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how to get into skincare

I’ve already done a post about how to get into makeup, and one about how to get into SFX, so I figured I might as well make one for skincare. I have extremely sensitive, extremely acne-prone skin, so when it comes to skincare products, I’ve literally tried everything. It’s gotten to the point where I’m the “resident expert” that all of my family and friends come to when they need help figuring out which products to use.

I think a lot of people don’t take proper care of their skin because they have the misconception that it’s time-consuming and/or expensive. Honestly, I spend less than two minutes on skincare on most days, and I only use affordable products that are available at drug stores. No matter who you are, you can afford to take good care of your skin.

product names you’re likely to see, and what they mean:

  • cleanser is just soap that’s gentle enough for the delicate skin on your face. It comes in liquid, cream, and even powder formulas, but all you need to know is that if the label says “cleanser,” then it’s just face wash. If you’re only going to use one skincare product, this is the one you should invest in.
  • Note: You should NEVER use bar soap on your face! The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body, and most bar soaps will damage it. There are some cleansers that come in bar form, but as a general rule you should never use a product on your face that wasn’t made specifically to be used on faces. 
  • moisturizer is probably the second most commonly-used product, after cleanser. This is exactly what it sounds like – it’s basically lotion that is specially made to be used on your face. No matter what your skin type is, you should be moisturizing daily. (Proper moisturization actually helps cut down on oily skin in most cases.) 
  • toner (sometimes also called astringent) is a product that is usually applied after cleanser, but before moisturizer. It’s called “toner” because it tones your skin, as well as cleansing any dirt or grime that your cleanser missed. Not everyone needs to use toner, but if you have oily or acne-prone skin, I’d recommend it.
  • a face mask is any product that is made to be used occasionally to give your skin a little extra love. A lot of them are made to address certain issues, like acne, dryness, or dullness. Usually, you apply it and let it sit on your face for a few minutes before you wash it off. I personally try to use a mask on my face once or twice a week whenever I have the time, but they’re more of a treat than a necessity. (And you probably shouldn’t use them every day.) 
  • exfoliators or exfoliating scrubs are products designed to buff away dead skin cells. Usually, they have some kind of gritty texture to them (like sugar grains) that scrubs off the dead skin. Like face masks, they’re more of a treat than a necessity, but unlike with face masks, too much exfoliating can actually hurt your skin. You should never exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week, and never, ever exfoliate two days in a row.
  • pore strips are kind of like waxing strips for your face, but instead of removing hair, they remove blackheads and other junk clogging your pores. I would not recommend pore strips to someone who is new to skincare, and like with exfoliators, using them too often can really damage your skin. If you’re going to use them, you should never use them more than once every three days. 

There are other product names that you might see floating around online (like “essence” or “facial oil”), but these are the basic products that you need to know about. Honestly, if you have a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (plus maybe a face mask or two for occasional pampering), then you don’t really need any other products, because those three will get the job done. 

how to build your own skincare routine:

  1. The first step is to understand your skin type. The three most common types are: dry, oily, and combination (in between dry and oily). Shop for products that are designed and labelled for your skin type. (If you have a lot of acne, look for products labelled “acne care” or something along those lines. If you have a lot of skin allergies, or if your skin doesn’t react well to harsh chemicals, look for products made for sensitive skin.)
  2. Go to the nearest Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, ect. with $20, and find the skincare aisle. Keeping your skin type in mind, look for a good cleanser and a good moisturizer. (If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might want to pick up a toner as well.) If you can, look for generic brands (I know Walmart carries one called Equate) that make products with the same ingredients as name-brand products, but significantly cheaper. (If you’re looking for cruelty-free products, check out the brands Burt’s Bees and Yes To.)
  3. If you want to make things easier, you can buy all of the products you need in a pack. (Like this, or this.) These usually contain a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. 
  4. Every morning when you first wake up, wash your face with the cleanser and pat it dry with a clean towel. Then apply the toner, if you bought one – you do not wash this off. Then (after waiting a few seconds for the toner to take effect), apply your moisturizer. That’s literally all there is to it. If you’re a morning shower person, you can save time by washing your face in the shower, then applying toner and moisturizer after you get out.
  5. Every night before you go to bed, do the same thing. (Of course, if you wear makeup, you’ll have to remove it, either with makeup remover or with warm water, before you wash your face.) 
  6. Right before bed is a good time to use face masks/exfoliators/pore strips, if you want. I always wash my face first, then skip over my toner and go straight into applying the mask/exfoliator/strip, and let it sit for as long as the directions on the packaging indicate. After I wash it off, I use my moisturizer like always.
  7. Congratulations! You now have a skincare routine!

