For those of you who wondered about our twinsies eyes ~
They are actually galaxy eyes! ♥ They sparkle with different lights and angles, it’s so pretty! Especially with the puckered pink lips, ahhh. I love this face mod so much.
Eyebrows and lips are by me, the eyeliner is a mod by crucifiers. The eyes are an edit I made on @kittieology’s Midnight eyes. The original can be found here ♥ Thanks for the permission to use this mod as my base, Kitty!

Since I’m trash, I’ve been thinking up headcanons of my babies having babies.

Asami and Korra adopt a little Fire Nation boy named Takuma. I’m not sure if he’d be a bender or not (but he’d be a Firebender, if he was). He calls Asami Mom and Korra Momma.

Bolin and Opal have two kids. The oldest is an Earthbender girl named Mingzhu and the youngest is an Airbender boy named Thokmay.

Varrick and Zhu Li have six kids, all girls. Nigaq, Liqin, Qannik, Baozhai, Takubvik, and Putyuk. Putyuk is the only bender (Waterbender). All of the girls have Varrick wrapped around their little fingers and can get him to do almost anything. More than once, Zhu Li has come home to find Varrick, their girls, and the kitchen covered in foodstuffs. 

Liqin and Liqui made it to 44 today! We’re having lots of fun and enjoy the class a lot, hence why we don’t rush through but take our time. I never enjoyed a dps class as much as I enjoy the ninja class! Also Quinn, which will be her nick, is just so cute! *-* I can hardly resist to buy all kind of costumes for her - thankfully I’m broke so I can’t afford any xD