liquid eyeliner

posted this on fb and insta yesterday so why not post it here too :~)

- Hey, guess what? I love makeup! Does the fact that I like wearing makeup make me insecure? No, it doesn’t. This is such a common misconception among people. People like makeup for different reasons - for me personally, it’s something I enjoy doing because it’s a fucking ART. But I am perfectly comfortable with my bare face and I look like the photo on the left MOST of the time. Wearing makeup doesn’t make a person fake or “high maintenance” and not wearing makeup doesn’t make a person lazy. Chill, and focus on bettering yourself and supporting others rathering than tearing them down.


30 Days of Makeup.

Day 28: Amber

I wanted to try out some new liner techniques and here’s my first try at a spiral liner! I can’t believe that this challenge is almost over (I feel like it will be the first of many), I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have :)

Let me tell you all about this shit right here. This is Kiko Milano’s Definition Waterproof Eyeliner. Not only is this heavenly black ink super easy to apply with precision, but it also stays on FOREVER, and I don’t mean 6 hours forever or even 12 hours forever I mean two days after you wear it you’ll still have cat eyes forever. Seriously, North Korea could nuke us all and your charred corpse would still have razor sharp eyeliner wings.
As if that wasn’t enough this eyeliner runs for $10 online and in store. That’s it. Titanium strong, pitch black eyeliner for $10 compared to some brands that charge $20 for an inferior product.
Definitely check this brand out, they’re expanding throughout Europe and the US and they have amazing products at super affordable prices, the one near me had a 5 items for $15 sale this weekend! I’m never going back to my expensive eyeliners again!


30 Days of Makeup

Day 30: Finale

I cannot believe that it is day 30 already! I hope that everyone has enjoyed this 30 days of inspo, but I am very excited to get back to doing “how to” posts and reviews for you guys.