liquid nitrogen branding

violetteviolence  asked:

If you dont mind, could you talk a little about your brand? It looks awesome, Ive always loved them but ngl im a lil nervous about ever getting one? What was experience like?

Of course, I do not mind! The piece was done with liquid nitrogen as opposed to a traditional heated brand.

It was a complete impulse-driven experience, so it is, like all brands, permanent. The experience was pretty cool with people cheering me on, and it did not hurt at all, but then again, I am not sure if I just have a higher tolerance to sharp pains. 

I suppose the biggest anxiety coming from it is that I have a tremendous fear of commitment. I keep wanting to rip it off of my body, but I keep reminding myself, “No. This is a good thing.” It will teach me to follow through with commitments.

Besides, the choice of a radioactivity symbol was not merely because it was the logo of the establishment. I often feel radioactive, as if anyone who gets too close to me and handles me too much is doomed. Strange as it seems, I think back to a line from Game of Thrones about wearing your weaknesses and fears as a badge. Wear them, and no one can use them against you.

I am glad I have it, even as that part of my brain which screeches at any form of attachment is clawing at my sanity.