lipstick pickups


Shopping again at the Long & McQuade store in Burlington, Canada:

  1.  I showed this weird and insanely expensive (around $4,000!!) Stratocaster last week…but it’s so weird and insanely expensive (around $4,000!!!) that it’s worth posting again!
  2. Beautiful red LPC.  I love the white binding with the bright red.  Just down the line is a lovely Custom Shop Les Paul (SG) reissue VOS in silverburst.  $3,000 (which is a 1000 less than original price tag when it first arrived here about 2 years ago!!
  3. Wait…is that a Line 6 Variax for $1,650?  I thought they were budget guitars?  Well, this discovery shuts my mouth!
  4. LPC again
  5. OK, I posted this photo last week, and I need to make a correction:  I said at the time that this lovely Flying V 120 was in a “dark cherry”.  NOT TRUE!  On the Gibson site they say it only comes in ebony.  So this week I took another look at it and sure enough, it is definitely black,  But looking at this shot you will understand why I made the error.  It’s probably some reflection or lighting making it APPEAR to be cherry.  But it ain’t,  It’s black for sure!