Draconic Drinks and Spirits

Lots of people love booze. Lots of people also make booze. Theres many items that we have on FR that your dragons could use to brew up something you can mix and match with other drinks. Taverns have to get their booze from somewhere so this here is a list of items we have currently (as of August 30th 2017) that could be used to create a nice brew, which unlike Baldwin, should give your dragons exactly what they want. I’m no expert on this stuff so most of this is comparing fr items to real world alcohol ingredients and a little bit of imagination. (if you’re skeptical about the gulls, feel free to look up ‘seagull wine’)

Treasure Plant: Liqueur. golden brown liquid gives drinker a happy feeling.

Crimson Rootvine: basically a potato beer or vodka that has a red tint

Lace Lantana: Fruit of plant used for wine. popular in daiquiris. flowers used to garnish.

Royal Lantana: Same as lace lantana. reserved for use for kings and queens and other nobility. growers and brewers are hand picked by the nobility themselves. This is considered a great honor.

Tradewinds Gull and Murkbottom Gull: Iceflight is horrid. Instructions are simple, put a gull in a bottle of water and let it ferment. very few dragons aquire a taste for it and is generally homebrewed. Generally considered inhumane

Potash Peach: a favourite for wines in fire flight. known for its sweet taste and firey afterkick.

Charged Duneberry: Not for the faint of heart. Lightning is famous for its Duneberry Liqueur which is cyan in colour and gives off a slight glow.

Seaberry: Used for wine in the sea of a thousand currents. Its creation is a well kept secret by many water flight clans. Most barrels are made of palm trees. One particular clan uses driftwood for the barrels. how its kept in there is another secret entirely.

Winter’s Delight: Ice Flight is known for its ice and dessert wines. Winter’s delight ice wine is said to be the finest, generally reserved for the well off and wealthy. adored by courtesans and royalty alike.

Tundra cactus: One of Ice flight’s sources of vodka.

Blackberry: Shadowflight makes a wine from blackberries, combining it with brandy and diced fruit makes for a lovely sangria.

Crisp Leaf Amaranth: Arcane, Plague, and Water clans all have varying methods of Brewing Ale from this plant.

Sandhills Amaranth: Nature uses the seeds and stems for their brew, Shadow uses the leaves and stems for theirs. Both have a different taste depending on what else the beer is brewed with.

Amaranth: Earth is the only one to brew beer from this form of the plant. Ice and Lightning prefer to consume it as grain.

Red Delicious Apple: Nature flight loves a good sweet apple cider.

Sour green Apple: Windflight is usually known for sweeter spirits, which is why its such a surprise to have such a sour liquer. Its popular to give newly adult dragons this, tricking them into believing its a sweet drink.

Honeycrisp: Iceflight uses this to make a rather strong applejack. Other clans use it for a nice cider.

Granny Smith Apple: Light Flight makes a lovely dessert wine from these apples. It has a golden colour to it and is an excellent gift to roll into any social gathering tagged “to the fairest.”

Green Plantain: Wind uses these to make a beer that is strangely served warm. Its opaque, dense, and generally made in large quantities.

Plantain: Used with Red bananas and combined with maize flower to make a beer. Its generally considered a summer beverage.

Herbal Plantain: Used moreso in herbal teas, the leaves of this plant are used to add ‘health benefits’ to the banana beers. Its yet to be proven if they actually do anything.

Broadleaf Plantain: Due to its hardy nature, beginner homebrewers tend to experiment with this plant in anything from liqueurs to gin. Some results are better than others.

Greater Plantain: Due to its great taste, its used rather in flavouring rather than in the creation of its own drink.

Sugary Prickleaf: This plant can be used as an alternative to sugarcane for making molasses. and molasses means you can make rum! Pirate dragons rejoice!

Gradish: its roots have the perfect sugars to be made into a rum like drink, vodka or even spirits with enough alcohol in them that it could kill you! endless possibilities!

Acorn: Not a common thought for a drink, but shadow and nature make a good liquor from these tiny things.

Blood Acorn: Lairs on the borders between shadow and plague make a liquer from these acorns. It has a slight red tinge to it.

Stonecorn: It takes a skilled eye to tell the difference between a pebble and a stonecorn. However it takes an even more skilled hand to brew these suckers into a fine liquer. Its said to go down really smooth if made right.

Sunkernel: It takes large quantities of these to actually make a batch of liquer. Its more golden in colour.

