liquid flows

Facing Darkness

In front of him was only darkness.

Darkness was never uniform. Darkness never rested. It was ever-flowing, ever-liquid, ever-changing. Indistinguishable black eddies swirled and swiveled, coupled and forked, not seen to the eye yet still undoubtedly present.

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The heart beat

It happened again. The same painful disaster. It was happening everyday, so annoying, so unendurable. And to think, everything was so peaceful and nice for Bendy and Boris only a little while ago. Their lives were perfect, they didn’t have anything to worry about and have nothing to fear. Until Bendy got that illness. Everything changed for them both. Now instead of having fun and living their lives they had to put their effort into finding the lost items for the machine in order to save Bendy from all of this pain, and at the same time dealing with those two guys who were out to end them. This all has became an unbearable daily routine for both of them. Especially for Boris. Bendy wasn’t really worried for himself as much as for his bro, who didn’t have anyone else other than him. The older was trying not to pay too much attention to his condition and stay positive to not make his bro too anxious, and Boris also was trying not to think about it too much. At first it wasn’t too hard, but as this keeps happening more and more, Boris just couldn’t ignore it anymore. He was being really stressed and scared, even though he was trying hard not to show it off and not think about it. But this time that was exactly what he was doing, thinking about it. He was sitting on the grass, gazing at his beloved brother who was sleeping peacefully, lying his head on his shirt that he took off a moment ago when the pain attack kicked in again. This time, it seems to be worse than usual.

It was already late evening, but they were both still peppy and were still walking. Suddenly, Bendy curved with a painful groan, falling down while gripping to his stomach. Boris instantly ran towards his brother to help him. Bendy was shaking like crazy, he could barely make any sounds other than just squeaking, felt like something was blocking his breath. At one point, he just fell to his brother’s arms with no sound or movements. Boris started to freak out as he realized that Bendy was no longer trying to breathe, he wasn’t breathing at all! His panic level was increasing as the older one was still unconscious, he tried to pat him softly on the cheek but he was still not moving. Boris could no longer control himself, he started screaming and crying loudly as he was shaking his brother.
“BENDY!! BENDY, NO! COME ON! WAKE UP!! STAY WITH ME PLEASE!!!!” desperately pleaded Boris. Fortunately, the luck was on their side again. After few minutes, Bendy opened his eyes, taking a deep breath and started to cough constantly. He pulled his hand to his throat as a  stream of black liquid flowed down from his mouth to the ground. After that, he took a relived breath and lied on Boris’s lap. The pain was gone.

Bendy seems to be much better now. But not Boris, he was still terrified after what just happened, for a moment there, he actually thought that everything was over…and seems like Bendy was getting ready for that. For the last few days, Bendy was pushing his young brother much harder to be independent and self-capable. And that was showing the fact that he was ready to give up and die, or at least that’s what Boris thought. And  he couldn’t stand that thought. The thought of losing the one person he loved, the thought of never get to see his smile, hear his voice, never get to hug him, listen to his teaching or just goof around with him. And what will he do without Bendy? Where will he go? He could still try to find and fix the machine on his own, but what is the purpose if he already lost his beloved one? All of those thoughts were causing him a headache. His eyes started to tear up.
No… he is strong enough… he’s not gonna leave me… I know he won’t” silently sobed the young wolf while wiping his eyes.
He looked at his brother, who was still sleeping like a little baby. Boris slowly crawled next to him, trying to be as quite as possible to not wake him up. He seems so pacified, like he never got any deadly diseases. Boris moved his sight to Bendy’s exposed chest that was lowering and rising because of his breathing. He moved his head closer and placed his ear on it.

“Ba bump…” a quiet and pleasant sound is what he heard. The sound of a beating heart, his brother’s  heart.  The sound of life that he valued more than anyone else’s.  It was such a satisfying sound, just listening to that slow beat made Boris so relaxed. All the heavy thoughts were gone, all the worries been drawn away, all that he was thinking now is that his bro was still there, he was still alive. This fact was giving him hope that at one day, all of this pain and suffering would be over, and they will go back to those wonderful times when they could live peacefully with reasons to be nervous or scared.

Boris got carried away so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t realized how he lied down completely on his bro’s chest. He was brought back to reality when someone’s hand gently caressed his forehead.

“Boris, could you get up? You’re too heavy…” Bendy’s soft voice broke the silence. Boris instantly got up nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sorry…” he said with a soft smile.

