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lets talk about the case file the clave has on magnus, as seen in 2x05

  • the clave has on record that he was born in batavia, dutch east indies, but they do not have a date of birth. this tells us that even the goddamn clave doesn’t know when magnus was really born
  • his specialties include healing magic, potions (both liquid and powder form) and “known downworld liaison to vampires, werewolves”. isn’t it interesting that the 3 things the clave has listed for him are painting him as a diplomat & a healer
  • among the mundane professions that are known to the clave he’s been a coiffeur/hairdresser (1847-1865), the owner of pandemonium (currently) as well as involved in “real estate” (1971-1986). what do the quotation marks mean? does the clave simply not know what it means? does it imply some sketchy business on magnus’ part? maybe he was buying and selling real estate to harbor fugitives? (see below)
  • in total he has been charged with 5 clave violations; one in 1980, two in 2003, and two in 2016. in 1980 he has a clave violation for “unresolved mundane appearance” which sounds very interesting. the next two violations, in 2003, were for harboring downworld fugitives. this brings up a lot of interesting questions. i find it hard to believe this was the first time he’s been involved in sheltering fugitives, especially since we know he takes pride in the work he does helping fellow downworlders. instead i think this was just the first time he got caught, which is both impressive and very characteristic of him. what if he’s been in the business of housing & sheltering fugitive downworlders ever since his “real estate” period in the late 1900s? we know he was sheltering warlocks in his apartment when valentine was looking for them. if the current shadowhunter society is anything to go by, downworlders must have faced prosecution and oppression since forever, so it would make sense that magnus early on became involved in sheltering his downworlder peers in times of need. the last violations, in 2016, were for “wrongful imprisonment” and “aiding & abetting” which is probably what he got punished for in 2x04.

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Summary: A little red tube of lipstick and Dean Winchester. Two things you didn’t know could effect your evening until now. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 867

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i can barely recognize myself
without the bags under my eyes
a bottle to kill the hunger pains
and wanting to die, but still i go back
back to that place
the pills, the powder, liquid
never wanting to sleep

to be sober was a suicide
a risk not willing to take
and misery, my only company
it seemed the only friend i could keep


Skin Care-
Cleansers and moisturizers, were created with animal fat and rosewater. This was used to keep the skin soft and clear. Home recipes were popular, often involving cucumbers, strawberries or milk.
Additionally, women were encouraged to avoid sunburn or tan, but to take exercise outdoors to achieve a healthy and rosy-cheeked appearance.

During the 18th century, wealthy women commonly wore white faced makeup. This was created from lead and fats.
By the 19th century, this fell out of fashion. Tinted foundations were available, but were not popular, particularly among women of good reputation. Powder was commonly made from rice flour.

Blush or Rouge-
Rosy cheeks were valued as a sign of good health. Women frequently used blush or rouge to add color to their cheeks. This was the most popular cosmetic of the 19th century.
Blushes were available in liquids, powders, creams and even in soaked sheets of crepe fabric.

Eyes and Lips-
Eye makeup and lipstick were some of the less common cosmetics during the 19th century. Lamp black, or soot, were sometimes mixed with oil and water to form a black product that could be used as eyeliner, shadow or mascara. however, the effect was unnatural and not commonly used.


Hey guys! I’m really excited to announce the grand opening of my Etsy shop, where I’m selling SU gems for cosplay! 


All gems are made by hand with custom molds. They are transparent dyed resin with a mirrored back, with the exception of Pearl which is liquid plastic and mica powder. Pearl and Peridot both have curved backs so that they will properly fit your forehead or visor.

Lapis, Y/B Pearl, Y/B Diamond, and fusions aren’t ready yet but I aim to have most of them them available sometime this February. I won’t be making Jasper due to sizing complications. Also in the future there will be mini gem keychains and jewelry, as well as other plastic and resin cosplay accessories. You can follow this blog for future updates. 

There will be also be GIVEAWAYS so watch out for that! (Note: If you win the giveaway after buying a gem you can be refunded for the most expensive gem you purchased)

If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask!

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Hi! I want to set my liquid foundation with a powder but I’m confused as to which one I should use. I’ve seen setting powders, face powders, mineral powders and translucent powders… What’s the difference between them all? Thanks!

