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Dapper Deconstructed: Style Tips with Jace Lipstein

Dapper Deconstructed: Style Tips with Jace Lipstein

Earlier this month, time-honored American sneaker brand PF Flyers teamed up with menswear giant Todd Snyder to release the Rambler Suede Pack: a range of shoes designed specifically for the modern well-dressed man. As part of their Dapper Deconstructed campaign, we asked a selection of impeccably stylish contemporary gentlemen for some tips on how they make the footwear work for them…

Good style…

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anonymous asked:

That first interview you posted of Pattie in your privacy post is very insightful. She appears very intelligent in the way she speaks and the interviewer allows her that, as he asks the questions directly to her instead of just questioning of her personal life and marriages. I really love that, because I've seen quite a lot of people basically calling her a bimbo due to her good looks. Do you have more interviews like that one? I'd love to read them

Thanks for your ask, anon! There are some interviews I’ve jotted down in the past (and have quoted from on the blog as it pertains to George :))… some are more focused on Pattie’s photography and not just the same old questions about her personal life. You may be familiar with these, but I’ll link to them (one is an audio interview, although the interviewer, who also interviewed Olivia about Living in the Material World in 2011 is a bit quick to throw in questions while the interviewee is still talking, and again tends to focus on the personal aspects):

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