Pennywise Doing Your Makeup (Headcanon)

Request by Anon: Could you possibly do Headcanons of Penny doing the reader’s makeup?

  • He always watches you curiously when you’re putting makeup on
  • “Why do you do this everyday? .. Is it your disguise?”
  • He gets up real close to you in the mirror, watching your every move
  • He analyzes all the makeup you have laid out
  • He often pokes and prods at the makeup, very interested in everything
  • “Can I try?”
  • When you finally let him do your makeup, he has the biggest grin on his face
  • Happy laughter
  • He picks you up and set you on the table in front of him
  • Your makeup gets scattered everywhere
  • You have to tell him what each thing is for, but he’s decided he’s going to do what he wants either way
  • “Primer? What’s that?” *chucks it to the floor* “Don’t need that.”
  • He does a lot of drawing on you with eyeliner
  • He tries to read out the names of every makeup product that he picks up
  • “Kat.. Von.. D..”
  • “A feline has makeup?
  • “Too.. faced..”
  • “Will this give you another face?”
  • He becomes very infatuated with all the different colored lipsticks in your collection
  • Drool
  • Drooling right in your eyeshadow palette
  • You have to take them from him because he began painting his own skin with them
  • You love him, but it’s too expensive to let him draw on himself
  • Pouts when you take something from him
  • The growls he gives you when you begin to get impatient with him
  • “Patience, little human.”
  • He sticks his nose into the setting powder.. And sneezes
  • He finds it hilarious when the room gets covered in the white powder
  • He rubs eyeshadow over his own eyes
  • “What does this do?”
  • He doesn’t understand the point of having so many makeup brushes
  • He tries chewing on things
  • He growls when you won’t let him chew on said things
  • More pouting
  • A lot of eyeshadow, lip stick and different colors end up smeared on his own face and suit
  • He’s an adorable mess
  • By the time he’s done, he’s basically given his own version of his face paint on you with black eyeliner and red lipstick
  • He gives you a big, toothy grin when he sees the finished product
  • “You look ravishing.”
  • He gives you a big, sloppy kiss, smearing the makeup between both of your faces
Anything For My Girls

A/N: Wow, here’s a Dad!Shawn fluff blurb. I haven’t forgotten how to fluff. 

Enjoy. Feedback appreciated. 

The sun has barely crept its way into your bedroom when you notice it. It’s hard to miss the sound of the door creaking open down the hallway and the patter of small feet shuffling down the hall. You smile to yourself because it’s just like clockwork when your door opens and quietly closes shut. It’s you who’s awake this time when she creeps in, but you pretend to sleep, curious as to who she plans to wake first.

Amelia thinks she’s being sneaky, she tries to be, when she tip toes towards Shawn’s side of the bed. For a moment she examines his face, wondering if he’s really sleeping or not before she reaches her small hand out to gently push on his shoulder.

“Daddy,” she whispers. “Wake up.”

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Riding Him (Cowgirl) — Tom Holland Visual

nsfw, graphic content under the cut!
do not read if you’re under 18

A/N: this probably won’t be as good as the other visuals idkk

One of Tom’s favorite positions per se since he loves the view he’s getting whenever you’d be bouncing on his cock. He’d be laying on the edge of the bed as you would get on top of him, and already he’d be harder than a rock as he’d see your nice breasts giving a full sight in front of him.

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If there’s benefit to transferring to another school in your last year, it’s that no one will get the opportunity to know you as well. People have created long-lasting bonds by now, and within a few months you’ll be done with school, forever. So there’s no true need for you to get too much involved. And that’s fine; even preferred. After what happened at your last school, you think it’s better not to get too close to anyone.

There’s only one person who knows you at Nissen; the little sister of one of your… old friends. When you see her one day in the cafeteria, there’s a nod of understanding. And that’s all. No one else knows you here; so you turn up the charm to get some friendly connections – always good to have during test weeks – but you’re unsure you can deal with anything more at the moment.

Until you leave your last class of the day, saying goodbye to a few friendly faces, when you hear a soft giggle from a boy standing at his locker, looking at his phone in his hands.

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Domestic Minseok

Originally posted by minniedeer

-this man is Captain Relationship 

-he knows it All 

-he makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world 

-he makes you breakfast almost every morning 

-i need to find an order to this 

-okay so 

-when he first found out he liked you he was actually very confident 

-he knew you knew everyone knew but he. wouldn’t. ask. you. out. 

-so y’all just flirted for months and then one day while y’all were out he out of nowhere asked you to be his girlfriend 

-”listen we’ve been talking for months and I’m getting tired of acting like i don’t wanna be with you, will you please be my girlfriend/boyfriend?”