Creams, liquids, gels, stains, minerals, powders, pencils, lacquers, glosses, with so many different formulations of products on the market it can be confusing as to which one you should be using…

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Full face from yesterday. Took a solid hour. If I have to shower and blow dry my hair I need an hour and a half to get ready. In this case, to me full face is:

Eye primer
3 eyeshadows blended (blending takes some time)
Glitter primer
Glitter application
Touch up eyeshadow to blend out glitter line
Liquid eyeliner
Translucent powder
Setting spray

I don’t do “full face” everyday, some days I just throw on some translucent powder to take away shine, liquid eyeliner, and lipstick. That maybe takes me like 15-20 minutes. I skimp on my routine partly because of the time it takes, partly because I like to let my face breath. If I had heavy makeup on everyday, I would break out for sure. I don’t possibly see how someone can do full face in less than 45 minutes, but if they can good for them. I know once Kennedy is born, it will probably even less often, but if Bill can’t watch her for an hour once in a while because I want to feel good and be my best self, then I shouldn’t have had a baby with him because he’s worthless.

General Steps for Applying Makeup

Hey, guys!

I know that when I first discovered the beauty world I honestly didn’t know what the purpose of most makeup products were, let alone what order to apply these mysterious liquids and powders. It can be a tad bit overwhelming.. Luckily I had the time and patience to watch countless YouTube videos (seriously, I still spend hours watching makeup tutorials lol who am I kidding!) I watched & continue to watch all the renowned beauty gurus, including Jaclyn Hill, Lauren Curtis, Kandee Johnson, Kathleenlights, and so on. I can now say that I have a pretty good grasp on makeup and which order to apply it. Anyways, I decided to put together a general list of steps that can be used as a guide for beginners. Keep in mind, these steps are for a FULL FACE of makeup. Basically, if you were going to go all out, these would be the steps you would need. Of course, you don’t have to follow these steps verbatim; do as you please and definitely do what works for you!

1.       Wash your face and moisturize beforehand. Give your skin enough time to absorb the moisturizer. 10-15 minutes is fine. < p>

2.       Prime eyes with a concealer or an eyeshadow primer. Blend it in with your ring finger or a makeup brush.

3.       Apply sticky tape to your eyes if your makeup look calls for it.

4.       Apply your base color to set your primer/concealer and help with blending.

5.       Continue to apply your eye makeup to your top lid only.

6.       Apply liner to top lash line.

7.       Clean up any fallout/eye shadow that may be on your cheeks and under-eye area.

8.       Apply face primer with clean hands. (I find that primers are not always necessary for my skin, but it’s all about personal preference!)

9.       Apply foundation with a sponge or dense makeup brush. Always start with thin layer of foundation and slowly build it up if you need more coverage. If you start out with too much product, you have a good chance of winding up with cake-face. Don’t forget to blend to your neck!!

10.   Apply concealer to your under-eye area, bridge of the nose, center of forehead, cupid’s bow, and chin. For a natural look, your concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation.

11.   Set your foundation and concealer with powder. I suggest using a translucent powder so you don’t accidentally alter the color of your foundation or concealer.

12.   Fill in brows.

13.   Contour where you want your face to have more definition (cheeks, nose, etc.)

14.   Bronze where your face would naturally tan (the sides of the forehead, cheeks, tip of chin.)

15.   Highlight where the light naturally hits your face (tops of the cheekbones).

16.   Finish applying eyeshadow to bottom lash line.

17.   Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes (my favorite part!)

18.   Apply fake lashes (DON’T apply mascara to fake lashes)

19.   Apply lip liner

20.   Apply lipstick

21.   Apply lip gloss

22.   Set your makeup with setting spray.

Please inbox me with questions or tips and don’t forget to visit my page & follow me!!

All the love, VB.

Reference for Malik Ishtar RPers - Applying Kohl and its Importance

“So you want to learn how to look as gorgeous as I do?”

So I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for a while since I’ve seen a lot of Malik RPers either improperly addressing the kohl or just ignoring it altogether.

Firstly, what Malik is wearing is kohl. It is NOT the same as western cosmetic eyeliner though it is used as eyeliner in the Middle East and in some parts of Africa. Historically, kohl’s been used to protect from the sunlight in desert habitats. It was also used to prevent insects from getting into the eyes and to ward off evil. Kohl is also thought to prevent certain eye diseases. In modern times, kohl is now mostly just used for makeup. 

Kohl comes in powder, paste, and liquid forms. There are also different methods of applying it whether it’s a modern method (applying it like western eyeliner) or a traditional method. However, for the purposes of this post, I’m going for the traditional route. We can assume that since the Ishtar family is very traditional, kohl application would be of no exception to that. With that in mind, the family would use powder kohl and not liquid. They would also most likely have made their own kohl mixture which is traditionally darker than commercial store-bought kohl. After Malik got to the surface, I’d imagine that he gets his kohl custom made and gets it delivered to him. The powder might come from other clan members who made the kohl in the tombs or from a company that makes top quality kohl. I don’t think he would make kohl himself. 

I believe Malik wouldn’t use manufactured kohl as it’s made with chemicals and other alternative ingredients. Some manufactured kohl can actually be harmful to the eyes. The kohl he uses would be pure kohl.

