lipstick and zombies


It’s really freakin’ cloudy here and I can’t see this damn blood moon thing, so I uploaded this video. Check it out if you want, and subscribe to my channel for more tutorials, reviews, and upcoming Halloween looks. Products featured are the Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack, a few Shiro Cosmetics shadows, Koko Lashes in “Goddess” and Pretty Zombie Cosmetics lipstick in “Black Cat.”

Narnia Siblings in a Zombie Apocalypse

I had a daydream.

Can you guys just imagine the Narnia Siblings in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE???

Peter and Edmund would probably be like, okay, let’s find a place to settle in and defend. This is a siege. The war is against everyone. Supplies, defenses and the long-term effects. The two of them had war campaigns, this is really similar.

Lucy might think of their parents and other people, but the others would tell her to survive first and save others later. She’d likely be the one to drag Eustace and Jill with them too. She’s been to war too, in Narnia. And she knows what it’s like to be left behind. So she goes to those who she knows that wants to help and can help. And drags them with her. No one gets left behind, not on Lucy Pevensies watch.

Susan would be awesome. She’d be tucking in her skirts, looking at the confused populace in the eye and saying, “What apocalypse? Zombies, yes. Apocalypse, no. It’s just another change of management.” At first, they’d settle somewhere and Susan would micro-manage. And then, once things are clear, she’d start exterminating zombies with a vengeance. Mostly because she liked nylons and lipstick and the zombies made people stop making them and she wants to smell nice again, dammit.