liquid cons

  • Yuuri: Victor, I dont understand why you only bought whipped cream, liquid chocolate and con-
  • Yuuri:
  • Yuuri: oh my god

Sotto un fioco bruciare di stelle
raccontarle segnandole a dito
trattenendo nei palmi intrecciati
un tepore più caldo degli astri

Con la luna che tace nascosta
sorridendo non so che sapere
le tue liquide iridi scure
confrontare con fresche rugiade

E dischiudere all'aria serale
le parole i sussurri i silenzi
che soltanto san prendere forma
sulla soglia che s'apre al tramonto

Lord of Misrule Perfumes

I’m not really sure how to describe this scent apart from confidently stating it is the most gorgeous smell from the whole LUSH creation. The liquid perfume does a beautiful job of staying true to the bath bomb, and I cannot get over how well it’s transformed. This perfume is stronger in its liquid form, but don’t let that put you off getting the solid as the scent is strong enough in both forms.

Pros: Beautiful colour. Has the most mesmerising scent which is very strong.
Cons: I can’t think of anything other than the perfume bottle being less than full, but that is not related to the actual product so therefore I won’t acknowledge it in my ratings.

Appearance: 5/5
Scent: 5/5
Hardiness: 4.5/5 (lasts for a couple of hours, very strong throw)

Overall Rating: 5/5


Benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner Demo and Review

Benefit launches They’re Real Push-Up Liner 27th June worldwide, and if you’re curious about this gel liner in a pen, read on!

This retails for $38 in Singapore, and it’s meant for people who want the precision of liquid, the soft matte finish and lasting power of gel, and the convenience of a pencil. It also boasts the Accuflex applicator tip, which is a latex-y slanted dispenser which is flexible enough to hug the lash line and not scrape the delicate eye skin.

Now you might be asking what the difference is with Maybelline’s previous version. I honestly can’t say for sure because I only tried the Maybelline on the back of my hand and didn’t purchase it when it was still available. Now I can’t find any to compare.

From what I can tell, the Benefit formula is a little thicker and denser, the pen grip is designed specifically to to be ergonomic and easy to hold, and Benefit’s design was 5 years in the making, so SOMEHOW, SOMEWHERE, someone got hold of something they were not supposed to, cos 2 companies have the same concept now.


The main thing I’ll say is that this is NOT an eyeliner for novices. It sounds like it would be, but the flexible tip takes some getting used to because it’s so soft that it can bend and flop sideways, and the amount of product you twist out has to be controlled properly.

Press too hard, or dispense too much product (I twist until it clicks once or twice), and you can make a mess.

You need to be patient when you use this. Work in small sections, and you’ll be able to control it and get a neat, clean line. Try too hard to draw it quickly in a single stroke, and you can make a mess unless you’re an absolute pro with it. 

The flexible applicator makes it easy to get a moderately thick line and flick. But it’s not that easy if you like very fine lines.

That said, once you get the hang of it, it CAN look incredibly beautiful. Very defined and intense. 


I applied it as a liner, and then I actually tightlined with it. In fact I love it as a tightliner. That lasted me the entire day from 8am to 8pm with minimal fading even on the waterline. 

If you have oily lids though, this will smudge a bit, like most liners. Use a good primer to improve longevity.

The cons?

  • Unlike liquid and gel liners that you apply with a brush, it’s very hard to get this in between the lashes, so even when you line above and below the lashes, there’s a tiny gap that you can’t really reach unless you use mascara. 
  • I found tiny flecks falling off (probably from where the liner coated my lashes), so you have to be careful to avoid them. 
  • There’s a tendency for the liner to gunk up at the top or sides of the applicator if you dispense too much. Be careful to wipe those off on the back of your hand before applying to your eyes.

If you’re in Singapore, Sephora at ION is giving you a chance to pre-purchase the liner ahead of the rest of the world on 13th June!


Bronycon 2014!  There were lots of fluffy horses to hug.  Things I have learned from this con-

1. Liquid latex is a fickle beast.  I should always bring more than I think I need.

2. Dear god bring a change of clothes.  I was in that costume for about twelve hours.  I was ready to change out of it after eight.

3. Bronies are the sweetest people ever.  I had one creepy interaction with someone who tried to touch my chest (out of curiosity about the latex), but I think he just didn’t know quite how to react.  Pretty much everybody else was lovely- they all asked me if they could take pictures of me, asked before they touched me, and were generally just really polite and awesome.

I had a little girl dressed as Twilight Sparkle come up to me and tell me off for being evil.  It was one of the cutest lectures I’ve ever received.  :D