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Ok maybe I'm just Stupid™ and this is just a Stupid Question™ but in your rhino painting you put down some blue lines for outlining the rhino and for the background, but then they were white! Um, how??? Can you please explain this wizardry to my poor peasant brain?

YES that’s masking fluid! 

Masking fluid is, essentially, liquid rubber. It adheres to the paper and protects an area from watercolour. When the paint dries, you simply remove it. There are different types of masking fluid, like the ones you apply with a brush. But if you’re like me and want to cut the crap with RUINING BRUSHES: look no further. I exclusively use Molotow masking liquid pens now.

You don’t need sacrificial brushes. It’s tinted blue so you can see where the hell it is. The future is here.

Rolls on like a kickass pen

Let it dry, slap on your watercolour

Coax it off with an eraser

Bam look at that. Perfect for those details you want to stay white. Not recommended for application over large areas. Available on Amazon.

Happy painting! 🍺



****We decided to do a “what’s in my pencil case post together at the last minute :) enjoy****

||First photo||- Jhordan

1. Pilot G-2 07 in black and blue
2. MUJI 0.5 (I don’t usually use these but I decided to include them anyway)
3. Zebra Mildliners  (pastel)
4. BIC Wite Out Correction Tape
5. Faber- Castell Liquid Pen Corrector  
6. Post-it Flags in teal

Pencil case:

design happy dash and dot (in purple)

||Second photo||- Elise

1. Pilot Juice Pen - 0.35
2. Pilot G5 - 0.7
3. Muji Low Center of Gravity Mechanical Pencil - 0.5
4. Pilot Frixion Highlighters - Pastel set
5. Staedler Triplus Fineliners - yellow and blue-green [ I alternate between different colours, whichever two I’m feeling at the moment!]
5. Post It Note page flags
7. Milan correction tape
8. Milan ruler

Pencil case: countryside flower floral pencil case

hi darling. i really adore you. i’m going to call you sawney from now on.

i got some new pens, and you made me think of sunshine, so here’s some weird experimentation levi with a lot of color filters because i have no idea what i’m doing. ugly as always because i like ‘im that way.

i hope you have a great day too, lovely. <3

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I really love your makeup as Teddy. Have you ever done a tutorial on it? (this is also assuming you are wearing makeup?? Bc if you aren't then damn u got a nice face)

here’s a sleepy tutorial for you and @dobbyisafreeblog <3

there are really only two steps to this: first i use red tint under my eyes

slam it onto my face until i’ve achieved the ultimate blushy/slightly-drunk/just-cried-for-an-hour kind of look

the second step is to take a liquid liner pen

and draw some random freckles that no one will see anyway because the size of the gifs is way too small

complete the look with some hair ruffles

TS’ Graphic Designers

I have this theory that TS is the K-Pop entertainment company version of the iconic Food Network Program “Chopped” when it comes to any type of promotion art design and production

Like I’m pretty sure TS’ method of coming up with something like an album cover image is to bring in 4 people who wrote “graphic designer” on their resumes despite the fact that the closest experience they have of anything remotely related to art is using Microsoft Paint when they had no internet connection to play games on

And these fuckers are given 10 minutes in a dungeon-like atmosphere to come up with an album cover design from a basket of utensils to create their masterpieces, such as:

Washable Colored Ink Marking Sticks (Crayola Markers)

Crunchy Cheese Curls (Cheetos)

Cosmetic Liquid Glitter Pen (Glitter Eyeliner)

Pink Bubblegum-Flavored Medicinal Liquid (Amoxicillin)

and of course Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Oreos)

And so these poor fools have 10 minutes to create a miserable attempt of a cover album image, meanwhile Bap’s manager takes over Ted Allen’s position of looking mildly concerned while also providing the shortest of commentary that tells you he probably gets paid by the word

Originally posted by youvebeenchopped

And Kim Taesong is the completely unlikeable judge Scott Conant, who is notorious for hating raw red onions (but in this case, Taesong’s hatred for raw red onions manifests itself as oh I don’t knOW SOMETHING LIKE PAYING BAP FAIRLY OR GIVING THEM PROPER PROMOTIONS IN KOREA)