This post goes into detail of all the products and tricks I use in my own personal routine, if you’re curious. 

I hope this post was helpful! If you have any questions about specific products, or about treating specific skin conditions, feel free to message me and I’ll try to help in any way I can. 

masterlist (there’s more beauty/skincare tips on there, if you’re interested)


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Makeup Basics

Beauty Myths

Cooking Time!

Wherever you go on earth you will find “local cuisine.” Local cuisine is often made up of local food, things that are grown or produced only in specific areas, and at the most minute level there is home cooking, recipes and specific alterations to common recipes that only exist in your family. This is the core idea of my next story. (My first story is about fetishes that i brought over from my other blog)

    One day the Human crew decided to make special dishes for the rest of the crew. This idea scared most of the ship. What was acceptable Death Planet meals? Many assumed it would be bloody and gruesome, which for some of this dishes was the start, or poisonous, which the humans made sure to check food restrictions for their crew mates. Some of the humans brought on livestock, killed and cooked it in front of the crew. They claimed that the “fresher the meat is, the better it tastes.” Others brought pre-cut meats with leafy things. Some brought on weird squares that jiggled but retained their shape when it didn’t seem like it should to be able to. Lots of liquids, powder things, fruits, and leafs were brought and shared by most. Lastly, One human named Ernest, brought on a few cans. He did not labor over the flames, smoking oils, hot ovens, or boiling waters. Ernest just watched others work while he sat there with his cans.

The first was a human to make her dish was named Sophia from a country known as I-tall-ee. She made Pee-za. All the other humans seemed very excited by this, most agreed Pee-za was their favorite food. Though the crew learned rather quickly that it was very hard to decide on the makings of a Pee-za or where on the Death Planet it came from. Some argued the Pee-za from Nu Yurk was better, other said Boss-tan and Sophia said the Amerikans didn’t know what real Pee-za was. The only thing most of the humans could agree on was that it was a crime to put pineapple on Pee-za. A few of the bravest crew tried the Pee-za and enjoyed the finished item. Others of the crew were afraid to try it due to the humans arguing and joking about fighting if they liked one pee-za more than another.

After Sophia was Otgonbayar or Bay as most called them. He was from Mongo-lia. They brought mutt-on, which was butchared while the Pee-zas were made. Bay cooked chunks of meat with many liquids and spicys on a flat cooking plate. The crew was worried about the plate being so hot but were reassured that a cooking plate and an eating plate were different and they would not be getting food off the searing cooking plate. The humans all complemented Bay on the smells of the food which did seem rather good. Most of the crew was happy to sample the mutt-on.

The next Human was Suki from Ja-Pan. She prepared several meals. First was a hot liquid called Me-so soop. Many were confused that the Toe-fool in the soop did not contain the Toes of a fool, but found the soop to be tasty despite the confusing name. What bewildered most of the crew is when she made Fry Rise. It was a combination of so many things; small narrow rise grains, egs, ste-ak, vegtables, and lots of seasonings. Many of the crew enjoyed it but could not understand why anyone would traditionally eat such small food with 2 sticks.

Now came one named Robert from Arc-en-saw. He made a meal that made others wince in pain at it. It was a Cheez Borg Er wrap in Bake On. The crew who enjoyed meat loved it dearly. The other Humans warned against eating too many due to Heart attacks. That did not worry the Foorgorian crew members as they had 3 hearts.

Next came Mary from Me-he-co. She made a meal called Talko’s. Some of the crew theorized these Talko’s is what made Mary talk so much. It was served in a few ways she explained depending where in Me-he-co you live. Some cook the Shell, some leave it soft. Some roll the meats and sauces in the soft shell while others piled it on the hard shell. She had one sauce called Picko-D-Guy-o. She warned some people it was full of spices that make some men on earth cry. This scared away most of the other crew but the Bilnafs ate the sauce and literally breathed fire. They were checked into medical bay shortly after and was later cleared as ok and healthy to eat. The gooakomolaye was much better for most of the crew to eat.