Hainu’s Eye: These and woodland acorns are soaked in gin or brandy to produce a flavour many nature and plant eating dragons enjoys.

Fire Flower: Not used to create its own beverage but is mixed in with cinnamon and grassland grains for Dreadram fire whiskey. generally served with a spade tail in or wrapped around the glass.

Honeycomb fragment: The honey is used in meads in every flight. Its also used to make vodkas or a strong spirit named Horilka.

Miniature Potash Peach: Used in similar ways as a full grown potash peach, Though the result is usually as sour as the mini fruit itself.

Stonewatch Flatblade: apart of the Aguave family, The Harpies of the roost have been known to create tiquila with it.

stonewatch scrub: Same use as the flatblade, though this is the more common plant to be cultivated for such a use.

Cinnamon: not used to make its own drink, however it is used to flavour things. The result is generally spicy.

Strawberry: Most commonly used in nature and wind to make liquers or wine. 

Engineered Superberry: The berry of choice for lightning flight berry related wines. the result is always blue.

Sour Strawberry: Used to make… sour berry liquers and spirits. what a surprise.

Maiden’s blush: mix with caution due to the slight toxicity. Its incredibly challenging to create a spirit out of this flower so the result is generally very rare and affordable to only the rich and thrill seeking boozewyms.

Hallowed Ivy: Often mixed with Treasure Plant to enhance the positive spirits given with this spirit.

Watermelon: Waterflight has ingeniously figured out a way to make a fine brandy with these melons.

Sugarmelon: Though its more commonly used for flavourings to infuse liqueurs with, there is a variant of the melon brandy using this melon.

Lume Daffodil: can sometimes be used in combination with peppermint to make creme de menthe.

Strangler seeds: though a nuisance to put in someone elses garden, these seed could be put to much better use in a liqueuer. generally a brandy liqueuer similar in taste to a mire chesnut brandy liqueuer, but much cheaper.

Blooming pods: Similar usage to strangler seeds, however the taste has more bite to it.

Luminous almonds: Used to make a sweet amaretto thats popular in light flight.

High-Voltage Almonds: the amaretto made with these almonds has quite the kick to it. Non lightning dragons consuming this beware.

Irridated Pear, Wasteland Pear, Prickly pear: All used to make vodka. No change in taste depending on where it originates.

Blue Honeycomb: Same usage as a normal honeycomb but due to the challenging nature of brewing anything from this quickly solidifying honey, its generally considered a drink for those of high status and or wealth. Breweries will reuse off batches honey for hard candies. Not for hatchlings.

Spearmint: used for mint schnapps. Peppermint is generally considered better.

Peppermint: Used in Peppermint Schnapps and Creme de menthe. Generally the most popular drink made from this is putting the schnappes or creme de menthe into a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Cindermint: Used in its own Cindermint Schnapps and Creme de Cindermenthe. Also used in other 'spicy’ drinks to add a little extra kick. A favourite of Fire flight.

Golden Pepper,Blacktongue Pepper: a lair in fire flight uses them to create a vodka so spicy they claim its the hottest drink in all of Sornieth. Their advertising even suggests not to buy it.

Butcher’s Fig: Used in a Fig spirit. has a red tinge to it. still stains the maw red if enough is consumed.

Fig: Used in fig liqueuers.

Sunbeam Fig: used in spirits and liqueuers. Almost entirely cultivated in light flight. due to the challenge of obtaining the fruit its considered rare and expensive. a favourite among Light flight royalty.

Patio Rose, Heart Rose, Blue Rose, Pale Pink Rose: All used for rose water that some dragons think is a good idea to mix with alcohol. It probably just waters it down.

Now go forth and have those drunkard dragons and brewers get creative!

Diet | Tony Stark x Chubby!Reader

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“Hey, babe” Tony wrapped his arms around his soft and squishy fiancee. Tony had been in his lab all day building and improving his Iron Suits, he only stopped when his stomach seemed to call him from his work. “You want to go out and grab something to eat?” He pressed a soft kiss to her neck. It had been a while since he left his lab. (Y/n) chalked it up to stress of losing his friends. It made her happy that he wanted to go out. 

“Of course.” She agreed. Gently, he kissed his loving fiancee’s lips. She held him for a moment, maybe he was healing emotionally? (Y/n) brushed a bit of hair off of Tony’s face. 