-you were blushin he was blushin but you agreed 


-not a huge supporter of pda but he likes holding your hand in public because he wants people to know that you two are together 

-he likes grocery shopping in the morning and WILL drag you with him 

-he talks during movies and if you get onto him he only talks louder 

-saturdays are meant for grocery shopping in the morning and cleaning for the rest of the day 

-sundays are for napping and only napping 

-hes a cuddler 

-he nuzzles his face into your neck and will sleep for days 

-he really likes to cook with you 

-you two will sing at the top of your lungs and dance all while trying not to burn the food 

-sometimes he’ll come home to you cooking and his heart melts fifty times over 

-he’ll walk over to you and backhug you and be all cute and shit you know 

-he cooks shirtless almost all the time because he likes it when you kiss between his shoulder blades 

-he gets really sad when he has to leave for tour or he has long schedules but he gets so happy when he comes back because you are always sosososo happy to see him 

-he lives for when you two get up at the same time and brush your teeth and wash your face together 

-that sounds weird but he thinks its Prime couple things 

-when you refuse to kiss him before you brush your teeth he waits outside the bathroom until you come out and then gives you the sweetest kiss 

-if you haven’t noticed he likes kisses 

-this is gonna be a little nsfw

-hes a rough dude 

-he likes biting 

-and scratching 

-you always know when hes turned on

-he bites his lip and sticks his tongue in his cheek 

-probably into light bondage 

-he leaves kisses up and down your body 

-loses his mind when you leave hickeys on him 

-smirks when the other members notice them 

-he can be sweet too 

-but most of the time he gets shit done


-hes a hard worker but he loves to come home and just chill with you 

-when he writes he always writes about you 

-when he works late he likes when you come and visit him and bring him food 

-when you go to the studio and just sit with him he works so much more efficiently 

-sometimes he turns around and he finds you pass out of the couch he smiles and feel his heart grow 1000000 sizes 

-but he also feels a little sad because you’re there with him asleep on the hard ass couch 

-so he shuts down all his work and cuddles with you on the couch 

-those are the nights he sleeps the best even though hes on the hard ass couch 

-one night you went to visit him at the studio and he was having a Mental Breakdown 

-you got really nervous and tried to talk to him 

-he was crying really hard and you could barely understand him but you somewhat understood “the comeback is really challenging” and “i feel so worthless because” and you got nothing else 

-you somehow made your way onto his lap and he had his head in your neck and was just crying his heart out 

-he fell asleep soon and you somehow got him onto the couch 

-yall slept until well into the next morning 

-he woke up first the next day and when he saw you asleep on his chest he knew he wanted to marry you 

-so you two stayed together the whole next day and his urge to propose became stronger 

-so when you went home he RAN to the ring store and bought you the most beautiful ring 

-he spent the next couple days calling your parents to make sure he had their blessings 

-when he proposed it was in the morning when you were cooking him breakfast after he had a long day the day before and he just dropped to his knee and asked you to be his wife while the bacon burned 

-he still ate it because he loves you and your burnt bacon 

-he was so invested in the wedding he helped plan everything except the dress/tux

-he was so excited to see you in a dress/tux

-when the wedding day came he was so excited and all smiles 

-when you walked down the isle he smiled so big 

-he held your hands so gentle and his vows were so softly spoken and beautiful 

-he slid your ring onto your hand and he cried a little 

-when you two walked down the isle everyone had tears in their eyes because everyone could see that you were in love 

-yalls first dance made everyone including you two cry 

-if you wore a dress

-he wanted to do the guarder 

-he spent a little too much time underneath that dress 

-you had a few bruises and he came out from under the dress with the guarder in between his teeth and a HUGE smirk on his face 

-when its time for you two to go you GO 

-yall end up going to Hawaii and its so nice 

-the first day yall dont go anywhere;;;))))

-but AFTER that yall go everywhere and have a great time 

-yall take cute pictures of each other 

-instagram lookin real good for the next couple weeks 

-he wants to have kids soon 

-about six months into the marriage you’re pregnant 

-and hes sososososo happy because hes gonna have a BABY

-your pregnancy goes pretty easy and hes super supportive the entire time 

-whatever you need hes got it 

-when the baby comes hes super calm 

-he holds your hand the entire time and helps with your breathing 

-when he holds the baby for the first time he cries so hard 

-hes such a good dad 

-he makes sure the baby is taken care of 

-has no problem with getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby or change their diaper 

-wowowow minseok is such a good dad and husband you really lucked out;;)))