it and occasionally (like just during week ends or when we just really need to), maybe that would be just okay, and I agreed to it since we only wear make up when we are going out on week ends–not all the time (no make up during school days, or may be just a little bb OR powder only) Like the old saying “Too much is bad”. So let’s move ON! :))

This is the pump. The pump is just fine. Not bad. :p

~~a little amount on my hand



~~i even tried it on an eyeliner..

~~here. I’m not soo sure if it was covered, or erased.LOL.haha.

Price: P499. Check it out on nearest Maybelline in your place.:)


- Its a Mineral foundation. with micro-minerals (Mineral makeup is much better for your skin than traditional cosmetics, because it is not petroleum-based and does not contain filler ingredients that block your pores, or irritate your skin.)

- with SPF 18~~

-the pump^^ its hygienic.

- packaging~~though its kinda heavy to bring (compared to its tube version before)

- they indicated all the ingredients in english. and the product info. :)

- suitable for sensitive skin

-lasted all day.:)


- has parabens

- oil control. though its not bad, didn’t made me more oily. Just had to blot and put powder as usual.

~~~Don’t forget to remove your make up before you go to bed! Sleep with a clean skin! :)

Have a great day!

<3 Monica :)

heyy Laddiesssss (and gents too.. if you are into this kind of thing... )

I am running out of my samples from Lancome and Orgins and I hate them both. I feel like they just make my skin look leathery and old. I want it to look soft and fresh but still have coverage because lately my skin has decided to hate me. 

All help is appreciated :)

What is your favorite foundation and why?