“Cheeseburgers sound good. Something… horrible preferably.” He teased. He kissed her again. Her face flashed a bit of surprise. She hadn’t spoken to him about it but (Y/n) had been trying to lose a few pounds and cheese burgers were off the diet, to say the least. Maybe she could get a salad? It wasn’t something she wanted to bring up however, knowing Tony was going through something himself… she didn’t want him to worry. 

“Baby, you..okay?” Tony asked, once they made it to the rinky-dink hole in the wall bar. “You seem quiet. Usually you try and convince me to talk about how I’m feeling rather than drinking them away” He swallowed some whiskey, placing his free hand on her thigh. 

“I’m fine” She assured. “I think it’d be okay for you to drink tonight… just not a whole bottle” Tony rolled his eyes at her. “I can hold my liquer fine, if that’s what you are implying.” His eyes skimmed the different burgers on the menu. “Please, Tony you aren’t a spring chicken.” She teased. (Y/n) focused on the salads and calculated the calorie and fat intake silently. 

“Bacon cheeseburger” He told the waitress, a mild glare on his face, ready to tear into her on the chicken reference. 

“Just the small salad” She orders. 

“Wait… salad?” Tony’s joke was instantly gone. “You normally get (Fav burger?). Especially from here.” Tony was not an idiot… okay sometimes he is. “Are you dieting?”

“I’m fine Tony” She responds. “I just want to lose a little on my thighs. And my tummy” His face contorts into a look of concern. “Come on. You have to be kidding?” 

“My problems  aren’t important right now. I’m worried about you.” (Y/n) tried to turn it back to Tony. 

“My problems don’t make your’s less important” he said softly. His hand gripped her leg, before moving to take her hand. “You look good. You are beautiful… and healthy.” He pointed out. He leaned forward and kissed (Y/n). “If you want to diet fine.. but just have one cheeseburger with me” 

“…. Fine” She said finally. 

Mars-Bar • Alex Danvers

My giggles were absolutely uncontrollable as I stumble with Kara into her apartment. We’d meet after the DEO started talking to me and had become especially close after I started dating her sister Alex. Honestly for the longest time I was nervous about Kara, she’s my girlfriends sister and best friend so I always had the fear that she might not like me. That is ridiculous because she’s one of the nicest people I know but I couldn’t help but feel anxious and desperately want to bond with Kara. Most of our recent bonding was over the fact that our home planets were close and our alieness, I tried to bond over game night but failed because of my lack of human knowledge.

Flashback to this morning when I found out that Kara had never returned to space to visit any other planets, my own powers allow me to teleport and can go to other planets whenever I want so I insisted she’d let me take her out and show her a good time. And now it is currently 3 a.m. and we just crashed our way into her apartment after falling down the stairs twice and trying to get into the wrong room five times.

I had transported us to the Mars-Bar, a bar that is themed around the human perception of what Martians would look like. The waiters dressed ridiculously and the drinks had assorted punny names like Take Me To Your Liquer and The Roswell Shot. A lot of drinks and jokes later we realize we should probably head back to earth. We apparently didn’t realize this soon enough because as we stumble into the room we see Alex staring at us sternly.

“Where exactly have you two been for the last five hours?” She says as we try and quiet are giggling.

“Aleeeexxxxxx, there was this bar you should totally come sometime….” Kara slurs while making her way to her couch and laying down,

“Dude…. the atmosphere would kill her… we cant take her there,” I say going to give Alex a hug but more likely falling into her.

“Atmosphere? You took Kara to space? And got her drunk? What were you thinking, (y/n)?” Alex says basically holding you up.

“She’s never been to space since she was tiny, Alex… Its important to me that we bond… I want your sister to like me because I like you… its just important… we gotta bond… so I took her out for a few drinks… we were just having fun… you seem disappointed… Im sorry…” I say cuddling into her.

Alex sighed, exasperated, “Just tell me next time you two go MIA to bond on a different planet,” I nodded as she started walking me towards the door.

“You just need to be careful, I worry about you two,” She continues. I nod again noticing that Kara had fallen asleep on her couch as Alex walked me out of the apartment room.

“You know she already loves you right, you dont need to take her to another planet to get her to like you,” She says laughing a bit while walking you down the stairs.

“God I love you, (y/n),” she said as she walked you down the street towards her apartment to go to bed.

