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MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks - FINALLY

Yaaaaasss. They are finally here.

I remember some time around May or so last year, I sent a frenzied text to someone in Estee Lauder asking when the “new matte liquid lipsticks” would be available. I’d seen makeup legend Val Garland mention them online and couldn’t wait to see these for myself. (Little did I know it would be 2016 before they were actually launched.)

Still, much better late than never! 

Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks will launch in Singapore on 8 Jan (SGD$39), and I have 8 of the 9 available shades here for review, but haven’t had time to do lip swatches of these but I just had to get the wrist swatches up first. Honestly, they are so opaque anyway that what you see here will be what you get on your lips.

I’ll say from first impressions that:

  • they dry completely matte; more matte than the regular Retro Matte lipsticks, which is normal for liquid lipsticks which contain no waxes or oils
  • these take a couple of minutes to dry and set (after which they become transfer-proof), so make sure your lips are clean and don’t press your lips together for awhile or you risk messing them up
  • you should apply most of the product onto the center of your lips first, then slowly push and spread outwards so that you don’t end up with less color in the center and a weepy thick mess around the edges of your lips, as the doe foot applicators have a tendency to push product away from the center and concentrate them outwards
  • they do break down when in contact with oil/grease, as with any lip product, so you can’t put gloss over these without breaking down the formula
  • these are extremely long-wearing so make sure you have cream or oil-based (or at least dual-phase oil-on-water) removers handy; I couldn’t get most of the stronger shades cleaned off with micellar liquid OR wipes
  • I didn’t notice any darkening of the shades during my first try - many liquid lipsticks set and then slowly darken or change color on the skin over the next 15-30 mins
  • they WILL feel dry on the lips - let’s just be honest - I haven’t met a transfer-resistant lipstick that didn’t feel dry; they can’t have any emollients and be truly transfer proof at the same time

All in all, in terms of texture and performance, they are exactly what I expected them to be. 

The great thing is the colors are truly beautiful. I only wish there were more shades as the only con is a lack of more neutral, mauve-y, rosy lip-toned shades, warmer pinks or deep dark shades. Still, they’re launching an additional 6 shades in March 2016, so that should be cool.

I want a dark russet brown, dark purple, a blackened cherry…..

Review + Swatches: NYX Wicked Lippies

What they Are - 12 unusual, Jewel-toned lipsticks with a metallic finish

Where to Get Them - Currently only available on

What They Cost - $6 each

Quick Verdict - Thumbs Up!

I was so excited when I first learned about the launch of this line… NYX has been on a roll lately with the unusual lipstick trend!  The swatches of these lipsticks really sucked me in, but I was worried about the “shimmering” and the “metallic finish”, and only purchased three colors to start with (instant regret… I need them ALL!)

These lipsticks are very nicely pigmented, and are very very creamy.  The slipperiness is almost difficult to work with - you have to really take your time and be careful when applying so that these intense colors don’t wander all over your face.  I highly recommend using lip liner with these lipsticks, to keep them in place and to prevent premature fading.  No, NYX hasn’t released any corresponding lip liners (that would be cool!) so you might have to use eyeliner (don’t eat it) or just use a clear lip liner to prevent bleeding.

Here are the swatches:

BETRAYAL - A deep vamp purple with a pearl finish.  This is the most “normal” of the three I purchased!

RISQUE - A deep, metallic forrest green.  I CANT EVEN with this shade.  The sheen this has is absolute perfection.

COLD HEARTED - Deep metallic granite with a silver shimmer.  This is my favorite… I’d say it’s like a gunmetal color, super shiny but not “frosty” if you know what I mean.  There is no glitter, it’s very sexy.

All of these swatches were done WITHOUT lip liner so that you could see the colors as true as possible… and you can see the struggles I had keeping these lipsticks within the lines.  They’re really slick, and if you’re not careful, they’ll get on your teeth!  These are pretty high maintenance, but let’s be real - it’s so worth it!!!

There are 12 colors in all, each one more amazing than the last:

(Image via

I need them all.  Will I wear them out to the grocery store?  Probably not, but I will wear them around my house and duck face in every mirror I encounter.


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Inglot’s new addition to their Freedom System lipsticks. These are very creamy and only $5.00 each! FYI: I’m in the US so I only have the product availability information for the US stores. If you’re international, I’d call your local Inglot boutique before going to the physical location.


16 NEW Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick Shades

They are scheduled to be released in July.  There are three colors yet to be swatched on her Instagram. Bow N’ Arrow is a re-release.  It was discontinued when the product was reformulated. It was brought back for obvious reasons, it’s a gorgeous color!


Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick Swatches and First Impressions

I love opaque lipsticks.

