Okay, Fine (맞아 맞아) (Feat. Daeho)
  • Okay, Fine (맞아 맞아) (Feat. Daeho)
  • Liquid (리퀴드)
  • City Lights EP

Artist: Liquid (리퀴드)
Song: Okay, Fine (맞아 맞아) (Feat. Daeho)
Album: City Lights EP

"You’re right, it’s my fault and you were right" - words that we all want to hear in a relationship. Hip-hop duo Liquid made this song about the little fights and arguments two people have in a relationship. Though it isn’t a pleasant thing, they’ve made it light-hearted and laughable with this sweet track. Daeho’s voice enhances this mood (and I highly suggest checking out his covers on YouTube).

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