liquid eyeliner tutorial



This week I’m sharing with you my 4 favourite products for creating the ultimate winged liner, covering liquid liner, gel liner and cream liner! 

I also demonstrate each product for you to give you a better understanding of how it applies and the result it produces.

Lots of you tell me how much you struggle with creating winged liner, and I always reply with the same words - ‘It takes practice’.
I’ve been wearing eyeliner since I was in school and I’m now 31, so I have had a LOT of experience in applying it.
I promise, if you keep practising you will find your groove. You just need to experiment with various mediums (liquid, cream, gel - brush, pen, stencils) and see which you feel most comfortable with! 

Shonagh x

hey!! lately i’ve been seeing tons of resource masterposts and i decided that i’d be easier if all of these masterposts were combined into one mega masterpost!! i couldn’t possibly link them all but i also added tons of my own links, this took absolutely forever so please, enjoy! :~)


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beauty (credit for most of these!)

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Many of you have requested a tutorial on how I do eyeliner on myself and on shoots - so I chose 6 eyeliner looks that are easy to transition from one to the other. 
You can use a variety of eyeliners to create these styles; Liquid Liner, Gel Liner, Cream Eyeliner and even Cake Eyeliner. 

I am using Kryolan Cream Liner in Ebony for this tutorial. And my preferred brush is a paint brush.

anonymous asked:

damien's google search history is: "how to apply liquid eyeliner tutorial" "top 10 goth hangouts buzzfeed" and "why does my teen never clean his room" in that order

you forgot “orochimaru cosplay tutorial”


Straight-Edge Liner and Hot Pink Lips (Iggy Azalea Inspired Makeup)

Iggy’s one of my recent girl crushes, and I love her minimalist but strong makeup with very thick black liner, dewy fresh skin, sculpted cheeks, and lips that go from nude to retro red to incredible fuchsias and hot pinks.

Her eyes are quite small so the way she extends her liner thickly straight out and up is actually flattering for anyone who has similarly small eyes or eyes that are close-set.

There’s not a whole lot to her makeup look, but it makes big impact.

Main products used:

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette

Bobbi Brown Ink Liner (I accidentally reversed the label with that of the NARS pencil in the image above)

NARS Rue Bonaparte pencil (she almost always has a pale matte liner along her lower lash line to open up her eyes)

Givenchy Rouge Couture in 209 (you can swop this with red or nude; she wears those shades too)

anonymous asked:

I want to get the baddie look but I don't where to star, got any tips?

So before now I was not very familiar with the baddie look, but after doing some research I think I understand it enough to give you some tips.  

From what I saw It seems like the distinctive characteristics of the look are well groomed defined eyebrows, Nude eye shadow look with clean edges, bold winged eyeliner, emphasis on lashes, Contoured face, and either a nude or darker lipstick with brown tones. 

So what you’ll need to create the look are:

  • Eyebrow pencil, brow powder, brow gel/,mascara (you don’t have to have all 3)
  • A nude eye shadow palette (If you don’t have one Coastal scents has some good ones that are similar to Urban Decay Naked palettes but cheaper)
  • A liquid black eyeliner + a black/grey eyeliner pencil (use the liquid draw your wing and use the pencil to line your waterline) 
  • A lengthening+volumizing mascara/ false lashes if you want to go all out ( L’oreal’s voluminous butterfly mascara is a good inexpensive option)
  • Either a powder or cream contour kit 
  • A nude lipstick for your skin tone and/or a burgundy, brownish red, or mauve lipstick. 

Tips/helpful links: 


Eyebrow guidance 

 Brow Shaping 


Eye tips + tricks (look at the card/tape/sticky note trick)

Naked Pallet combos that look good 

How to contour your eyes 

Fool proof eyeshadow diagram 

Tips for false lashes 

Liquid eyeliner tips


Contouring tutorial

Contouring guide

Basic contouring maps

Contouring for your face shape

Different contouring looks

Highlight and contour cheat sheet

How to ‘bake’ your makeup


lip liner tricks

Lining your lips for your lip shape 

Nude lipstick guide 

Eyeliner 101

(This has taken me forever to post, but here is my personal non-professional guide to eyeliner! Check out Foundation 101 too!) 

Here are the basics to eyeliner. It’s really amazing how much better I feel by just drawing a line on my eyelid; it may seem really insignificant, but it makes such a huge difference. 

Eyeliner is one of the easiest products to buy. While there is a huge variety in type, it can be found nearly anywhere and is such a makeup staple. It’s small and easy to store, and once you’ve gotten enough practice, you can do it on the fly! 

