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not my cup of coffee // kang daniel part 2

*˚○ angst? fluffyzz

*˚○ college! kang daniel

*˚○ word count: 1.8k

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It had been a few weeks since the incident happened and when Daniel had left the restaurant without saying a word while he hid his head into the hoodie of his jacket. You were left flustered in his favorite corner booth as he left you. You didn’t know how to react to the situation and neither did he. Well, it was obvious that he didn’t want to face you again, seeing as that was the last time you saw him, in his corner booth, sipping the black bitter liquid out of kindness.

“(Y/N)…(Y/N)!” Your name was being called out repeatedly and you only heard it once your hand was pulled away from pouring coffee all the way to the brim of Daehwi’s cup. Daehwi realised how much you had been in a dazed lately, how you were so distracted to the point where you didn’t care about your dear customers well-being. He knew that you didn’t have the guts in you to disrespect the sweet people that tipped your restaurant generously.

“You’re so out of it today, worse than before. And I see, it must’ve have been that weird guy right? Haven’t seen him around lately,” The both of you sat in a booth closest to the cash register. Before Daehwi could ask you once more, everything began to spill from your lips, all the emotions that you were confused about as Daehwi nodded his head, absorbing all the information even when you were talking at the rate of a mile per minute. After you had vomitted words out of your mouth and ended it with a little sigh, he looked up towards you with a knowing look as he propped his head on his palm. You knew that face and you were in denial of accepting your fate.

“No, Daehwi. You’ve got to be kidding me. I barely know him and we’re friends at most. Nothing more,” Your heart hurt a little once your last sentence was spouted. You wished that it was something much more than that. You had even imagined what it felt like to be cradled in his arms as you smothered your head in his wide chest. And what it would have felt like to leave a kiss on those soft pink ones, and thinking how it would taste so sweet yet bitter from the coffee he had poured a load of sugar in. And that’s when you realized that you were whipped, and your little brother wasn’t going to let go of that opportunity.


“Hey (Y/N), I brought some friends who might know about your missing regular,” Daehwi chuckled as he ushered in tall men that seemed too beautiful to occupy this small plain town. You even felt a little jealous that your brother came to know so many good looking people while you were stuck with trying to study and manage your business. You may have recognized some of their faces, especially since they were known for their good looks and capabilities of capturing the hearts of many.

“Hi, I’m Ong Seongwoo, but you can call me anytime,” This guy had the confidence but you weren’t into that. You were into the small shy smile that tugged on Daniel’s lips whenever you threw a smile his way. But you had to be kind, customer service and all.

“Nice to meet you too, anytime. What will you have? These are some of our regular’s favourites,” You smiled sweetly as you ushered them to their seats and placed the menus on the tables, flipping to the ‘special menu’ page. One of them burst into laughter at the out right rejection to the flirtation and that you had told a dad joke in its stead. His name was Jisung as Seongwoo mentioned his name when hushing him about being such an old man and also out of embarrassment.

“I can’t help it, I’ve never seen THE Ong Seongwoo get rejected this hard before,” He clutched onto his stomach while sliding into the booth.

“So I heard you guys know Daniel?” You spoke to end the bickering between the men. Once you had uttered his name, all of them looked towards you with the same knowing smile that Daehwi had on when you had ranted to him about your little crush. All you did was sigh and expected for remarks that were far worse than Daehwi could.

“Oh we know him alright. But why not tell me more about yourself first?,” Seongwoo smirked as he swung his arm onto the top of the seat. This guy was pretty persistent, huh.

“Your intimidating her Seongwoo. Let’s just tell her so things at home can finally turn back to normal,” Minhyun was his name since Jisung had spoken his name when he agreed with the suggestion.

“What do you mean ‘turn back to normal’?” You inquired as all them looked your way with pity. You were so absolutely lost on how the lack of your presence in Daniel’s life had greatly affected him. It was to the point where he wasn’t shocked when a bug had crawled into his room. Minhyun further explained that he begun drinking coffee at home and didn’t even bother to alter it to his likings - a load of sugar. He had been so totally out of it lately that he didn’t bother to go to his lectures and that his cats, Peter and Rooney, had been whining a lot more recently since the attention given to them had been dwindling. Minhyun let out a frustrated sigh and ranted about having to clean after the two fur balls since Daniel couldn’t even leave his room for the past few days. And that was when you had to step in.

