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Good4YouHerbals Now Available
at Lipstick & Magic Tricks Makeup Studio & Gift Shop!

So excited to now have Good4YouHerbals all natural & handcrafted makeup, skincare & incense in the studio! 

Available @ Lipstick & Magic Tricks:
- Forest Hair Serum - Beach Rose Balm - Rose Body Shimmer Powder - Coconut Body Shimmer Powder - Dream Balm - Fountain of Youth Balm - Beach Rose Lip Balm - Peppermint Balm - Rose Shimmer Lip Tint - Blemish Protocol Set - Wild Rose, Lavender & Frankincense, Sage & Copal and Chamomile Incense! 

Despite all of the Miley Cyrus controversy lately, I think she’s pulling off the classy red lips and simple eye makeup very nicely.

Want Miley’s look?
Here’s how you can duplicate it for yourself:

Face: Apply foundation. (Even if it’s just a light powder, it’ll help your eyeshadow stay all day.)
Eyes: Use mark’s On the Dot Neutral Eye Color Compact - apply a lighter golden brown from lashline to crease. Next, use a liner brush (wet) and a dark brown for your liner - apply to top and bottom lash lines, then smudge over with your original lid color. (You can add an darker outer corner to make it even smokier) Use a dry shadow brush and add a little nude under the brow for a finished look. Then curl your lashes and apply a coat or two of Avon’s MegaEffects Mascara in black to get gorgeous lashes like Miley’s!
Cheeks: Use a nice natural glowing bronzer like Avon’s Glow Marbelized Bronzer for a little contouring and warm glow (Sweep onto the hallows of your cheeps, across your forehead, nose and a little on your chin.) Then apply a light dab of blush to the apples of your cheeks (Avon’s Smooth Minerals Blush in Blushed or Copper Glow are both good choices.
Lips: Line your lips with Avon’s Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Brick Red (or Clear - goes with anything :) ) then apply your lipstick! The fun thing about this look is that there are about a trillion shades of red lipstick out there - and you can try them all! For red lips like Miley’s try Avon’s Ultra Rich Lipstick in Poppy Love or Perfect Red (also a Matte shade available for those of us who love matte lipstick - Lava Love)
If you’re into a darker red - Ultra Rich Lipstick in Red 2000 (the most perfect shade of red I’ve ever seen) or an even richer red try Rosewine.

Have a look you want to try but don’t know how to replicate? Ask me and I’ll break it down for you + recommend the perfect products to do the job!
Keep asking your makeup and beauty questions!

Hope you’re all having a beautiful week :)

x, m


ESSENTIAL OILS: My Journey, Experiences & Decisions

Let me start from the beginning… About 7 Years ago (give or take) when I was first starting out in beauty, I was introduced to a company called Young Living. At the time, Young Living was one of the only and most common brands of Essential Oils. From what I can remember, they had lots of single oils, some blends & their Ningxia Red beverage. I was supposed to be signed up to become a wholesale member of the company (I was only 18), but was somehow signed up incorrectly and ended up without a membership and the smallest, tiniest starter pack that included Lavender & Peppermint Oils, some samples and a guide book to read about the other oils they carried and their awesome benefits. However, after using up my two oils and leaving my job at the day spa, I never ended up actually signing up with them.

Fast forward a couple years after my cosmetology graduation, I started training with a makeup artist who taught me all about choosing healthy products… (Including Makeup, skincare, body care, as well as household cleaning products, candles, “fragrance”… you name it) This is something that as you know, I’ve stuck to and dedicated myself to. (Lipstick & Magic Tricks has always and will always be a health conscious makeup studio & gift shop.) We would use essential oils in some of our cleaners & towards the end of my time there, we signed up with a company called Melaleuca - which was based around Tea Tree Oil. Back then, they didn’t offer any other oils, but their Tea Tree Oil was serious & we were all about it.

Ever since I was first introduced, I’ve been fascinated by Essential Oils. Even during those times in my life that I didn’t use them or couldn’t afford them, I missed them. I really do believe in their benefits & healing properties - I really do believe that they can and should replace the toxic products found in our medicine and cleaning cabinets.

A year or two ago, one of my friends signed up with Young Living. She knows how much I love natural & healthy products and of course (no pressure) let me know that if I ever wanted to try them again or sign up with the company, she could help me out. For some reason, I was always on the fence. This time, I thought could be the right time. But as I attempted to sign up for the second time in my life, I realized that I didn’t sign up for the membership I wanted, and decided to take a step back to re-evaluate.

I started looking up information about any Essential Oil companies I could find. I knew a lot about different herbs & plants already and their health benefits - all the wonderful things you can do with them. I didn’t have to be sold that Essential Oils really are incredible, healing, and a great foundation for a healthy lifestyle. But, I don’t want to feel like I’m being inducted into some kind of cult, weathering a hard sell. I wanted to really take a look at what my options were and if I felt so compelled to actually commit to a brand.

During this time, I read about (& looked into) Young Living, DoTerra, Mountain Rose & a couple others. I feel that choosing a company is a personal decision - maybe some really do like DoTerra or Mountain Rose better - But the majority of people seemed to love Young Living. Maybe some oils do work better with other people’s bodies. I can’t speak for everyone, only my own experiences - & I occasionally share stories I’ve heard from other Essential Oil enthusiasts when I find their experiences may help someone else.