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The Hogwarts Houses, Drunk Edition
  • Gryffindor: gets blitzed on whiskey and microbrew beers, is super into drunken gaming and competitive drinking games like beer pong and flip cup, literally every song that comes on is their favorite song as long as it's loud and fast, convincing everyone to do shots and does not know when to quit, invents bullshit drinking games to get everyone shitwrecked, is a fucking karaoke s u p e r s t a r b i t c h, has to literally be dragged out of the club at closing time and keeps stumbling and singing the chorus to the same song over and over again AT THE TOP OF THEIR FUCKING LUNGS all the way back to the car, pukes into a ditch on the side of the road while loudly insisting I'M FINE BRUH I'M FINE I'M GONNA RALLY BRUH I'M FINE while Slytherin snickers louder than they meant to and Hufflepuff goes into instant mom friend mode no matter how drunk they are
  • Hufflepuff: gets whatever mixed drink looks interesting or just straight up cheap white zin because who the fuck cares it's like juice, ends up drinking literally every type of liquor available because they want to try everything on the cocktail menu, giggles at LITERALLY EVERYTHING, ends up being the shocker winner of never have i ever and still just keeps giggling like an innocent little marshmallow, tells everyone they love them and is very very very concerned that everyone knows I FUCKEN LOVE YOU MAN, drunken cuddles with EVERYONE, hits that wall where they need to have french fries and pizza like RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, can barely see straight but makes sure and double and triple sure everyone is safe and someone sober has their keys, gets obliterated but still makes a fry up for everyone in the morning
  • Ravenclaw: is into steadily sipping on classic cocktails throughout the evening, old fashioneds and sazeracs and tom collinses, that euphoric, fuzzy feeling when you slip from sober to buzzed, savors their drinks while having stimulating intellectual conversation with slytherin while gryffindor and hufflepuff kill it on the dance floor, is pretty subdued until THAT ONE SONG comes on that one indie or classic motown song they really love and then they. fucken. W O R K I T, paces well but still ends up getting schwasted and telling everyone who will listen about their favorite exoplanet and other useless trivia, gets really intense with total strangers about crazy but deep conspiracy theories, makes biting sarcastic comments about other drunken fools around them a little too loudly, does inscrutable and whimsical dances around the bar, loudly points out every constellation on the way back to the car, INSISTS on reading everyone a bedtime story and it ends up being the Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock, which Slytherin threatens to burn every copy of if ravenclaw doesn't let them GET SOME FUCKING SLEEP ALREADY
  • Slytherin: gets M E S S E D U P on fine champagne and/or French liquers, doesn't usually intend on getting wild but gryffindor inevitably challenges them to something crazy like a tequila chugging contest and then it's fucking on son and they win every time cause pride is definitely worth a liver and some brain cells, gets either very giggly drunk with Hufflepuff or very philosophical drunk with ravenclaw, subtly watches out for everyone because god help whatever douchebro tries to harrass hufflepuff, quiet but cutting remarks to drunken catcallers, invents a completely new identity and life story and plays along with dudes trying to pick them up, gives out prank numbers, gets easily overstimulated and disappears to drunkely contemplate the stars and existence, usually ends up shedding at least one major article of clothing, skinny dipping, paces terribly and ends up getting way too drunk, is convinced they are dying, flops around and insists on being carried, dramatically tells everyone they love them this is it they are really dying this time, passes the fuck out as soon as they're put in bed and wakes up at precisely 4:30 am thrashing with a splitting headache screaming for water and lets hufflepuff cuddle them because why not it makes hufflepuff feel useful but DON'T TOUCH ME NOBODY TOUCH ME I AM STILL IN THE PROCESS OF DYING I KNOW I SAID THAT LAST NIGHT BUT NOW I'M ACTUALLY DYING

“YTDAD: Miranda Sing’s Miranda Stings!”


  • Lemons
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Ginger Liquer
  • Tonic
  • Honey Jack Daniels


  1. Squeeze half a lemon into a shaker full of ice.
  2. Grate some fresh ginger into the shaker.
  3. Add ginger liquer and honey Jack Daniels.
  4. ~*Shake it up, shake it up, do the Macarena*~
  5. Rim a glass in a messy amount of strawberry preserves, just for the added Miranda Sings touch.
  6. Pour a touch of tonic into the bottom of a glass.
  7. Pour the booze from the shaker on top.
  8. Cheers!! It’s delichus!!

“You know, Miranda, we actually have quite a bit in common. You’re known for your vocal chords, and I’m known as a local fjord.”

