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How to feel like a princess getting ready for a politically important ball

*Use a sugar scrub or make one with ¼ cup of sugar + ¼ cup of oil (like coconut or olive or avocado) + a splash of vanilla extract + a few drops of lavender EO—pat dry when you come out of the water so the oil will stay behind to nourish your skin

*Soak in a bath of honey, milk, and flower petals

*Brush out your lightly dried and detangled hair with a wooden comb that has been oiled with a hair oil (may I suggest camellia oil—it is a light oil that sinks in beautifully)

*If you have acne prone skin, wash your face after oiling your hair

*Remember, “presentation is manipulation”—this is a time for you to shine

*Listen to music that makes you feel powerful and confident—sing along to enhance the effect

*Wear a perfume that you love (vanilla is near universally pleasing if you care about how other people will respond to the scent)

*Dark lipstick is more intimidating—it will make people listen

*Natural lips suggest a friendly, easy-to-get-along-with personality

*If you wear heels, walk confidently

*If you wear flats, walk confidently

*Remember you own the space you exist in

*Wear colors that make you feel powerful—screw advice that would tell you that you can’t wear whatever color you want

*Don’t let others speak over you—your voice is worthy of being heard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


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When I’m booked for a photo-shoot I tend to have a play with the makeup look beforehand so I can come up with the perfect design suited to the mood-board, and any brief I’ve been given by the client. 

Lots of you have told me how much you enjoy watching the ‘behind the scenes’ content that has gone on up on my channel over the years, and one in particular that I posted more recently from a creative beauty shoot.
So, I decided to film this makeup look that I was practicing for an up-coming editorial shoot as I’m not always able to film behind the scenes and it means that you sometimes miss out on the process of the makeup. So I think you’ll enjoy seeing these type of tutorials on the occasions where I’m unable to film on set.  

Bare in mind that the overall design won’t necessarily be suited to an ‘everyday’ look, but you can definitely take elements from this makeup and adapt it to be more wearable.
For instance, the eyeshadow and faux freckles would work lovely with a nude lip for special occasion or evening out. Or, you could take the coloured lips & faux freckles and pair those elements with some mascara and nothing else!
Let me know your thoughts!


Decanting & Melting Lipsticks - Ideal For MUA’s & MakeUp Hoarders

If you saw my last post then you’ll have been expecting this tutorial! 

Enjoy! x



Today’s video is a quick one showcasing the entire Pure Velour & Pure Lacquer Lips Collection by ZOEVA

There are 16 shades in the range - 8 in a creamy matte finish, and 8 in high shine finish. All are enriched with vitamin E, are 100% free of parabens, mineral oils and perfume. They are super comfortable to wear and very long lasting.

You can purchase both collection at £58.00 each, OR, £9.99 per individual tube


“How you turn my world

You precious thing.

You starve and near exhaust me.”

Custom Labyrinth hand-painted pleather vest, with hand stitched beading. Picture of a (rather adorable) movie outtake from the Jim Henson Archive.