Next to last came a man from Aus-tray-lee-ah named by the other humans as Auzzy. He made a Sand-Mitch, with a jelly called Vegi-might. Many of the crew were hopeful at the nutritional value of the meal as it sounded like a vitamin and that is where humans gained their strength. That was until the other humans did not wish to eat it. A few of the crew would taste it and many did not like the taste. This did not offend Auzzy, “More for Me,” he said.

Last came Earnest from a place called North-way. He held one of the cans up and a few of the other humans began to cover there face or leave the room even though the can was still closed. He explained this was a can of Pick-old Hearings, a small aquatic creature that has been preserved for months during the frozen time of year. The Crew looked on with half horror, half curiosity, as he opened the can. Some of the other humans began to gag at the simple smell of this food. It was later explained by the other humans that the Hearings are caught and put in the can with minerals that allow the creature to undergo a type of fermentation that basically is on the edge of decay and rot. It is checked by the local government agency to make sure that it is safe for human consumption, assuming that you wanted to consume it. Most of the crew was confused by this dish the most out of all the foods. Why did the other humans run out of all the foods that were presented this was the crews favorite.

For once it was the humans who were confused and a little scared as the rest of the crew hungrily attacked the remaining cans of Pick-old Hearings

i’ve been getting some questions about skincare and how i’ve dealt with acne/oil control and im not a dermatologist but i’ve invested way too much money into skin care products

i try to keep most of my products organic or vegan so they should also work for more sensitive skin!

if you have any q’s about anything skincare/health related i will gladly answer :v

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The Ultimate Beauty List™

Face: -Moisturizer
-Face Mask
-Night Cream
-Resurfacing Peel
-Acne spot treatment
-Dark spot corrector
-Eye Cream
-Lip scrub
-Lip moisturizer
-Teeth whitening strips
-Face scrub
-Face steam mix
-Eye serum
-Neck serum

-Face Mask
-Night Cream
-Resurfacing Peel
-Acne spot treatment
-Dark spot corrector
-Eye Cream
-Lip scrub
-Lip moisturizer
-Teeth whitening strips
-Face scrub
-Make-up remover wipes
-Face cleanser
-Pore strips
-Blackhead remover

Face: Face primer
-Color corrector
-Translucent powder (NO flashback!)
-Contour Kit
-Beauty blender
-Powder brush
-Full-face brush
-Setting spray
-Powder 2 shades lighter than skin tone
-Powder 2 shades darker than skin tone
-Highlighting kit
-Liquid illuminator
-Oil-blotting sheets
-Pore Minimizer
-BB Cream
-Kabuki brush

Eyes: Eyelid primer
-Underye primer
-Eyeshadow (matte, metalic, cream)
-Eyeliner (liquid, pencil, and gel)
-Eyelash glue
-False eyelashes
-Eye-pencil sharpener
-Clear mascara
-Loose glitter
-Glitter primer
-C brush, blending brush, smudge brush

-Eyebrow pomade
-Eyebrow color
-Eyebrow shapers
-Eyebrow setting gel
-Angled brush

Lips: Lip primer
-Lipstick (nude, pink, and red)
-Lipgloss (clear, sheer pink, red)
-Lip pencils (nude, red, pink)
-Liquid lipstick
-Lip brush

-Nice quality wig (protect your identity!)
- Moisturizing conditioner
-Protein conditioner
-Protein Recontructor (use every six weeks)
-Stripping shampoo
-Liquid moisturizer
-Cream moisturizer
-Sealant (oil, shea butter, ect)
-Hair scissors
-Blow dryer
-Flat Iron
-Wig stand
-Bobby pins
-Hair ties
-Curling iron
-Perm rods
-Leave-in conditioner
-Denman brush
-Comb set (check to make sure they have no seams)

Skin & Body
-Body scrub
-Shaving cream
-Body oil
-Body foundation (for scars, uneven skin-tone, discoloration)
-Neck cream
-Deodorant (aluminum free)
-Shea butter
-Body cream/butter
-Skin brush (for skin brushing)