Kohl in the Ishtar Clan:

l should note that Isis’s way of applying kohl is different from Malik and Rishid’s way.

As seen in this picture, her style is more how it’s commonly applied by women. The lines are smoother. In contrast, Malik’s lines are sharper. And of course, there are the three swoops around and under the eyes (and yes, three. not two).

Now, why do Malik and Rishid wear their kohl in such a way?

I’d like to point out this amazing detail that Kazuki Takahashi put in the manga. I missed this detail the first time I read through the chapter. When Malik is a child, he does not wear the kohl. That said, his father wears the kohl with the three swoops. Even while Malik is undergoing the ritual, he is not wearing kohl. However, when he staggers out of the chambers in his bandages, he is wearing kohl for the first time. From this, we can infer that the kohl is anointed upon completing the ritual and is only supposed to be worn in this style by the head of the Ishtar clan and subsequent heir.

So how did Rishid end up with the kohl around his eyes? While he was seen as the servant of the family, he didn’t wear kohl. If you notice, during Battle City, Rishid wears the kohl in the same way as Malik and Malik’s father. I believe the kohl symbolizes the strength of their bond. Malik viewed Rishid as his shadow and his right-hand man. Malik gave Rishid permission to wear the kohl in such a way to mark him as part of the Ishtar clan. The kohl is Malik’s way of letting Rishid into his family as his brother.

With that context established, we know that kohl markings are extremely important to the Ishtar family. It is part of their customs and holds cultural and religious significance to them. Malik would apply his kohl everyday just as a pharaoh would put on his headdress to mark his status as leader.

Practical Information about Kohl:

As I said earlier, I’m going to focus on the traditional methods rather than on the more modern kohl application process. Also, the kohl I’m discussing is specifically the powered kind and not the paste or liquid kohl.

As pictured above, this is kohl in its powdered form. It’s not purely black. There is shine in it from the ground up minerals. Non-traditional kohl can also come in different colors such as green and blue.

Traditional kohl is stored inside of this wooden container. It’s called a kohlia. The application stick that comes with the kohlia is called a kohl stick

Kohl is water-proof, but it can smudge. So to people who write Malik’s kohl “running” from tears, it’s not very accurate. At most, his kohl would smudge from crying, but it wouldn’t run down his face like mascara. While it is water-proof, it is not spit-proof so saliva could ruin it.

How to apply kohl in the traditional way:

First, you would need to soak the smaller round end of the kohl stick in rosewater or olive oil overnight. This way, the oil can soak into the wood. The oil can also be used to clean the kohl powder off of the stick once you finish applying it.

When the oil soaks into the wood, the powder will stick to the kohl stick when it’s placed inside of the kohlia. 

The method I’m going to describe takes a lot of practice. It is also very easy to smudge the kohl if done incorrectly. Also, while western culture may often only apply eyeliner to the outside of the eye, kohl is traditionally applied to the waterline. 

  1. Dip the kohl stick into the powder and flick off the excess powder.
  2. If right-handed, hold it the stick in your right hand. Close the eye. With the other hand, slightly pull up on the eyelid with the index finger and thumb.
  3. Here is the trickiest step. Hold the stick parallel to the eye. Place the end of the stick to the inner corner of the eye and carefully drag the stick between the eyelids from one end of the eye to the outer corner in one movement. You have to practically touch the eye with the stick to make sure the kohl gets on the waterline. This method also ensures that both the upper and lower eyelids have the kohl applied to them.
  4. Add extra kohl to the outer and inner corners if you wish. Though, in Malik’s case, definitely extend lines out from the inner (lower eyelid) and outer corners of the eye.
  5. (For Malik) Re-dip the kohl stick to get more powder. Draw a line out from the lower outer corner of the eye (what I’d count as the first swoop). From the end of that line, make the second swoop by moving a line down with a curve arching towards the eye (length of this line would be about half the thumb). From the end point of the second line, extend a third line that goes back towards the nose. The third swoop is also slightly curved downwards and length of it stops at around the center of the eye.
  6. Re-dip the kohl stick and hold it in the left hand. Repeat the steps 2-5 on the other eye.

How to remove kohl:

As I mentioned earlier, kohl is water-proof. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken in order to remove it from the eyes. Often times, even after removal, kohl can linger on the lower eyelashes and make the eyes appear darker (resembling dark circles under the eyes).

You can use cleansing milk or olive/castor oil to remove kohl effectively. Apply the cleansing milk to the face and massage under the eyes. Use cotton balls to remove the kohl and other dirt.

With oil, just put a few drops of the oil under the eyes and massage into the skin to remove the kohl. Use a cotton ball to wipe off the kohl and follow up with a proper face wash.