Meanwhile Babyz be like

Originally posted by prettynerdieworks

And each designer has to describe their masterpiece the way those pompous cooks do on “Chopped,” where they say shit like “judges, today I prepared for you a physical copy of the image that will represent the compilation of BAP’s compressed digital sound sequences. Using Dihydrogen Monoxide as the foundation of my design I incorporated the dust of Crunchy Cheese Curls to provide some depth and added Elbow Macaroni to really tie everything together. I want to win this shitty rip-off of the American reality show ‘Chopped’ for my mom, who told me repeatedly that I was a disgrace to the family for even attempting to apply for a job here at this godforsaken fortress of injustice. Enjoy”

And these 4 designers get eliminated one by one until a final winner ascends from the dungeons of TS’ building where Secret has been serving out a sentence of imprisonment for the last 3 years

And Kim Taesong tells the winner that their design will be featured as the cover of BAP’s newest album, except instead of paying the winner ten thousand dollars the winner actually ends up owing TS money for no explainable reason other than Taesong telling them “because I fucking said so”

And so the winner is given the honor of “official TS graphic designer” (emphasis on the word “graphic” because the design most likely looks like shit and is an offense to the eyes of children and the elderly everywhere)

And so the image is printed on the cheapest material possible at the lowest quality imagineable

Despite the fact that this image is the cover of iconic songs produced and written by the talented members of BAP, who don’t deserve this kind of half-assed image to represent all of the time and effort they spent working hard to create quality content for their amazing fans

And TS charges up the ya-yas for this album with a shitty cover image because they know Babyz are precious and love BAP and are faced with the ultimatum of supporting BAP but also giving their hard-earned cash to TSkunk

And so because the album sells well this graphic designer continues to design all types of promotional products for BAP and the cycle continues and we get all types of album covers and promotional pics and shit like this


And just like Chopped viewers who find pleasure watching 4 unstable cooks create mediocre dishes using generic-named food items, us Babyz keep purchasing these albums even though the execution of promotions and production was poor on the part of Taesong and his team of quote-unquote graphic designers because let’s face it, just like a fridge full of generic-named food items we all know that when it comes to BAP’s albums: it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


// day six of korean studies - - - stroke order + written vs. font

items used: black pen- EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink 0.7 mm (Pentel)  orange pen- G-2 0.7 mm (Pilot)  markers- black and orange double ended brush markers (Punctuate)  flags- Yuru Animal stick markers  cat tape- is one of those deco tape dispensers (forgot :/)

links: n/a



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will you teach me the art of the lined-eye, oh Great Master? (long story short, i tried to day and it failed. so bad. the eyeliner didn't even look like eyeliner- i looked like a raccoon)

oh, man. it’s way easier to show someone how to do eyeliner than to tell them, but… i can try. this is gonna be long, i’m gonna try to make it as thorough as i can. 

first of all, don’t be afraid to mess up. seriously, that perfect wing™ takes practice… no one’s just born knowing how to do it (except shiro). i’ve been doing it for years and i like to think i’m pretty good at it, but if you all saw the amount of q-tips and makeup wipes i go through to make it perfect… you’d lose your faith in me. lol

anyway, if you’re learning, i find pencils are the easier to use. you’re less likely to make the line bumpy, because it’s a softer line in the first place, but if you try to do a wing you’ll probably need a q-tip to sharpen the end. gel is a bit trickier because you need to use a brush, but it’s wayyyyy easier to make a wing or a bolder look. liquid pens are the easiest of the liquid variation but i hate them because they dry out so easily, while liquid dip liners are definitely the hardest to use, but overall (in my opinion) are the best ones to use if you want that really sharp perfect look. 

okay so actually doing it… everyone has their own way, but the tip we usually give clients is to put the pencil/brush sideways on your lash line (rather than straight on) so that it’s laying flat on your eyelashes. it makes it WAY easier, trust me. kinda like this: 

then, instead of drawing one, continuous line (NEVER do that in makeup– you’re just screwing yourself over) do small, thin strokes across the lashline. you can make it thicker if you want, i just find it’s easier to start with a thin line, then build it from there. and make sure it’s right on top of the lashes– no one wants that weird strip of eyelid between the liner and lashes.

if it makes it easier you can shut your eye, but try not to tug too hard on the skin when you hold it taught (the skin around your eye is really delicate, and you’re just harming it by doing that).

for the wing, take the flat of the brush/pencil and press it to the corner of your eye and up, as if continuing your waterline. like this:

then fill it in!

remember it’s okay to fuck it up. q-tips exist for a reason. (another tip is take a clean angled liner brush, dip it in a waterproof makeup remover, and remove/fix smudges like that!) 

i hope this helps!! this is generally how we teach it to clients, but everyone kinda has their own way of doing it, you just have to practice :D



This week I’m sharing with you my 4 favourite products for creating the ultimate winged liner, covering liquid liner, gel liner and cream liner! 

