liquid aids

I was just cleaning up my room and I decided to take another picture of some more recently purchased Frozen merchandise. Now I have bought more stuff long before these, which I have yet to photograph, but this was the best I could do for now. Included in the picture is:

  • Set of sheets with a pillowcase
  • Toothpaste
  • An Anna toothbrush (I previously bought an Elsa toothbrush, shown in this photo)
  • Band-Aids
  • Liquid soap
  • Two containers of hand sanitizer
  • Earphones with pouch

Here is a better photo of the earphones. They feature an image of Elsa’s tiara, which is what makes them a Frozen item.


I’ve always been fascinated with those “everyday carry” pictures that people take of the stuff they habitually tote around, for utility, comfort, or habit. I’ve been tempted to do one of my own for a while, and today was the perfect opportunity for it–Boy’s wonderful mother got me a super cute new purse for my birthday, which I decided to get set up tonight.

So here: an itemized list of all the stuff I have on hand on a daily basis.

  • wallet (Young Frankenstein)
  • keys (home), with safety cat
  • keys (work), with holdup alarm
  • notebooks (for grocery and other lists)
  • notebooks (for writing, with pens)
  • first aid kit (contains band-aids, liquid bandage, ibuprofen, burn cream, antiseptic spray, Vaseline, two emergency pads, super glue, sewing kit, measuring tape)
  • asthma inhaler and spacer
  • two pads (non-emergency)
  • bottle of ibuprofen (for headaches and cramps)
  • decorative pillbox containing a small backup supply of my anti-anxiety medication
  • lip balm (one tinted, one not)
  • lipstick (generally at least two–currently, Wet’n’Wild Retro Pink and MAC Cyber)
  • black lace gloves (for fancy emergencies)
  • eyeglass repair kit with precision screwdriver
  • LED flashlight (with self-defense tip)
  • lint remover
  • pepper spray
  • perfume rollerball (Lady Gaga Fame)
  • Muppet tin with pens, mechanical pencils, and pen lead
  • additional writing implements (fountain pen, ballpoint with soft stylus tip, highlighter, Sharpies, glittery blue body art pen)
  • compact mirror (silver, signed, for good luck)
  • compact mirror (gold, in soft cover, for fixing lipstick)
  • Nintendo 3DS XL (red, currently contains Project X-Zone with quicksave in the middle of Chapter 31)
  • spare stylus for 3DS
  • tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab something-or-other, with magnetic cover and stylus)
  • Ouija board tin containing a number of pieces of white chalk (for magical emergencies)
  • mp3 player
  • business cards (freelance)
  • business cards (actual job–card case also contains a bus pass)
  • business cards (Majima Goro)
  • wish charm (handmade, from @shamecar)
  • small fancy lantern charm (also from @shamecar)
  • Elecman

Not pictured: cell phone (being used to take picture), current knitting project (in its own tote bag), headphones (too big to carry in purse), book (currently Low Life, by Luc Sante)

anonymous asked:

i've heard a lot about putting band-aids on scabs, but what if you have a lot of them and some are just too visible? it would draw attention and become embarrassing if anyone caught an arm sprinkled with band-aids. :c

Some handy suggestions from the Derma Dragonfly:

  • put Band-Aids on some scabs, not all, if you feel some are too visible
  • there is such thing as liquid Band-Aids; you can paint on a layer that will dry and protect the scab; this could be less visible and covered with makeup if necessary
  • wear long-sleeves, arm socks, whatever, if the weather’s right
  • get novelty Band-Aids, plaster them all over, and claim you wanted to decorate yourself
  • same as above re: those temporary-tattoo Band-Aids. Remember those?
  • you don’t have to wear Band-Aids all the time; if you don’t pick in public, for example, try just keeping them on at home, at night, or whenever is most useful
  • put Band-Aids on your fingertips instead to keep from picking (gloves also work for this)
  • skip Band-Aids while you’re out, but make sure to dab your scabs with antibiotic ointment to keep them both healing and soft/less pickable

Other dragonflies, have you got any further tips for this anon?