“Visit our apartment. It will definitely scare the heck out of him but I’d rather see that than his messy room,” Once they begun to bicker once more, you left their table to send in their orders and to think over the decisions you had to make. You barely know the guys who had only introduced themselves to you a few minutes ago, but a little visit wouldn’t hurt right?


“Ok so before we enter, Daniel may or may not pace around the living room so only enter once all of us has, got it?” Jisung explained to you and everything seemed as if you guys were a group of swat soldiers who had to detonate a bomb.

Once they had step foot into the apartment, you follow suit and ensured that the coast was clear. Jisung gave you a thumbs up to signal that Daniel was indeed still in his room, probably still in his bed with his sorrows. Seongwoo lead you to the room that he shared with Daniel and made sure that the both of you had the place to yourselves to sort things out. They just wanted to see their cheerful hyper best friend back again and return the hectic screams in the household.

You knocked a few times before entering the room, but no one replied to your greeting so you simply entered the room in hopes that they were right and that he was still in bed. But all your eyes had laid on was Daniel in the midst of changing his clothes as he grabbed his shirt upwards but only stopped midway to see who was entering the room. His torso was completely naked but you were thankful that his bottom half was still covered with a pair of sweatpants. The bomb was definitely not detonated, instead it went of with a loud screech. You screamed as you closed your eyes tight and covered your face behind your hands while Daniel scrambled to put his shirt back on and it made him take a longer time due to the panic that had surged through out his body. Why were you here and how did you know where he lived?

After things had settled down, as well as the howling and laughter from the guys who waited patiently outside, you sat on the bunk bed that was opposite his bed while Daniel tucked himself in his, still scarred from the previous events. It remained quiet until you had enough of seeing him glancing at you and opening his mouth, only to close it once more.

“The guys told me how depressed you were the past few weeks,” You told him as you fiddled with your fingers, glancing back and forth from your hands and to Daniel. 

“They did? B-but I’m fine. I just didn’t feel like going to the restaurant anymore,” He mumbled as held on tightly to one of his plush toys. You knew he wasn’t being straightforward with you. With the way he was attempting to avoid eye contact at all cost gave it away. You sighed before getting up from your spot and headed towards his bed, sitting on the other end of the bed as he looked at you wide-eyed.

“Do you honestly want me to tell you about all the embarrassing stuff you’ve done for the past few weeks? They exposed you so much, even I couldn’t handle it. So why not tell me about it yourself?” You asked, now facing him with a sorrowful look as he looked back at you, hesitating if he should spill the beans and let you know. 


“Daniel, you know telling me that you were simply flustered about that compliment was enough? Why were you even telling me about how Peter and Rooney was disappointed with you?” You chuckled as you cradled his hands in yours while he looked up regretfully.

“Because, I’ve… I like you for q-quite some time now and I was such a coward for ignoring you. That night was supposed to be me confessing you, not running away. And I could feel Peter was judging me with the way he looked at me. Rooney was doing the same thing too. I-I’m blubbering again. Let me get to the point, I like you (Y/N) and not having you in my life is driving me insane. You can’t have Iron man and exclude Captain America in Civil war. It just doesn’t make sense. So…s-so will you be my Captain America?” He looked up towards you with a twinkle of hope in his eyes. But all you could do was laugh at the references he was making and how much of a superhero fan he was.

“W-why are you laughing? I’m confessing to you and all you can do is laugh!” He huffed frustratedly as he hid himself under his blanket, frustrated with the way you had answered his confession. But that wasn’t your answer at all. You flipped the blankets over, revealing Daniel all curled up while he hugged his plushie ever so lovingly. You grabbed him by his arm, pulling him towards you so you could peck his round cheek.

“Is this what you were looking for?” You blushed, a wide grin adorning your face while Daniel was a stuttering mess. 

“Y-yah, I’m the one who’s supposed to make the move here,” He looked at you, furrowing his eyebrows while doing so. And as revenge, he pulled you into a tight hug, covering the both of you with his blanket. Let’s just say your nights at the restaurant weren’t so lonely anymore.