I also demonstrate each product for you to give you a better understanding of how it applies and the result it produces.

Lots of you tell me how much you struggle with creating winged liner, and I always reply with the same words - ‘It takes practice’.
I’ve been wearing eyeliner since I was in school and I’m now 31, so I have had a LOT of experience in applying it.
I promise, if you keep practising you will find your groove. You just need to experiment with various mediums (liquid, cream, gel - brush, pen, stencils) and see which you feel most comfortable with! 

Shonagh x

ok so I’m going into yr 12 in a couple of weeks & i thought i’d do a ‘pencil case haul’ ((or w/e the cool kids are calling them these days)) !!!

— X EVA tarapaulin flat pencil case (frosted)
— Staedtler triplus fineliners (willow green, lime green, light blue, delft blue, cyan, blue & black)
— Pentel EnerGel black pens
— BIC 4 colour ball point pen
— Sharpie fine point permanent marker (black)
— Stabilo ‘swing cool’ markers (yellow, green, aqua & blue)
— black hole punch for binders (i have no idea where this is from lol)
— PaperMate dryline iMini liquid paper
— Post-it Notes 'Cape Town Collection’ sticky notes (yellow & light blue)
— J.Burrows 6 pack flags

oh & most of this stuff i bought from Officeworks !!

& so yea, happy studying :~))


Hey, darling? You’ve got this. I know it’ll be hard. I know it’s so so difficult to take that first step. But you can do this. Darling, you were born to do this. Today is the day. Your day. And darling, one day this is going to be the day you measure your whole life from. 💛 // June 2017: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise // Song: “A Palace of Cedar,” by Blue Dot Sessions. From the Free Music Archive. CC by 3.0 US. Pen: Skilcraft Liquid Magnus and Tombow Dual Brush Black.
——————————————- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #inspire #handlettering #handwritten #learncalligraphy #thegoodtype #typedesign #typelove #relax #letteringart #letters #handmadefont #calligraphy #watercolor #letteringvideo #kellyletters #typography #tombow #tombowus #typewriter #typewriterseries #typewritten #typedesign #letters #letteringart #letterpress #printdesign #penandink

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i just started posting my art on tumblr but its getting zero attention. i was wondering what was it like when you started (you probably posted one of your amazing drawings and tumblr broke for the day because it couldn't handle your badass art lol) also do you have any advice for taking pics of traditional art? should i make them more artsy with props and angles or should it just be simple and neat pic of just the drawing?

Look at that badass first drawing I posted on tumblr that have… OH MY!…

the whole 8 notes!!! Amazing! I still don’t know how tumblr managed to survive this.

I had had a deviantart account before I joined tumblr (but I think it’s even harder to be noticed on deviantart).
Anyway, my first tumblr blog wasn’t exclusively my art, I reblogged other people’s art and edits and… everything really. Also, I drew shit tons of Sherlock fanart and some nice people with bigger number of followers reblogged my drawings. Still, the most popular piece got maybe 3k notes.
I made atalienart in december 2014 and for four months not much happened. The post that got the most notes (1070!) was a tutorial. Then this drawing happened and people liked it very much and some other drawings got around 5k notes since then yay! :)
And then (…I have a feeling I use “then” too often…), almost a year after I’d started my art blog, Draco Malfoy changed my life bringing more and more followers, asks and interest. And look where I am now, with my wasted life, not a single message from Rowling, 4/10, don’t recommend.

Also, no advice for taking pictures of your art because it all depends on your aesthetics. I like both, I mean I’m not that interested in your fancy markers laying next to your drawing, I won’t reblog the picture for the Fancy-fix 5mm Chisel Tip Liquid Chalk Marker Pen, I’ll reblog if I like the art. But I saw some really pretty compositions that I liked. Sometimes I even like enjoy those photos of screens with drawings better than the “normally” posted drawings… idk man, whatever tingles your pringles.

Such a long answer, sorry. Good luck with your art! :)