“What were you even doing?” the other asked.

“Nothing… I just wanted a hug!” childly answered Boris.

“*Yawn* you’ll get your hug tomorrow… I’m very tired…” wearily said Bendy as he flipped over to another side. “You should go to sleep too, it’s really late…”

“Okay” Boris lied down on his back next to Bendy, gazing upon the night sky. He felt much more confident about completing their quest. Only positive thoughts from now on, whining won’t get them nowhere. Other people deserves to be saved too, no one has to go through all this. Being with those who you love is the biggest treasure, and Boris was determined to keep his treasure. Forever.
“Good night Bendy! I love you ~” said Boris as he closed his eyes and start falling asleep.
“Mhmn… love you too, bro…” Mumbled Bendy through his sleep.
Tomorrow is a new day, new challenges to deal with, and new progress to make.


Hello there! i’ll be frank, it’s not my first time writing fics, but it is my first sibmission to you!

sorry if there any mistakes i haven’t notice, English is not my first language (plus i’m pretty sure i’ve cheked everything) (⇀‸↼‶)

i fell in love with your AU and it gave me an idea for this “masterpeaceofshit” XP

i also wanna use this oppertunity to tell you dat you are my very favorite artist! your ideas and drawing are stunning and they always inspire me! thank you so much for sharing your work with us Rouge, u da best! (= ̄ω ̄=)

fic by katethepeach

art by Rouge

Words to describe each MBTI type’s style


- Clean, minimal, detailed, careful, elegant 


- Sharp, commanding, sleek, crisp, upstyle 


- Mismatched, quirky, wrinkly, amusing, geometric 


- Bright, bold, eye-catching, sharp, trendy 


- Flowing, comfortable, liquid, rippling, timeless


- Old, warm, soft, dependable, graceful  


- Vibrant, reflective, carefree, breathable, romantic


- Winsome, cool, lightweight, embellished, festival 


- Structured, ergonomic, fitted, protective, essential 


- Preppy, savvy, versatile, solid, professional 


- Contemporary, lacy, sturdy, charming, layered 


- Respectable, long-lasting, unique, refined, buttoned  


- Reliable, grungy, adjustable, retro, durable 


- Boxy, metallic, knockout, strapless, modern


- Innovative, delightful, edgy, fluttering, oversized  


- Simple, shapely, delicate, royal, ruched  

I Have This Kink

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3806

Warnings: pure filth, oral (giving and receiving), spanking, kink, sexual intercourse (duh), unprotected sex.

Author’s Note: So, this took forever to write. Not proud of that but, I hope all of you enjoy this side of Stiles. I know I would, oml. I want to thank these lovely ladies for looking at what I wrote and some telling me that it was super good, @mf-despair-queen ​, @lovelydob ​, and @dumbass-stilinski ​! I love you guys!

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Black and White - Chapter 1

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 2601 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Mini Masterlist

Byun Baekhyun.
The man that possesses a piercing stare so dangerous, you could drown in it if you stared long enough. He’s got the looks and he knows it. 

Heck, the whole university knows it.

He’s hot and anyone can establish that just by looking at all the girls that are constantly desperate to get into his pants. He lets them, of course, because he’s a horny bastard that likes having sex with girls only to leave them before morning comes. He rarely does the same person twice.

He’s arrogant and smug most of the time but he isn’t so much of a bad boy. He may smoke a pack or two but he doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings. He doesn’t necessarily get into fights unless you mess with him or his friends.

Don’t bother him, and he won’t bother you.

He’s just a guy that is cocky as fuck and always gets what he asks for.

That was, until he met her.

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BTS making you squirt for the first time

“Can you do a reaction with Bts of them being the first person to ever make you squirt?” - anon

Happily!  I hope you enjoy! XOXO - Lace


Your grip on his hair tightens as you feel the unfamiliar pressure just north of your heat begin to release.  His thrusts never halting as he brings himself over the edge with you.  As you both come down from your highs, he kisses you sweetly on the lips. 

“I’ve never seen you do that before,” he says in reference to the bit of liquid that flowed out of you during your orgasm.

“It’s never happened before.”

Jin’s look of slight surprise quickly turns into one of pride.

“I’m happy I’m the first one to make you feel so good.”