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*incoherent screaming* You opened prompts! Sterek: Not yet together sterek. The idea is a bath and Stiles how did you get that there?!? Thank you.

Taking Sterek Prompts | Filling Prompts Live


“Are you going to get in?” Stiles asked, peeling out of his last shirt, his words a little slurry around the edges. “In a- a- a-” He paused, trying rather unsuccessfully to shake his hand free of his sleeve. He started laughing uncontrollably and collapsed to the floor to work on his shoes. “The water, are you?”

“No,” Derek groused, pointedly not looking when Stiles flopped onto his back and began to shimmy out of his soaked pants. Black slime coated almost every square inch of the floor. “This is your bath, not mine.”

“Mine,” Stiles echoed, now just lying on the floor in a puddle of black, his pale skin coated head to foot in the gunk. “This is not my house.”

“Yes,” Derek agreed, as patiently as he could, checking the water’s temperature before turning off the tap. It had to be extra hot to affect the stuff. “This is the clinic.”

Deaton had explained that even minimal contact with the ichorous substance gave a contact high. Stiles had been practically drenched in the stuff when they had killed it. Luckily it was not deadly or even toxic- which was the problem. Someone had been keeping the creature as a pet, drawing out the fluid and selling it, and it had escaped three days ago to wreak havoc.

Very, very unfortunately, Derek had drawn the short straw for ensuring Stiles got cleaned up and came down from the high safely. Isaac, Boyd, and Erica were taking care of disposal of the body while Scott and Allison swung by Allison’s house to return weapons and report to her father. Deaton had been kind enough - or perhaps had enough self preservation - to give Derek the key to the clinic so he could get Stiles washed up away from his father’s questions.

“Come on,” Derek said gently, slipping from the edge of the tub to crouch at Stiles’ side. It was, he reflected, a very good thing that werewolves were not susceptible to the substance’s effects. “You gotta get cleaned up.” The effects wouldn’t wear off until every drop of the ichor was gone.

Stiles lifted his head, looking all the way down his lean form. “Oh, no, no that’s too far,” he told Derek, head falling back with an audible clunk he was probably going to feel in a few hours. “Wow, this is the best floor ever. Do you think I could take it home with me?”

“No,” Derek said with a sigh. Looked like this was going to have to be the hard way. He shifted, kneeling beside Stiles, and grabbed at his wrists to haul him up.

Despite that they slipped and slid a bit, Derek managed to get a very naked Stiles upright and across the three feet to the tub. For a second Stiles stood very still, holding tightly onto the edge of it like he was going to resist going in. Then he tipped forward and faceplanted directly into the basin so quickly Derek had to scramble to keep him from drowning.

“Hoooooo!!!!” Stiles shouted the second his mouth was above the surface, water sluicing away the ichor clinging to his skin. “It’s hot, Derek! This is really hot, why is it so hot? Oh my god, I’m melting!” He started grabbing at the black liquid coming off his skin.

Closing his eyes, Derek counted to three. Then five. Then ten, for good measure, and when he opened them again, Stiles had fallen very, very still and was staring wide eyed into the middle distance. It was not exactly an improvement, but at least he’d stopped thrashing, slopping water and ichor all over the floor and flinging it onto the walls and- and was that- on the ceiling?

“Stiles, how did you- you know what, nevermind,” Derek grumbled, reaching for the spray nozzle.

This setup was supposed to be for cleaning dogs, but it would work just as well for ornery, tripping humans. He began to run the spray over Stiles’ hair, watching the black give way to brown. When the tub had filled completely, Derek pulled the plug and let it drain. Diluted like this with water, it wouldn’t hurt the general populace; at worst, they’d all have a really good day soon.

Stiles’ eyes slid closed, and he relaxed into the gentle touches Derek used to turn him this way and that, to get at the last of the ichor still clinging to strange places like inside of his ears and between his fingers and- well, at least Stiles was unlikely to remember any of this very well tomorrow.

By the time he had gotten the last of it, Stiles had turned to putty in his hands, making a soft, pleasant humming noise that might have been purring on a cat. Derek swallowed hard, trying to keep it together. He still needed to get Stiles someplace to wait out the high, and get this place cleaned up so no one else would be affected.