So mom was like “Im gonna drink liquer” and I havent had any, not of that kind at least, so I’m like “oh I want too!”. I ask her “is this heavy?” she’s like “nah” so I pour almost one glass. Then she says “you should know though, it really "hits” you" so I guess I’m gonna be buzzed in an hour or so.

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Where do you currently live?  Edmonton, Alberta. It’s ugly but atleast it’s cold.

Where would you prefer to live if given the option, and why? I wanna be in the USA with my husband, I don’t even care where in the US at this point.

Shoe size? US 7.5, EU 38

Can you fall asleep on your back? If so do you wake up like that? I usually fall asleep on my side, and either wake up like that or on my back. But I CAN, infact, fall asleep on my back but it’s not a favoured position.

Is there a movie/book/show/game you’re looking forward to? The Last Jedi, mostly.

Wine, or hard liquor? What is one of your preferred drinks?  For booze: red wine (malbec, pinot noir, bordeaux) and I love scotch, cognac, bourbon, gin, and irish cream liquer. non-booze: sparkling water, herbal tea, decaf coffee, lemon soda, and elderflower soda.

Physical touch, do you enjoy it? What’s your favorite spot, what spot do you not want to be touched? I dunno, I don’t mind it? Thigh is good, shoulders and hands, hips. HATE my feet getting touched, and I’m not fond of my belly being touched either.

Go into your Youtube history and provide the link to the 7th video in the list:  TBH it’s an obnoxious makeup vid so i wont

What was the last song you listened to?  Paranoid by Black Sabbath. I tried to get my nephew to listen to it lmfao but he said it was “stupid” so…

Do you have any thoughts on Nick Jonas? whomst?

Water or Silicone based? …for what? uh… well, for makeup, I usually go with water based…

The most illicit controlled substance you’ve partaken in? I smoked weed a few times (hated it) had weed brownies a couple times (did NOT have a good time) and tried mushrooms once (they were old so nothing cool happened).

If you could get your friends/family to watch one specific gay movie, which one would it be? I… I don’t… think I know of any gay movies… ?

Do you listen to Podcasts? Not right now. I used to listen to the FPlus but they got really obnoxiously preachy after the 2016 american election so I had to stop listening to preserve my sanity

What do you do on a Sunday? if im not working i usually just chill

Birth sign, and zodiac? What do you like most about both, what do you like least. If you could pick which would you prefer?  okay what is the difference between birth sign and zodiac, aren’t those the same thing??  Anyway mine is Aquarius. I don’t believe in the horoscope thing, but i find the whole “lol all aquarians are WEIRDOS and love ALIEN CONSPIRACIES” thing stupid

In front of my salad?  you kids and your porn memes

Last book or comic you enjoyed? the wind in the willows

A kink or fetish you have, can you explain how it became one for you? Mutual Love, Respect, and Affection is my ONE and ONLY kink

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Coffee Cocktails

 I’m a girl who loves her coffee. The day just doesn’t seem right if I don’t start it off with the kettle on the stove followed by a big steamy mug in my hands. Served hot or chilled, with bourbon or cognac or amaretto, all of these concoctions just look and sound so tasty.

Caffè Di Alpi


  • 1 Teaspoon of honey
  • 3 Ounces of hot brewed coffee 
  • 1 and ½ ounces of bourbon
  • 1 Large dollop of Alps Whipped Cream (see below)
  • Pinch of freshly grated nutmeg


1. Put the honey in a warmed mug.

2. Add the hot coffee and the bourbon and stir.

3. Top with Alps Whipped Cream and garnish with the grated nutmeg.

Alps Whipped Cream


  • ¾ Ounce of amaro ( A bittersweet Italian liqueur often served as an after-dinner drink.)
  • 4 Ounces of heavy cream


1. In a small bowl, beat the heavy cream until thickened.

2. Add amaro and beat until firm.

Coffee Cognac Cooler



  • 8 oz strong dark-roast coffee, chilled
  • 3 oz cognac
  • 2 oz coffee liquer
  • 2 oz heavy cream
  • 2 scoops coffee flavored ice cream

Blend all the ingredients except the ice cream, with plenty of ice. Divide between two tall glasses and top it off with scoop of ice cream. Garnish with chocolate shaving and serve with a spoon.

The Beccacino

External image


  • 1 oz of brandy
  • ½ oz Benedictine
  • ½ oz amaretto
  • ½ oz Irish Mist
  • 2 ½ oz of chilled or cold brew coffee.


Built in a mixing glass and stirred. Strained into cocktail glass and topped with whipped cream.