“Ah, oppa…" 

You moan as you feel your high getting closer by the second.  Your back arches, pressing your body even closer to Yoongi’s as the pace of his hips continues to get overwhelmingly faster.  He suddenly stops his movements when he feels something gush over his aching member upon your release.  Seeing you beneath him, squirming as you drag your nails across his back, is enough to make him almost collapse on top of you with the power of his own orgasm. 

“That was new,” he said finally catching his breath after a while.

“We should try for that more often.”


His fingers are becoming too much for you to bare.  With a wave of heat rushing over you, you knew you were getting close.  Everything about this moment is only adding on to the great pleasure you’re feeling.  You back against the wall, your hands being held firmly above your head, and Hoseok’s fingers hitting your g-spot every second like clockwork while his lips work at your neck.   You become fully aware of everything happening at once and that’s it, you’re done.  Your legs begin to shake to the point where he has to press his body against your’s in order to keep you standing.  He feels a large amount of wetness hit his hand, but it doesn’t phase him for a minute.  He guides you down from your high before removing his hand.  He looks at his drenched hand and at the small puddle on the floor before looking at you and laughing lightly to himself. 

“Did I make my baby girl feel that good?”


“I’m close baby…”

Hearing his words combined with the tight grip he has on your hips as he controls your movements on top of him, it’s all so good.  Before you even have time to process everything, you throw your head back in pure ecstasy.  You place your hands behind you on Namjoon’s knees to support your shaking form.  Seeing you this way and feeling your warm juices flowing over his hips and onto the bedsheets below, god it’s breathtaking for him.  He explodes inside of you with a groan of pleasure.  As both of your breaths become more relaxed, you collapse on top of his chest.  You feel him vibrate as he chuckles, looking at the messy sheets.

“I like your new trick, baby.  Let’s just maybe get a towel next time, yeh?”


You feel your muscles tighten around him which only causes him to be pushed agonizingly closer to his end.  With one hand at the side of your head against the shower tile wall and the other wrapped around your back pulling you closer, you hear your name breathlessly slip from his mouth as he cums.  His relentless pounding not ceasing or losing rhythm for a moment is exactly what you need.  You lean your head on his shoulder as your orgasm rocks through you from head to toe.  You juices come flowing out, only to be mixed with the stream of the shower and promptly washed down the drain. 

“I’m glad we’re in the shower,” he says after a few moments. 

“Easy cleanup."  He shoots a smug wink at you before kissing you sweetly.


"Taehyung, ah…please don’t stop…”

You lean your head back against his shoulder.  The feeling of two of his long, slim fingers wreaking havoc on your g-spot as he tells you what a good girl you are is a feeling that is unmatched.  Your stomach tighten and your hips begin to move with his hand, your eyes screw shut in pure bliss. 

“Does that feel good, baby?”

Unable to speak, your soon arched form answered enough.  Your pleasure comes flowing out of you both verbally and and physically.   Taehyung slows his pace you ease you back down, all the while looking at the new wet spot on the couch cushions you were both sitting on.

“I didn’t know my princess could do that.  You never stop surprising me,” he says with a smile and a giggle as he places a soft kiss on your temple.


You feel your stomach tighten and your skin feels like it’s on fire.  You pull harder on the strands of Jungkook’s hair that are currently laced through your fingers.  He stops at your clit after he licks a few stripes up and down your heat as he slips two fingers in your entrance.  It’s clear he knows exactly what you need as he begins to curl his fingers against your sweet spot.  It didn’t take long after he’d started sucking on your clit for you to meet your finale.  A gasp of air sounding somewhat like his name comes from the back of your throat as your juices cover his chin and shirt.  Your breathing steadies and he leans back from between your legs to examine his soaked-through t-shirt.  A visible smirk appears on his face.

“I was planning to strip anyway.”

I hope you enjoyed! XOXO - Lace

Doumeki’s Lust in xxxHOLIC Rou Adayume (Selfish Dream)

Cages wanting to trap him, hands wanting to grab him, mouths trying to devour him, shadows wanting to possess him…  Dreams are a reflection of innermost desires of your mind.

Yes, we know Haruka.

I’ve recently re-watched xxxHolic Rou Adayume (literally translated as xxxHolic Cage: Selfish Dream) and noticed how I felt more disturbed during Doumeki’s nightmare scene than the first time I watched it. At first, I thought it had been Watanuki trying to run from danger but that didn’t fit why he looked quite disturbed when talking to Haruka afterwards. Also, why was the OAD titled ‘Selfish Dream? That could only mean Doumeki’s dream was selfish. But Doumeki and selfishness don’t go together, right? 

