Pacman and Chill- Tate (post-death) x Reader

request: headcanon of playing on a pacman machine w/ (dead) tate & end up cuddling & making out?? thank v much!!


Originally posted by m-atilda

  • you are playing to win
  • you jam the controls as if hitting them harder will make you better
  • tate huffs angrily
  • “come on that can’t be true”
  • scoffing when he sees it, “i’ll fix that”
  • immediately doing better than you
  • “you were letting me win..”
  • pouting and jutting out your lower lips
  • tate tries to hide a smile
  • tate leans in to plant a kiss on your angry pout
  • you immediately go red with excitement
  • “i think i’d rather play with you for a while”
  • you snort out a laugh, you are his louder more outgoing other half
  • “did tate langdon, really just use a pickup line on me?!”
  • him looking angry at you
  • looking at him seriously “you know i love you”
  • crawling over the footboard onto the bed and pulling him by his sweater
  • once you are both on the bed you lean in like you’re going to kiss
  • you tickle his armpits and neck
  • tate squirming and screaming
  • you stop before it turns bad
  • he glares at you
  • acting all innocent, batting your eyes like a little girl “what? you said you wanted to play,”
  • he mimics your words mouthing them a second after you say them
  • “don’t be such a ba-”
  • he pulls you to him and kisses you roughly
  • flipping you on your back so he is on top of you
  • his tongue sweeps your lower lip
  • tate drags his hand down your chest until your breath hitches excitedly
  • he smiles mischievously through the kiss
  • “this kind of game… yeah i could play this game all day”