Hands & Nails:
-Acrylic tips
-Acrylic liquid
-Acrylic powder
-Nail primer
-Acetone polish remover
-Non-acetone polish remover
-Oval nail brush
-Nail polish
-Nail glitter
-Nail designs
-Nail tape
-Orange-wood stick
-Nail slippers
-Acrylic nail clippers
-Nail stencils
-3D nail art
-Base coat
-Top coat
-Lint-free wipes
-Dotting tool
-Hand cream
-Hand lotion
-Hand scrub
-Cuticle oil
-Nail oil
-Nail file
-Fine grit nail buffer
-Soft nail buffer
-Electric nail buffer
-Cotton balls
-Face masks
-Practice hand
-Gel polish
-UV curing lamp
-Nail resin
-Resin activator
-Rhinestone picker

-Foot scrub
-Foot lotion
-Foot cream
-Callous remover
-Hydrating socks



Eyes- False eyelashes were HUGE in the 60′s. They became almost an accessory, with some girls even wearing bottom lashes. Mascara could be bought in a tube like we’re used to today, but block mascara could also be purchased. Eyeshadow was a must. Popular formulas were powder, crayon, and cream. Popular colors were purple, green, blue, white and yellow. The mod eye look was the black line in the crease with a pale color on the lid. The dark crease wasn’t blended or smudged, it was a sharp definite arch from inner to outer eye. Eyeliner was also big, continuing from the 50′s. It came in pencil, cake, and liquid. Block mascara was a good alternative if you didn’t have any actual eyeliner on you. Eyeliner was also used to draw on bottom eyelashes (e.g. Twiggy). White liner was used on the water liner to create a wide-eyed look.

Eyebrows- Eyebrows were groomed and shaped with an eyebrow pencil. They could go either way, being pencil thin or fuller ( e.g. Elizabeth Taylor)

Face- Popular blush colors were pinks, corals, and peach and geared toward looking natural. They too came in a variety of formulas including cream, powder, and liquids. They were free from shimmer and glitter (I went against the rules on this and put on some highlighter srry). The skin was kept very matte. Foundation and powder were used, but not all over the face. 

Lips- Popular shades were pale pinks, light reds, corals, and peach. They came in the standard tube and rounded at the tip, shaped like a bullet. Lip liners we’re usually not used, keeping the lips natural and muted. I decided to use one because of numerous pictures I had seen of Priscilla Presley in the 60′s. She usually had a nude lip paired with a darker lip liner.

Six Steps ~ A Baekhyun Series

A Byun Baekhyun Playboy & childhood friend AU

Requested by baekmuffin

Genre: Angst // Romance // Smut (later on)

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

{Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five, coming soon}

As the sun rays make their way through the curtains in his room, Baekhyun blinks a few times to focus on what he needs to do with the random brunette sleeping naked next to him under the covers.

Clothes on first, was the first thing you told him to always do.

Getting up to look for his clothes, he sees them scattered near the entrance of his room. Clothes on, done.

Don’t smell or look like you just had sex, was the second think you told him to always do.

Spraying on some cologne, Baekhyun goes to look in his mirror. Fixing his hair, he is quick to find out his hair isn’t cooperating with him today. Throwing on a beanie, he heads to the bathroom.

Make sure the bathroom looks like shit so she can’t use it, was the third thing you told him to always do.

Grabbing the cheap makeup under the sink you bought him awhile ago, he opens up whatever contains powder or liquid, spreading in and around the sink, throwing some brushes on the counter as well. 

Take the toilet paper roll and shower necessities out, so she can’t stay and shower, was the fourth think you told him to always do. 

Taking the items away, he throws them into a one of his bathroom cabinets.

Hide all the food so she can’t stay and eat, was the fifth thing you told him to always do.