For me, the initial talk Haruka gave about selfish human hearts and the nightmare scene revealed the whole picture: Doumeki lusted after Watanuki but he knew his desires were selfish since acting upon them would be detrimental to Watanuki’s future. So, the later had to enter his nightmare and free himself from Doumeki’s selfish desires.

Allow me to explain why I believe it was ‘lust’.

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Happy Hour

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Yesterday was very productive. So, I present drunken handsy Leonard, I hope I did it justice.

3,950 word(s) of drunk handsy Leonard, and it ends with smut.

Beta’d by: @bkwrm523


Tags of people who showed interest: @imoutofmyvulcanmind @pinkamour1588 @feelmyroarrrr @yourtropegirl @pinkfrogbreathing @girl-next-door-writes @daybreak96 @the-witching-hours12-3

You were running late. You were the last to finish your shift that day. Jim and Leonard had suggested a final night out before heading out on another long space mission. You had tried to turn them down, several times. You weren’t that big of a drinker, and honestly, you just wanted to sleep. You finally had to relent; it was the only way to get any relief from their constant begging for you to join them.

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Concept: When They Dance

Angels are graceful, they move with a purpose. It puts prima ballerinas to shame. They flow like liquid, feet en pointe, eyes forward. Legs stretched taut with concentration and their bodies arched with the posture of a soldier.

Fae become one with the music, and this isn’t a fairytale fae circle either. Celtic melodies ring out and they flow faster than a river. There is no such thing as the dance being too feminine, all take part in it.

Demons are odd, mocking the angels in their own twisted way. Actions similar to those of heavenly divinity but dirtier, filthier. Their hips rotate in dirty circles, eyes hooded. Seduction in their gazes, lips curled into smirks.

This is how they dance apart, but when they are together, it becomes a sycophantic mess. They become inticing, especially to the eyes of those who’ve never witnessed such a thing, mortal or not. They weave into one another, sinful grace, eloquence, and thousands of years of ritual all tied in one. It becomes hazardously beautiful.

iNtuitives (*N**s) Thinking Styles/Cognition:


  • Deterministic Thinking: synonymous to formal logic. The mental process consist in constructing of chains of cause and effect,reducing explanation to determinstic mechanism. The speech of this type of cognition takes shape with the aid of connectives “because”,“therefore”(causal conjunctions)Implying focus on the chain of events. If one link in the chain fails for any reason,then ENTPs/INFJs lose their sense of rationale and find it difficult to act because they see no reason to.

Advantages: *It is perceived by the society as the most authoritative,most convincing and singularly correct. In mathematics, it is formalized as deductive method. Use of it requires great intellectual stamina. *Attributes of greater clarity and ease of understanding is inherent in this type of cognition.

Disadvantages: *Its efficacy extends to the ‘logical’ formulation of already existing results,the construction of working mechanism, but not fundamentally new discoveries. In the case of ENTPs,for example, they are very resourceful with available of systems to create new ones,but it is essentially of same known origin. * In creating long chains of cause and effects, it is difficult to avoid the danger of circularity.. the risk of falling into a vicious circle of proof (circulus vitiosis)


  • Dialectical Thinking: The essential distinguishing feature of this type of thinking is a view of the universe as a unified struggle of opposites. In speech,Dialecticals often use “if-then….-else” -the encompassing of all branches of nonlinear processes. Within limits,INTPs/ENFJs strive to find an intermediate point of dynamic equilibrium between contrasting extremes. This thinking is born of colliding flow and counterflow of thought, an inclination to synthesis of two opposites,the removal of contradictions-which they are so keen to. This type of thinking is best when dealing with moving,dynamic structures - Algorithms.

Advantages: *Most subtle and flexible style of cognition. It can easily switch to an opposite direction and possess predictive ability,accompanied by an effective type of associative memory. *Good at solving problems of classification, given their gift of recognizing complex patterns..they strive to produce fundamental solutions beyond circumstantial problems.

Disadvantages: *Instability and prone to uncertainty more than other types of cognition. Dialecticals have difficulty in making choices, and embracing,ambiguous vague decisions. this thinking is comparative to a symphony of flowing,interwoven imagery rather than mechanism of clearly established instruction sets. *High criticality and reconsideration, needed to reach a conformity of all opposing facts,sometimes incur stagnation and inhibits progress.