Face scrub and Vaseline can also help to clean off kohl. 

For someone like Malik, who cares a lot about his appearance, he would most likely use cleansing milk or oil for proper kohl removal before bed. 

So I hope that people who RP Malik Ishtar or write him in fanfiction have learned some new things today. Kohl is not the same as western eyeliner and holds a lot of cultural significance in Northern Africa and in the Middle East. It deserves to be recognized more often when writing Malik’s character. They are an extremely important facet of his life and his heritage as a tombkeeper.

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What type of highlighter should I use if I don't wear foundation or any type of base?

Strong, intense highlighted skin is very much on trend at the moment and everyone seems to be searching for the perfect highlighter. Whilst you may tempted to reach for a shimmering powder if you’re someone who prefers something a little more natural looking or rock foundation-free skin you may find super shimmery, champagne coloured highlighters too intense for you. Powder highlighters are absolutely gorgeous when used on top of foundation, but on bare skin it can cling to every little imperfection, apply unevenly and look downright unflattering. So rather than rushing to buy champagne pop at the first chance you get, try these instead:

Illuminating Primer/Moisturiser

Specific highlighting products are great for giving you a real kick of luminosity, but on bare skin they just look way too harsh, instead of using a specific cream/liquid/powder highlighter, try using an illuminating primer of moisturiser to highlight. These products are designed to be used on bare skin and blend a lot nicer into the skin than regular highlighting products. I love: L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer, MAC Strobe Cream.

Lip Balm or Gloss

Shimmer can sometimes look unnatural and unflattering on bare skin so instead of opting for an intense, frosty highlight it’s best to opt for something that gives a naturally translucent finish. One of my favourite tips and something I use on a regular basis is to apply a small amount of lip balm to the highest points of the face (the tops of the cheekbones, specifically) this creates almost a “reflective” finish to the skin where light can bounce off. For a super intense highlight you can also use clear lipgloss (be warned, it can be a little sticky!) I love: Lanolips 101 Ointment, and MAC Clear Lipglass

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I hope I was able to help you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

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My entire family got the actual, serious flu (influenza) this year. Ironically, I was the only one who didn’t get a flu shot and I didn’t get sick.

At least… Not yet, anyway. As a backup, I’ve come up with my own delicious flu tea. Good for keeping it away and kicking it down if you’ve already started showing mild symptoms.

¼ tsp cardamom, for clearing congestion.
¼ tsp cloves, as a slight pain killer and expectorant
¼ tsp ginger, for upset tummy and clearing congestion
½ tsp cinnamon, for its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti inflammatory properties
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice, for vitamin c
2 tbsp honey, for its throat-coating and antibacterial properties

Pour 12oz of boiling water over ground spices and liquids, stir, and then drink when cool enough. You can drink the spices if you want, but I prefer to let them settle and just drink the powder-free liquid off the top.

The taste is very akin to spiced apple cider and it gives the tongue and throat a slight numbness.

Think positive, cold and flu-fighting thoughts while you prepare and drink this delicious tea, but also know there’s a limit to healing herbs and know when it’s time to see a real doctor if your symptoms progress. You don’t want to be giving your flu to anyone else!


Is it more like chemistry? Does it use herbs, chemicals, liquids, powders, and assorted items to create reactions?
>What kind of reactions can be made?
>>Can liquids be solidified?
>>Can a sustained fire be created?
>>Can explosives be made?
>>What else can it do?
>How many alchemists use this method?
>Are there books on the matter, or would a prospective student need to find a teacher?

Is it more like magic? Does it magically transmute things into other things?
>Are circles used for this?
>>Does what is used to make the circle matter?
>What are the limits?
>>Can solid items be changed into gasses or liquids? (Or gasses into solids or liquids, or liquids into gases or solids)?
>>Can non-living things be turned into living things?
>>>Sentient living things, like animals, or non-sentient things, like plants?
>>>If something was originally living, then changed to non-living, could it be changed back to living again?
>>Can living things be turned into other living things?
>>Can living things be turned to non-living things?
>>Can non-living things be turned into other non-living things?
>>>Can inedible items be turned into edible items?
>>Can things only be changed into things of similar size and mass?
>>Can things only be changed into things of similar value?
>>>Is this an ethical thing, or can it literally not be done?
>Does this require a personal price to be paid?
>Who can learn this type of alchemy?
>>Do you have to be born with an aptitude for magic?
>Is it possible to learn this from a book, or does it require a teacher?

How easily can one get a hang of it?
>How difficult is it to master?

Are there any legal issues regarding alchemy or alchemial substances?

How do people learn about its existence?

How are alchemists viewed by the general public?

[A special thanks to @wayside88 for the assist]