Important Tips

  1. Practice, practice, practice! If it looks all smudgy and weird the first time you try, that’s okay! It happens to everyone! 
  2. Steady hands are key.
  3. Eyeliner goes on top of eye shadow. 
  4. Start small and work your way up. If you’re brave enough to jump right into a liquid liner cat eye, go for it! Just know that it may be difficult and frustrating, and will be much easier to start smaller.
  5. Be adventurous! Eyeliner is a perfect way to switch up your look in subtle way before diving headfirst into something super adventurous, like a bold lip. 
  6. If you are lining your bottom lid/lashline, back sure you are lining your top lid/lashline as well! Lining just the bottom will make your eyes look tired and heavy, which you may not want unless you are specifically going for that look.
  7. Invest in some good makeup remover, especially if you are using waterproof eye makeup. (Remember, always always always remove your makeup at night!)
  8. As with foundation (or any makeup you’re trying out), watch YouTube tutorials! I’ll provide specific links, but here’s a list to get you started. 
  9. If you are wearing eye makeup, it’s easy to forget, so don’t rub your eyes. It will majorly smudge all over the place. 
  10. Opening your mouth while putting on eyeliner actually does help! 
  11. Start the line very thin on the inner corner of your eye, and thicken it as you move to the outer corner of your eye. Play around to find the thickness and shape that you like the best. 
  12. Whenever your eyeliner is becoming brittle/gluey/generally unpleasant, throw it away. It’s probably old and you’re more likely to get an infection from old/dirty eyeliner. 
  13. The eyes are very sensitive, not only because of your eyeballs, but because the skin around your eyes/eyelids is the thinnest on your body. So be careful!
  14. Q-tips (cotton swabs) are your friends. It is very easy to mess up or go overboard, so make sure you have q-tips on hand to help you clean up smudges or excess liner.
  15. When in doubt, try again! It’s okay if you mess up, just wipe it off and start over. 


Pencil eyeliner is the easiest, most basic type of eyeliner. It literally looks like a pencil and you can buy eyeliner sharpeners to sharpen it. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find a good-quality eyeliner; convenience stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Boots have plenty of options. To test whether or not a pencil eyeliner is good quality or not, check for a few things: 

  • Does it break easily? If it does, it’s no good.
  • Does it glide on easily? Remember, your eyelids are very sensitive, so an eyeliner that draws smoothly is very important. 
  • Is this the right color for me? Black eyeliner tends to look a little harsh on lighter complexions and lighter eye colors. Play around with colors to find the one you like the best. 
  • Is it super smudgy? Believe me, smudgy eyeliner is not worth it. You want an eyeliner that will remain where it is for the whole day, so you don’t end up looking like a raccoon by lunchtime.  

If it covers all this criteria, you are good to go! 

For daytime/informal places like school or babysitting, less is more. A simple line on your upper lashline will probably be just fine. It’s super easy to overdo it, so have a friend or someone else you trust give you an honest opinion. For smokey eyes, night time events, or if you feel like being a little more fancy, try different colors and play with the thickness of the line. 

Here are some guides to applying pencil eyeliner: 

What I use: Pencil eyeliner is what I use most frequently. I’m a big fan of the eyeliners you can twist up when you need more, instead of the ones you have to manually sharpen. My favorite pencil eyeliners are from Maybelline and Sephora’s makeup brand. I like to use black eyeliner on my upper lid and brown on my lower. Brown is less harsh and looks a little more natural, but still gives definition. 


Liquid eyeliner is the holy grail of eyeliner. It is much trickier and messier to work with, but once you master it, it’s so worth it. It often looks cleaner and sharper than pencil eyeliner, and a cat eye can make you feel awesome. But before we get ahead of ourselves, make sure you’re getting the right thing. The formula can’t be too watery and thin, nor can it be too thick and gluey. Otherwise things will turn out horribly. Liquid eyeliners come as felt-tip liners, which look very much like very thin markers and they also come in a tube, with a tiny little brush at the end. Paying a little more for better quality eyeliner will definitely pay off. 

Tutorials to practice with: 

What I use: Currently, I’m using L'Oreal (I think), and I like the formula, but it’s getting a little old, so I need to throw it out. 


Gel eyeliner is not as watery as liquid liner and has more of a creamy consistency, which allows you a little more control. It typically comes in a little pot and you apply it with a small angled brush or a lip brush. Gel liner often provides the same looks as liquid eyeliner, so use whichever one you prefer! 

To get you started:

What I use: I’ve actually never used gel eyeliner, but when I do, I’ll update this and let you know! 

anonymous asked:

Can you please find liquid eyeliner tutorials? Literally, I bought liquid eyeliner and everytime I put it on it starts running and I look like Fall Out Boy threw up on me. Can you please help?

that is the best ask i’ve ever recieved

Here, here, here, and here are some general tutorials. But if it’s running, you should try using a primer or a better eyeliner! Here are some good eyeliners.


The Best Liquid Eyeliner #Makeup #Beauty Video Tutorial by Michelle Phan
Look no further than Michelle Phan, the YouTube “how-to” sensation, for a play-by-play on mastering liquid eyeliner. She has the most subscribed-to YouTube beauty channel, with almost 3.7 million followers (outnumbering the NBA, Katy Perry, and Adele, but falling just short of Justin Bieber…hey, you can’t win ‘em all) and over 700 million views (DAMN, GURL!). She may not be for everyone—much more 'your friend from school’ than the über-connected Lisa Eldridge—but there’s no denying her technical wizardry. And while the three liner variations she teaches us are not exactly pushing the envelope editorially, Phan gives us a great lesson on the basics of liquid application. We are big fans of the cat eye in any incarnation, but figure it can’t hurt to brush up on the basics before you evolve the style to fit your personality.