Just as my head was spinning in a million different directions, I noticed something new while I was placing my monthly order with Melaleuca: Essential Oils. Melaleuca…Made Essential Oils. & I figured - you know what? May as well start here & try these oils since I’m already a member and see how they are. I bought quite a number of them & thought they were decent. Not mind-blowing - but decent. They are 100% Pure Oils - But I didn’t find that they all had the same transfer (smell) from bottle to skin or diffuser. Some are less expensive when compared to Young Living & some are just as pricey. When it comes to using these oils every day for health & household, I think quality is the most important. So if they’re all somewhat expensive, you may as well get the best quality you can.

I also purchased a bunch of oils for the studio from my healthy skincare lab! These pure oils are great & I do love them - Some are even USDA Certified Organic - Which is always a plus. They are available at the studio to custom blend or add to some of our basic skincare products. I also think they are a great way to start using oils if you haven’t already and would like to try them out (without so much of an investment).

Just about a month or so ago, my friend asked me to join her for an Essential Oils Class. We weren’t sure if it was associated with an actual brand or just people who were enthusiastic about it and wanted to start a discussion. When we got there, we realized it was Young Living and hesitated, but stayed to hear them out. I felt like I had heard everything there was to hear about them and still felt skeptical.

But in 2 hours, these women changed my mind. (& no, I didn’t feel like a sucker.) I felt more knowledgable & excited.

Their class taught us a bit about the company - their dedication to health and quality; They have their own crops that they harvest & distill their herbs & plants from (you can actually go and visit them - this is something VERY special and unique that no-one else offers), they legitimately will not sell you a bottle of oil that is not top notch (for instance, if their crop’s quality is sub-par, the oil may be unavailable until their next crop is ready & back to its best quality) and they only use the oil from their first press (The strength & power of the oils are determined by each Press - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Which made me realize why mostly all pure oils all smell the same, but may not be quite as strong or effective in the long run - Being a 3rd press of an oil is still a pure oil - but not as high in quality). All of this really helped me understand what sets this company apart from the others - that guarantee & promise that each bottle is from that first press. Most companies don’t even go there or mention that. & it doesn’t make them bad or ineffective. But to me, it finally made it all click.

We also discussed some of the science behind oils and how they work to heal our cells & bodies. We talked about different oils and how we like to use them - everyone went around and spoke about how Essential Oils changed their lives - Whether it was for pain, sleep, beauty…etc. & I was legitimately stoked by the time I left.

These women were amazing. So passionate and interested in everything these natural substances have to offer. They’ve watched them help heal their families & want to help other people find clean, chemical-free ways to heal, clean..etc. & I asked them to please come and teach a class at Lipstick & Magic Tricks.

I left that class without a kit, but some samples (we made a Peppermint Sugar Scrub at the end) and information about the oils, how to use them…etc.

Upon setting up our Essential Oil 101 Class at the studio, I was given a couple more samples; A tiny sample bottle of Frankincense (which I’ve been using every day with my face cream and am obsessed with how soft it makes my skin feel - among many other benefits, Frankincense is told to be anti-aging when it comes to skincare) and a small Amber Glass Spray bottle filled with distilled water and Lavender. Both of these things made my decision even clearer.

I love this stuff & I’m getting that Young Living Starter Kit.

The time has come.

So finally (& I applaud you for reading this if you’ve made it this far) I purchased my kit after last night’s class at the studio & I cannot be more excited. I chose the starter kit that contains half regular oils & half their New Vitality line of oils (which contains all the same as their regular starter kit - but you can cook with & ingest the vitality line) - this whole kit of 11 Oils, a bunch of samples, a guide book & a diffuser comes to about $180 (with tax) & is well worth the price. I immediately ripped it open when I got home and threw some Lavender & Lemon in my diffuser - and put some Peppermint on my temples for a migraine before I passed out.

I’m so happy to finally feel more knowledgable about Essential Oils & have some great options for my clients or anyone who is interested! I would love to answer any questions you may have, make recommendations, Order Products or fill Custom Orders for you!

As I continue using these oils, I’ll post updates, recipes & more of my experiences - (& I promise none will be as long as this, haha)

Please feel free to ask me anything or share your personal experiences with Essential Oils with me! & most of all, thank you for reading <3


For a Lasting Makeup Application:

1. Make sure you’ve cleansed, toned and moisturized! (Exfoliate if necessary.)
2. Apply Foundation and setting powder. If you don’t use or need foundation then just use a translucent powder (you can mix in some regular foundation powder too just to smooth your skin tone). Make sure you powder your eyes! (This helps your eye makeup stay put!!)
3. Eyes! Start with a lidcolor - using your shadow with a wet brush will bring out the true pigments of your shadow and keeps it from coming off throughout the day. Then add liner, a crease color and some nude shadow right under your brow. (For a more dramatic look, a darker shadow in the outer corner is an option) Then curl your lashes and apply mascara.
4. Add bronzer, then cheek color.
5. Lipliner and lipcolor!

Just a quick little note for anyone who might be interested :)
For more details, just ask! (I didn’t add in every little detail.)