I love the color pay-off, the rich creamy texture. They’re a great way to dress up the lips instantly, and they last better than glossy lipsticks without feeling as dry as matte lipsticks.
Bobbi Brown has been rather consistently impressive in terms of lipstick offerings in my experience, so I was extremely excited to try the new Luxe Lipsticks, which will permanently be added to the range.

Bobbi Brown promises to combine great color intensity and a range of 30 fashion-forward colors with a nourishing, comfortable texture that can reduce fine lines and relieve flaking.

Do they deliver on that promise? Read the full review here!

Revlon Super Lustrous Legacy Lipstick Swatches

Revlon Super Lustrous Legacy Lipsticks: 1946 Icy Violet, 1956 Snow Peach, 1958 Fifth Avenue Red, 1963 Jungle Peach, 1999 Sandstorm.

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Hey guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t been active on Tumblr lately, Instagram and Youtube have been consuming my life -___- but just to keep you guys up to date, I have tons of new videos up on my channel (I have a link for it on my blog) and I also got my labret pierced a few days ago and I fucking love it! If you’ve sent me a message and I haven’t responded to you, I promise to get back to you soon! I’ve been terrible with keeping up with things and I apologize deeply. I’m a lot more active (and you get to know me on a more personal level) on my instagram , so if you’d like to follow me, my username is : drac_makens . I’ll start being more active on here soon ^_^

Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick Swatches

Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Sticks 10 Couture Blush, 15 Vibrant Pink, 30 Designer Blossom, 35 Passionate Red, 45 Intense Plum, 50 Hot Chocolate

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10 MAC Lipsticks Worth Checking Out 

This is a bare-bones, no-frills recommendation of 10 different MAC shades for every lipstick newbie.

These are by no means the only great shades in MAC! I picked them in consideration of whether they were relatively unique to the brand and not that easily duped. They also might not flatter every person equally, so definitely test them out at the store and use this list more as a reference/suggestion to the types of colors and textures to look out for when you’re at the MAC counter.

Roses, Pinks and Nudes

Rebel - deep semi-sheer berry creme

Rebel looks scarily dark in the tube but actually goes on sheer and creamy, and not nearly as bruised/purple-looking as it seems. This is very flattering on most skin tones, but much more dramatic on the very pale.

Pink Nouveau - bright satin pastel pink

This classic pink has an impressive fan-list (Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj). If you want a sort of cool-toned, semi-matte bright pink that isn’t going to look too Snooki on, try Pink Nouveau. Looks fantastic on very pale and dark skins.

Saint Germain - pale blue pink creme

Super pale, super bright… this lipstick contains so much white pigments that it literally jumps off your face even if you’re really pale. ONLY for drama queens. It’s not going to look good on everyone so try before you buy!

Pink Plaid - matte blush-beige

If you want a kittenish pout but matte nudes make you look like a corpse, get something that’s a little more pink/peach. Pink Plaid is just that sort of muted lip color with a hint of flattering color.

Creme Cup - creamy, semi-sheer blush-beige

Sort of like Pink Plaid but sheer, and a touch more beige. Very easy to wear with any smoky eye, and low-maintenance enough that you can slick it on without a lot of liner, primer, etc.

Purples and Reds

Up The Amp - Soft medium mauve/purple creme

This unique color is so different from most shades around but it’s amazingly flattering on many skin tones. If you’re porcelain skinned it could look a little goth/punk though, so test first. Fab on medium to dark skins.

Prince Noir / Diva - Dark plum / Dark liver-red (both matte)

It’s tied between these 2 shades, but I seem to have misplaced my Diva so I can’t swatch it. Prince Noir is more dramatic, and Diva is more of a classy dark red. I personally find Diva more wearable, which is a good thing since it’s available at regular MAC stores.

Ruby Woo - Retro-matte scarlet

The reddest red there is. This red is so intense it makes Russian Red look like brick-red. The texture is not the most comfortable for some people since it’s even dryer than regular matte lipsticks, but then Ruby Woo gives a uniqely uber-matte effect combined with super-saturated color that is really hard to duplicate conveniently, it as my default scarlet.

Impassioned - Fuschia-coral creme

If coral is too yellow for you and fuchsia is too blue, get Impassioned, which is the perfect cross between the two, and just as bright. It IS rather flattering and I recommend wearing it with minimal makeup on the rest of your face just to let your lips speak for themselves.

Morange - Bright acidic orange

This is a take-no-prisoners orange. Not quite a traffic-cone orange since it has just a bit more red thrown in, but that’s also what makes it more wearable. If you have darker skin and want a similar effect, try Lady Danger, which is a bit deeper and redder. Be prepared to be stared at when you wear this.