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I genuinely don't know what aspect of the idea of Drakken and Shego having a baby appeals to me the most: Shego as a mom, Drakken as a dad, Team Go as actual uncles, the henchmen as honorary uncles/babysitters, or imagining how Mama Lipsky would react to the whole thing.

Okay but also the kid itself would be a total badass. They would be a genius, for one thing, inheriting drakken’s knack for inventing/science and shego’s like this english nerd so her kid(s) can probably write bomb ass essays too. I see two paths this kid might take in life: they’ll either take over the world (and be the best ruler ever) or they’ll end up running Global Justice. Either way, they’ll be in charge.  They would have all the good aspects of d and s (at least in my headcanons).

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