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RFA+ Minor trio reacting to Mc being really good with makeup? both special effects and "normal" makeup, and always looking like a goddess because of it?^-^

I know next to nothing about makeup and I don’t wear any irl, but oh my god does that stuff take talent

-He has never seen somebody with such perfect makeup
-The only way he can describe you is a God(dess)
-Your special effects makeup would be great for cosplaying, if you’d ever be up for that
-Whenever Zen sends a selfie in chat and  brags about his looks, Yoosung will send a selfie of you
-Zen would shut up because god damn your eyeliner could not be more on point
-Yoosung does get jealous if there is too much attention on your selfie though
-How precious

-The first time he sees you he freezes
-You’re so beautiful, more beautiful than he is!
-Perfect eyeliner, perfect eyebrows, perfect highlight
-Your makeup is actually flawless
-His heart is going 100mph
-He can just tell that you do better work than the professional makeup artists he’s worked with
-Zen would ask you to be his makeup artist
-He could put in a good word about you with his manager and even see about getting you into doing it as a career if you’re interested
-He would love to be able to see you at work, and see the amazing special effect makeup you can do

-Just wow
-She’s never seen makeup that flawless
-And this girl keeps up with celebrities, none of their looks come close to yours
-(I headcanon that Jaehee is super into beauty channels on YouTube so)
-Even the most popular beauty channels can’t pull off the work you can do
-Once you guys begin getting close and begin dating, she’d ask if you’d be okay with giving her a makeover
-You happily oblige
-She loves the heck out of it and can barely recognize herself in the mirror afterwards

-Okay, he has seen a lot of faces because he’s a businessman and all
-But holy shit
-Even the people he’s seen that have had professionals do their makeup look like middle schoolers compared to you
-He has no idea how someone could be so good at doing makeup
-It’s such an underrated talent
-He could be able to afford the really good makeup palettes and beauty products for you as gifts
-He could help you launch a career out of it if you wanted to

-When he first checks out the CCTV
-There is a literal angel in Rika’s apartment
-He can see your bomb ass highlight from the CCTV camera alone
-And these are not the nicest cameras ever
-Then he finds your social media accounts
-Holy mother of god
-He sees all the makeup you’ve done on yourself, and on other people, and he is speechless
-He thought he was good at changing his appearance, but you can literally make somebody into a mythical creature if you wanted to
-He’d be completely up for teaming up with you to use your amazing makeup abilities to prank Yoosung

-Forget taking photos of nature let me photograph your contour like damn
-He calls you nicknames like God(dess) or angel
-He takes millions and millions of photos of you
-He’ll also take photos of your special effects makeup or any other projects you do on other people
-So amazed by how you can use all these powders and liquids to make something so gorgeous

-He knows nothing about makeup and he doesn’t see the big deal about it
-So he doesn’t think too much about your daily makeup and never pays attention because you look fine with or without it
-He doesn’t at all care what you look like
-But when he sees you do special effects makeup on other people
-He’s so impressed
-Like you can change a human being into a monster
-Or you can give somebody completely new bone structure
-What kind of sorcery
-He’s curious as to how you manage to create different looks like that
-If you offered to let him watch you do somebody’s makeup or even your own, he would like to
-He’s too nervous to ask though

Cycle Your Tank!

For real though, this is the biggest thing that can make or break the hobby for anyone.

It doesn’t matter if you want a betta, a goldfish, a few shrimp or even a tank full of nothing but plants. Get a proper filter and cycle your god damn tank. Fishless most preferably…

How and why to do this:

It doesn’t matter what you keep, all living things produce waste. In a lot of cases Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate are in your tap water already. It doesn’t hurt us, but it will kill your fish… and in the case of a fully panted tank… I hope you love algae…cause you’re going to get it. Planted tanks another time though. You don’t want your fish to die, cycle.

So how do you do this? 

Step one: Set up your tank. It needs to be at minimum a 2.5 gallon but I always recommend bigger. If you’re new and planning to keep anything but shrimp or a betta I insist you go bigger anyways because they will thrive. Have this tank filtered with an appropriate filter. I highly recommend a filter that doesn’t use a cartridge, it cycles much easier and you won’t really ever need to replace your media and it keeps the cycle. Best filters for 20 gallons and under are usually sponge filters. But get a filter with removable media or a sponge.

Step 2: Get a liquid test kit. I say liquid because it’s more accurate (light damages the strips and readings), cheaper in the long run, lasts longer, and just overall easier. The test kit needs to check PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate. Once you have this go ahead and test your tap water, write that down. 

If your PH is lower than 6 or really close to you’re going to have to find someway to get it above stably (DO NOT USE PH UP OR DOWN FOR THIS) I have very hard alkaline water so I normally have to bring it down. Crushed coral in the filter can help bring it up though!

