the signs as things i like
  • aries: animal skulls
  • taurus: small dogs
  • gemini: shitty chrome extensions
  • cancer: tiny crabs
  • leo: big cats
  • virgo: jade liptick
  • libra: bright red chalk
  • scorpio: really tiny spiders
  • sagittarius: muscles
  • capricorn: carnivals
  • aquarius: magic in books
  • pisces: the smell of the ocean breeze

anonymous asked:

i absolutely understand where youre coming from. but what are youre thoughts on minor shoplifting from major corporations like taking a tube of lipstick from wal mart? personally i see nothing wrong with it, they wont miss it ya know?

I used to work for Asda who is owned by Walmart and work in the same way. I actually used to work in stock control. If the numbers on the computer did not add up with the numbers of the product we actually owned then I would have to go searching for it. If i could not find it I would have to knock it off which would reflect badly on my work. 

Also when things are stolen and the numbers have to be knocked off then its called shrink, the more shrink you have on your individual store then lower your bonus will be and the budget for things like the Christmas party or something nice in the staff cafe. Things like the Christmas Party does not sound important but for some people it can be the highlight of their year. 

If everyone thought it was okay to steal a £4 tube of lipstick or something small then the more stock that store has to knock off. In my store the shrink got so bad that all the staff had to line up and be frisked before leaving the store.   

Also another thing is it is normal practice for a store to let you think you keep on getting away with stealing from them so they can collect evidence to prosecute you for a bigger sentence so its really not worth it. 

I actually buy my liptick from Superdrug, their £1 selection is fantastic, I wore a purple lipstick and it stayed on all through a night out! 

Libfem/Radfem and Tumblr

I’ve seen a lot of posts about Radfems and Libfems, Radfems being seen as TERFs and haters and Libfems being seen like some kind of cop-put and used as an insult (I have fallen into that trap myself). 

But it’s confusing to me because I learned these terms outside of Tumblr and they are … different than how they are used here. So I just thought I would share what I learned of them in my gender studies class, just for the sake of dialogue. 

Radical feminism is a feminist perspective that is focused on the destruction of patriarchal systems. This involves challenging long accepted institutions that are ruled by male supremacy. There is often a strong emphasis on the eradication of gender all together.

Liberal feminism is a perspective sometimes simplified as “individualist feminism” because of the focus on individual choice as opposed to the destruction of systems. However despite it’s use as an insult, liberal feminism has focused on rights for women within existing legal and political systems and concern themselves with policies that benefit women.

There are definitely views that are more commonly associated and aligned with each movement, but from what I have gathered the average feminist is rarely one or the other. Keep in mind that there are many different schools of thoughts and titles within feminism and many of them take from these two. If you believe that the patriarchy needs to be destroyed and these systems of social and economic oppression need to go and be replaced … but in the mean time you want laws to benefit you and you want better media representation or what have you then you are mixing the two of them.

There are many kinds of feminism not mentioned here like Socialist Feminism, Goddess Feminism, Eco-Feminism, Equality Feminism, Post-Modern Feminism, Liptick Feminism, Womanism and so much more. A lot of them take parts of radical and liberal feminist theory and create something unique to themselves.

This is, of course, insofar as I have studied it, maybe you have studied differently!


Inspired by my never-ending thirst for a Grelliam college AU, as well as demonstrating my “if you don’t have enough Grelliam make your own Grelliam” principle, I made this.

“Lipticks & Hair Gel” - a dry sitcom with two college dorm toilet-mates who are surprisingly compatible despite their incapability to comprehend the existence of the other.

Coming soon to no screen near you.

Note: The bathroom set-up is based on my own dorm bathroom. :p Also, toilet-mates just seem to be more fun than roommates since every time you see the other person they’re either half-naked or steamy wet.


haul with my friend from a week ago or so (bottom left is my entire haul, bottom right is hers) sorry for shitty pics etc


it cosmetics naturally pretty palette: $42

it cosmetics powder blush: $58 

it cosmetics travel brush set: $50

lipstick queen sinnerx3 (wine, rust, berry): $66

lipstick queen butterfly ballx2 (goodbye, smitten): $48

benefit eye bright: $20

benefit dandelion blush: $28

benefit roller lash: $24

benefit marvelous moxie lip gloss in hypnotist: $18

stila convertible lip color in poppy: $25 

anastasia clear brow gel: $22

lip injection gloss: $22


urban decay primer in eden: $20

becca shimmering skin perfector in moonstone: $41

roses de chloe *heart eyes emoji*: $95


nars concealer: $35

nars illuminator in copacabana: $36

nars liptick in scarlet empress: $32

stila foil finish eye shadow in kitten: $42

kat von d lock it foundation: $43


michael kors wallet: $138

total: $928

my friends total was roughly $1200 lol