lipstick struggle


Hongbin vs. Makeup 💄

(both sigils were created by @wlw-witch) Drew some sigils on my arm tonight. I wanted to carry confidence and affirmation in my identity for my school’s Gay-Straight Alliance booth, which I would be running at our student-led conference night.

Long story short, I am in a state of pure joy over how well tonight went. I spoke to parents and teachers about our club’s missions with ease, and in doing so, received a great deal of support.

I was also incredibly grounded and affirmed in my self-love for my identity as a lesbian. I almost felt myself become more visible to all of those who I felt to unconfident, to afraid to assert my true self to- which, as a lipstick, I find myself struggling with a lot. All in all, I was simply glowing!

Anyhow, sorry for gushing. I just couldn’t help but share how successful tonight was- I hope all of your evenings have been twice as lovely!


get yourself a boy who can do both

idk what these are but i was playing around with makeup and i didn’t do a terrible job ???


anonymous asked:

How do you deal with being a 'lipstick lesbian'? I struggle with this so much, like I'm (23) pretty sure I'm gay but I literally don't fit any gay stereotypes or whatever... I hate drugs and rarely drink, don't have any tattoos or crazy piercings or whatever it makes it really, really hard for me... I hate it all uh. I'm super girly and literally so 'straight' looking/acting whatever. I'm just confused and struggling so much

so to be honest i totally struggle with this still sometimes….. i feel like i am taken less seriously in the lesbian community because i look “straight”. it’s so silly! i totally went through a phase when i first came out where i felt like i had to dress a certain way to fit in and i realized it just wasn’t me. i love dresses and makeup and i also fucking love vagina. you don’t have to dress a certain way to be gay and you just have to remind yourself of that. you are who you are and you don’t need to conform for anyone. you are valid!!!!