Difficult to think of anything beyond the way Stiles pressed himself into Derek’s touches. “Feels good,” Stiles murmured, unwilling or unable to keep his eyes open. “You should touch me more.”

“Tomorrow,” Derek mumbled back, prodding Stiles to his feet. The floor was still covered in ichor, so Derek just leaned over and scooped a completely unresisting Stiles into his arms. Immediately, Stiles looped his own arms around Derek’s neck and burrowed his nose against Derek’s shoulder. “If you still want me to touch you tomorrow, I will.”

“Okay,” Stiles agreed muzzily.

He wouldn’t remember. No one else had. Still…

He allowed himself a small smile, and a measure of hope. Stiles had never been one for following the rules, after all.

Keep Yeh Warm

Alex X Reader

In which Alex becomes attached to the first beautiful thing he’s seen in weeks.

(I’m putting everything else under a cut in case anyone still hasn’t seen Dunkirk!! It may contain some spoilers.)

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the rough times of the day


Another wave on sickness rushed through Bendy as the last bit of his last meal was again rejected by his body now laying in the bucket before him which he was gripping for dear life. Tears where starting to collect them self’s at the edges on his eyes and the bitter sting left behind by the thick black liquid dripping down his chin made him want to throw up again but there was nothing to throw out anymore.

“come on Bendy big breaths” his brother said in a soft voice, gently petting his back to help him through the pulsing pain wreaking his body.

Bendy gripped the bucket a bit tighter feeling something all too familiar slowly crawl its way into his senses sticking his nerves with a fear of what’s about to come next

“oh no”

Boris pulled his hand back a little so it was hovering above Bendy’s back but not touching him.


A scream ripped itself from Bendy’s throat, a hot shot of crippling pain wreaking through his abandon as if his body was rejecting its own stomach. His arms shot out to his lower body gripping into his own skin so tight that if he wasn’t crippling under the pressure of his disease slowly destroying his body, he would have feared he tear open his skin.

Bendy was vaguely aware of the bucket tipping over and falling out of his lap, spilling the black stuff everywhere and leaving behind an gut wrenching sour smell.


Boris quickly placed his hand back on Bendy’s lower back and let the other find its way to the others knee, little tear welled up in his eyes, not being able to bear looking at his brother in so much pain.

“n-no Bendy don’t say that be strong oke, you’ll be oke.. j-just hold on”

Another scream was forced out Bendy, still gripping into his stomach, the red hot pain ripping both his mind and will apart like it was a piece of paper.


Bendy sobbed, it was too much to handle. The heat it was too much he was losing his damn mind, He couldn’t he just couldn’t.


A pair of arms wrapped themselves around Bendy’s shoulders, pulling him quickly but gently against Boris chest that was shacking from the sobs and hiccups going through him.

“please it’ll be oke brother just don’t lose hope please”

Boris held Bendy closer to himself like his was trying to squeeze away the illness that was wreaking his brother. 

Bendy breathing picked up some more, swallowing big gulps of air like he never had taken a breath in his life. trying to shut it out the feeling of his nerves burning and screaming out in bloody murder. Trying to push through and passed the crippling hot pain and the feeling his lungs where getting skinned alive.

If not for himself he was trying for somebody who still needed him, the person he cared about most in the world, “for Boris” he told himself .

Slowly ever so slowly relaxed even if it was just a tiny bit, the pain died down enough for him to regular his breathing and lean against Boris, too exhausted  to move.   

“it’s oke”

Boris squeezed Bendy a little closer to him, tears now freely going down his face.

“it’ll always be oke, I know you’re strong enough Bendy”

A little smile showed itself on Bendy’s lips when Boris started wiggling his tail happily, glad that his brother was more or less oke now.

“I’m not strong” Bendy said with a weak voice that was still tuckered out from all that screaming. “you’re the only reason I keep fighting Boris” he said with a soft sigh, now relaxing fulling against the other, leaning his head against Boris chest.


i tried 

you probaly get a fuck ton of these already but meh i thought you might like this one

(sorry i’m a shitty writer)

anyhow this is based on that little comic when bendy was pretty much dying but not quite

welp here you go have fun with it 

fic by idk-likesomeone

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thank you for this awesome fic! 

actually I didn’t get any fanfic about this AU; you’re the first bruh!

I added a little art if you don’t mind ^^