  • Holographic Thinking: This cognition type has much in common with holographic principle in physics. A hologram is a superimposition of multiple images where each image can only be seen from a certain angle. Change of perspective occurs and alter the system itself,only its priorities. Each beam of light contains information about the whole. In this way,by mentally projecting multiple perspectives of the same subject,INTJs and ENFPs reach a holistic understanding of the subject. It’s all about perspectives and unrestricted choice of point of views - for example,take two cross sections of a cylinder,the horizontal section looks like a circle while the vertical section looks like rectangle. Two perspective of an indivisible whole which,when superimposed in the mind,produces transition to a higher level of understanding of the subject - a very important thing if one is unfamiliar with a certain subject. This type of thinking has a characteristic penetrating ‘x-ray’ nature.It unhesitatingly cut away details and nuances giving a general view of the subject.

Advantages: *It’s multi-perspective. New perspectives emphasizes aspects of a situation that may have been overlooked before, allowing possibilities of new discoveries and avenue of choices. *This type of cognition values simplicity and clarity,avoiding unnecessary details. As a result,conversations with INTJs and ENFPs can be altogether really packed with information and seemingly intuitive leaps.*They can be particularly effective in crisis situation,when it is necessary to make decisions quick and there is no time to weigh all details and options.

Disadvantages: *Appears too rough, lacking in adequate consideration of details which is important for a process to flow smoothly. It’s information-dense words and constructs are often difficult to decompress and unpack; to others,they may seem void of links for establishing coherency in their connections. This is the singular reason why INTJs and ENFPs find it difficult to work smoothly and at pace with another person. *This style of cognition showcase the end results only and overlooks the explanations to it - making it difficult to convince others of its potentials.


  • Synergetic Thinking: (for lack of a better word to name it) synergy is the overall behaviour of a system that cannot be predicted by the individual behavior making up the whole. It’s the harmonic behaviour of different parts of a system working as a whole. Like in a vortex,for example,the implicit order found in chaos. This manifests mentally in both INFPs and ENTJs as a rapid search for options,tests and the dismissing of choices that does not yield intended results. It operates on basis of testing, advancing to the goal through trial and error. It is comparable to a perpetual lab experiments in the mind. A real life model of this type of cognition is the turbulent flow. Turbulence is a gas/liquid flow when of hits a rock,for example, and the smooth flow turns chaotic and unpredictable. In this way,ENTJs and INFPs are aware of all aspects that can’t be controlled. They recognize the critical role of chance and free will in the transition of processes.

Advantages : *It has liveliness and naturalness in it. It seems to simulate the actual processes occurring in nature because they follow the natural course of their choices without introducing rigid logic structures. *Faith in success and luck. ENTJs and INFPs do not confuse temporary setbacks with errors,they will undertake attempt after attempt if setbacks are encountered (not errors) until success ultimately comes to them.

Disadvantages: *The search is often blind and uneconomical. The direction of effort is directed towards ideas/avenues which yields immediate result and continue following through till the goal is reached, sometimes encountering a dead-end. *another drawback is in its spontaneity and randomness. This thinking style is a kind of chain reaction that catalyzes itself. The positive feedback is heavily leaned upon-and if unchecked, then the concentration of effort first leads to explosion, ultimately followed by dissipation of energy.


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Summay: A sort of domestic life with Jimin that’s a mix of fluff and smut. (warning: contains Asphyxiation and  a little Dirty Talk) 

Rating: M (Smut)

You pouted as you stared outside the window, it was completely white outside. You used a sweater covered palm to swipe at the thick condensation that coated your view. But it was no use, you still couldn’t see anything. No cars, no people just the faint street lights in the distance but even they seemed a bit dim and blurry compared to normal nights. You sighed quietly to yourself, already dreading all the snow you’d have to tread through on your morning commute to work the next day.


You tore yourself away from the window, watching as your boyfriend quirk an eyebrow at you. You smiled to him sheepishly, sliding down from your seat on the windowsill perch to the floor. You scooted your way closer to him, picking up the discarded papers you left all over the floor.

“You were the one who called me over to help…” he began mumbling, a cute small pout forming on his lips. “But you’re making me do all the work!” he whined throwing his arms up in exasperation before crossing them over his chest.  

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