If you have ammonia in your water be glad that you’re doing this and not throwing your fish in… cause if you do congrats you just burned their gills. My water has 1ppm ammonia in it already so I don’t have to add as much while cycling.

Nitrite is the same as ammonia in terms of yay that’s one less step! 

Nitrate, it can be frustrating to have. Learn how much you have though and adjust accordingly. You may need a remover, or some plants until the right bacteria form.

Step 3: Declorinate whenever adding new water(I like prime but use what you want). And get things running. Now the fun process of waiting begins. You need 3 things to happen:

Ammonia to form. This is produced by anything living including plants. You want a source though and for it to be between 2-4ppm. Sources can be fish food, a raw piece of shrimp, or carpenters liquid or powder pure ammonia/ammonium. I like using the pure ammonia because it’s less of a mess and easier to control. Remember this is to simulate a fish though and I pray you didn’t put one in yet. Either way dose it up (test your water to know what you’re at) and write it down. You want to keep track of things, temp, ph, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate…

Now you wait, check daily, or every second day. Wait until it hits 0 and dose it again. Basically what’s happening is bacteria is forming in your filter to convert the ammonia (which is deadly) to Nitrite (which is also deadly). Start checking your Nitrites after the first big ammonia drop. You’ll see one of two things, a huge spike possibly off the charts in Nitrite, or never see them but have nitrates in your water that weren’t there before. This can be the longest or shortest point in the cycle.

Wait for your nitrites to drop. If they get too high to read cut back on dosing ammonia or do a large pwc to help bring them down so you can read them. Once Nitrites hit 0 dose again. If within 24 hours or less there are no ammonia readings or nitrite and some nitrates, congrats you are cycled. Do a large partial water change and add a few fish! I recommend no more than 10% of your stock a week.

Things that can speed up this process (Normally can take 2 weeks - 3 months depending on a number of factors)

-Seed your tank. This is the best, if you have a friend with a healthy tank ask to borrow some decorations, gravel, or a chunk of filter media. Note bacteria is not in the water, don’t take that but transfer what you do take in it.

-Turn your temperature way up! Bacteria multiplies better in hot water, so turn the heater up.

-Add oxygen. Bacteria is alive and needs to breath.

-Plants they help buffer the water and if from a cycled tank can bring some bacteria with them.

-Bacteria in a bottle. Now be very careful with this… most don’t work and are a waste of your money and actually harm your cycle. Ones that have proven to be effective though. Dr. Tims one and only, safe start, bio-sphere, stability seachem. All others are the wrong type of bacteria and will die in your tank and starve the right type of bacteria.

I know this probably wasn’t super comprehensive, but if you have questions ask. I’m happy to help!

They call us a faithless generation, but I am a prophet; I have seen the suburban gods, and I swear by their vice that they have the power to destroy more than simple Troy. We don’t give them names, for names carry power, but their silhouettes remain unmistakable, shadows gathered in a pantheon rising from the very nature and creation of humanity, hitting the ceiling of the monotony and depravity of our desolate hometowns.
We no longer worship Zeus, but the girl with charcoal smudges ‘round her eyes, wearing platform heels that leave no room between the gas pedal and the floor of her Camaro. Legend has it, you can find her in an empty parking garage past midnight, where she’ll write your fortune in drips of oil before disappearing with the sound of drifting wheels and a faint smell of gasoline that rekindles the embers in dull eyes.
Our temples are not built for Baldr, but for the boy with bright eyes who keeps his chapped lips on the neck of a bottle - veins buzzing from an absence of miracles - taking them off only to breathe out the smoke from his sister’s exhaust pipe. He tells no fortunes, but if you pick wisely - blue over green over liquid over powder - and smudge the room with the smoke from a roll of crisp twenty dollar bills, he might just sell you three wishes that only make you wish for more.
Tribute is not given to Benzaiten, but to the boy with sharp canines and a pierced tongue and a musician’s hands, one on a gasping Adam’s apple as the other caresses Rubenesque curves, as he breathes in heaven before biting down on forbidden fruit. Unpredictable as he is ephemeral, remember that if he offers you a taste, you’ll owe him for every burst in his effervescent kisses, and remember that one flute of champagne is never enough.
We kneel before altars not for Sekhmet, but for the girl with the bleached blonde hair and blood dripping from her mouth, teeth stained crimson with spit and the volatile violence hidden beneath brass rings, as she leans against the brick back-alley wall. Rumors circulate that if you challenge her and win, she’ll answer any question you need the answer to, so long as you don’t dare ask.
I’ve seen the suburban gods; I’ve spoken to them. Head thrown back looking at the stars they both created and obscured with the flickering town lights, feet hanging out of a shopping cart in an empty parking lot at three in the morning. I’ve driven with them to the outskirts of town and watched as they faded like the buzzing signs from the cheap motel by the hills, as their voices turned transparent until they could no longer sing along with the crackling radio, as they witnessed their own ends like they do every night, only to cycle back in the morning to bring the sun.
—  v.v. @sunned

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But like... can you get why the cis are confused when youre a trans boy.... but wear makeup?

no??????? because what the fuck do pigmented powders and liquids have to do with gender?????


Hey guys! I’m really excited to announce the grand opening of my Etsy shop, where I’m selling SU gems for cosplay! 


All gems are made by hand with custom molds. They are transparent dyed resin with a mirrored back, with the exception of Pearl which is liquid plastic and mica powder. Pearl and Peridot both have curved backs so that they will properly fit your forehead or visor.

Lapis, Y/B Pearl, Y/B Diamond, and fusions aren’t ready yet but I aim to have most of them them available sometime this February. I won’t be making Jasper due to sizing complications. Also in the future there will be mini gem keychains and jewelry, as well as other plastic and resin cosplay accessories. You can follow this blog for future updates. 

There will be also be GIVEAWAYS so watch out for that! (Note: If you win the giveaway after buying a gem you can be refunded for the most expensive gem you purchased)

If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask!


Skin Care-
Cleansers and moisturizers, were created with animal fat and rosewater. This was used to keep the skin soft and clear. Home recipes were popular, often involving cucumbers, strawberries or milk.
Additionally, women were encouraged to avoid sunburn or tan, but to take exercise outdoors to achieve a healthy and rosy-cheeked appearance.

During the 18th century, wealthy women commonly wore white faced makeup. This was created from lead and fats.
By the 19th century, this fell out of fashion. Tinted foundations were available, but were not popular, particularly among women of good reputation. Powder was commonly made from rice flour.

Blush or Rouge-
Rosy cheeks were valued as a sign of good health. Women frequently used blush or rouge to add color to their cheeks. This was the most popular cosmetic of the 19th century.
Blushes were available in liquids, powders, creams and even in soaked sheets of crepe fabric.

Eyes and Lips-
Eye makeup and lipstick were some of the less common cosmetics during the 19th century. Lamp black, or soot, were sometimes mixed with oil and water to form a black product that could be used as eyeliner, shadow or mascara. however, the effect was unnatural and not commonly used.

Happy Birthday, Pidge-kid!

Title: Team Voltron x Reader

Author: Admin Miraculous

Word Count: 2302// Character Count:12837

Notes: I know no one is going to read this, but enjoy it nonetheless. tbh I don’t even know why I post my oneshots on here anymore,,, this was an old oneshot that I revamped

Princess Allura had called an emergency afternoon meeting between the Paladins of Voltron, surprisingly Pidge was let off the hook and allowed to do what they pleased. As the young Green Paladin left with a smug look on her face the others stared in confusion. You frowned, you and Pidge were supposed to add some more upgrades to Green.

Lance let out a loud groan. “Oh, come on! How come Pidge gets to leave!” Lance yelled, throwing his hands up in the air for extra effect. Allura pointed her index fingers up to her lips, effectively quieting him.

Coran quickly pulled up a holographic screen and scanned the Castle’s camera systems, only to confirm that Pidge was in her hangar with the Green Lion. The duo appeared to be ‘chatting’ with one another happily, so he turned towards Allura and gave her a thumbs up.

Shiro rose an eyebrow towards the young princess, “Any particular reason you allowed Pidge to leave?” He questioned the two Alteans.

Coran cleared his throat rather loudly, “Well, after looking into your background from Earth, Allura and I have discovered that today is our Green Paladin’s birthday!” He said happily as he clasped his hands together towards the end for added effect. Your eyes widened in surprise.

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